55 John Green Quotes for Inspiration and Motivation

John Green is an American author who is known for his young adult novels that deal with real-life issues.

He was born in Indianapolis grew up in Orlando and Birmingham and studied English and religious studies in college.

After a stint as a student chaplain he chose writing over priesthood. Some of his popular books include “Looking for Alaska” “An Abundance of Katherines” “Paper Towns” and “The Fault in Our Stars.”

John Green Quotes

Besides writing he and his brother Hank started a YouTube channel called VlogBrothers and created educational content like Crash Course.

John also ventured into podcasts and released a book based on his podcast “The Anthropocene Reviewed” in 2021.

I have collected a list of great quotes from John Green for you.

Best John Green Quotes

1. “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” ~ (John Green).

2. “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” ~ (John Green).

3. “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” ~ (John Green).

4. “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” ~ (John Green).

5. “You can never love someone as much as you miss them.” ~ John Green.

6. “I may die young, but at least I’ll die smart.” ~ John Green.

7. “That’s who you really like. The people you can think out loud in front of.” ~ John Green.

8. “The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle of a sentence.” ~ (John Green).

9. “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” ~ (John Green).

10. “Some people have lives; some people have music.” ~ (John Green).

Inspiring John Green Quotes

11. “The marks humans leave are too often scars.” ~ (John Green).

12. “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” ~ (John Green).

13. “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” ~ (John Green).

14. “Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.” ~ (John Green).

15. “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” ~ (John Green).

16. “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.” ~ (John Green).

17. “One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” ~ (John Green).

18. “You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” ~ (John Green).

19. “You can love someone so much… But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.” ~ (John Green).

20. “Imagine others complexly.” ~ (John Green).

Motivational John Green Quotes

21. “I don’t know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.” ~ (John Green).

22. “A paper town for a paper girl.” ~ (John Green).

23. “Whatever. Great day. Today. Best day of my life.” ~ (John Green).

24. “Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you.” ~ (John Green).

25. “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.” ~ (John Green).

26. “That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste.” ~ (John Green).

27. “The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy.” ~ (John Green).

28. “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.” ~ (John Green).

29. “Entropy increases. Things fall apart.” ~ (John Green).

30. “Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.” ~ (John Green).

31. “As long as we don’t die, this is gonna be one hell of a story.” ~ (John Green).

Inspirational John Green Quotes

32. “Do you ever wonder whether people would like you more or less if they could see inside you? But I always wonder about that. If people could see me the way I see myself – if they could live in my memories – would anyone, anyone, love me?” ~ (John Green).

33. “She loved mysteries so much that she became one.” ~ (John Green).

34. “What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? How very odd, to believe God gave you life, and yet not think that life asks more of you than watching TV.” ~ (John Green).

35. “Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.” ~ (John Green).

36. “I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me. I hope you know that.” ~ (John Green).

37. “We are greater than the sum of our parts.” ~ (John Green).

38. “Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” ~ (John Green).

39. “It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” ~ (John Green).

40. “Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them.” ~ (John Green).

Thought-Provoking John Green Quotes

41. “You are helpful, and you are loved, and you are forgiven, and you are not alone.” ~ (John Green).

42. “That smile could end wars and cure cancer.” ~ (John Green).

43. “You will go to the paper towns and never come back.” ~ (John Green).

44. “We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.” ~ (John Green).

45. “I fear oblivion. I fear it like the proverbial blind man who’s afraid of the dark.” ~ (John Green).

46. “Books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.” ~ (John Green).

47. “At some point, you just pull off the Band-Aid, and it hurts, but then it’s over and you’re relieved.” ~ (John Green).

48. “Use your words.” ~ (John Green).

49. “Because you’re only thinking they-might-not-like-me-they-might-not-like-me, and guess what? When you act like that, no one likes you.” ~ (John Green).

50. “You don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.” ~ John Green.

51. “I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep.” ~ John Green.

52. Sometimes you lose a battle. But mischief always wins the war.” ~ John Green.

53. “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” ~ (John Green).

54. “Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.” ~ (John Green).

55. “The world is not a wish-granting factory.” ~ (John Green).

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