75 Tim Grover Quotes on Motivation, Winning and Success

Tim S. Grover, CEO of ATTACK Athletics is famous for training elite athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Founded in 1989, his company specializes in helping athletes achieve physical and mental dominance.

Grover, also a motivational speaker and author of bestseller “RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable,” offers a digital platform, The Relentless System, for training and consulting.


With advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he also played Division I basketball, Grover continues to inspire with his principles of drive, performance and mental toughness.

Below you will find some of the most inspiring quotes by Tim Grover.

Best Tim Grover Quotes


Complete focus for complete results. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Have the confidence to trust that you can handle anything. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Relentless is about never being satisfied, always driving to be the best, and then getting even better. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Proving yourself over and over: you want it for yourself, not for anyone. ~ Tim S. Grover.

In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are. ~ Tim S. Grover.

That’s what champions do; they put people in place to get results and make everyone else around them look better. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Tell yourself what to do, and stop waiting for others to lay it all out. ~ Tim S. Grover.

You don’t have to love it. You just have to believe it’s worth it in the end. ~ Tim S. Grover.


It’s easy to improve on mediocrity, not so easy to improve on excellence. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Once you start blaming others, you’re admitting you had no control over the situation. And without that control, you can’t create a solution. ~ Tim S. Grover.

The drive to close the gap between near-perfect and perfect is the difference between great and unstoppable. ~ Tim S. Grover.

People who preach inner drive are dreamers with a lot of ideas and a lot of talk, and zero production. ~ Tim S. Grover.


When you’re tired, sore, and can’t do more, that’s the time to do more. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Do the work every day! You have to do something you don’t want to do. Every day. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, push past the apathy and laziness and fear. Otherwise, the next day you’re going to have two things you don’t want to do, then three and four and five, and pretty soon, you can’t even get back to the first thing. ~ Tim S. Grover.

We never saw obstacles or problems, we only saw situations in need of solutions. ~ Tim S. Grover.

All you can do is beat yourself up for the mess you’ve created, and now you’ve got a mental barrier to go along with the physical barriers. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Top Tim Grover Quotes

Figure out what you do, then do it. And do it better than anyone else. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Cleaners sacrifice the rest to get what they want the most. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Mental toughness is believing without a doubt, that whatever happens, you got this. ~ Tim S. Grover.

When you’re great, you trust your instincts. When you’re unstoppable, your instincts trust you. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Anyone can start something; very few people can finish. ~ Tim S. Grover.

I don’t understand the concept of failure. If you don’t succeed at everything you do on your first attempt, does that mean you ‘failed’? Isn’t it a good thing that you keep coming back and working at it until you succeed? How can that be a failure? ~ Tim S. Grover.


Cleaners do the hardest things first, just to show there’s no task too big. ~ Tim S. Grover.

You make decisions, not suggestions; you know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Inspiring Tim Grover Quotes

Every accomplishment is just a stepping-stone to the next challenge; as soon as they’ve hit their target, they’re already stalking their next conquest. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Always alone, even in a crowd, even when you’re surrounded by an entire arena of fans screaming your name. Alone in your head, alone with that buzz no one but you can feel… no outside static. No distraction. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Preparation is the key! ~ Tim S. Grover.

When did hard work become a skill? It doesn’t take talent to work hard, anyone can do it. Show up, work hard and listen. It takes a willingness to be dedicated, to improve, to be better. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Greatness makes you a legend; being the best makes you an icon. If you want to be great, deliver the unexpected. If you want to be the best, deliver a miracle. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Are you listening to others, or to your own instincts? ~ Tim S. Grover.

There’s no off-season when you’re serious about being a winner. ~ Tim S. Grover.


People who don’t pursue their own dreams probably won’t encourage you to pursue yours. ~ Tim S. Grover.

You don’t wait to be told, you don’t waver from your goal. When it’s time to act, you act, instinctively and without hesitation. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Time tells you what you didn’t accomplish. Focus turns off the clock and directs all your energy to the result. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Popular Tim Grover Quotes

Don’t tell me the glass is half-full or half-empty; you either have something in that glass or you don’t. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Can you get comfortable being uncomfortable? ~ Tim S. Grover.

The only exception to the emotions rule is anger: controlled anger is a deadly weapon. ~ Tim S. Grover.

The only way you can light other people on fire is to be lit yourself, from the inside. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Surround yourself with those who want you to succeed, who recognize what it takes to be successful. People who don’t pursue their own dreams probably won’t encourage you to pursue yours. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Fear shows up on its own. Doubt has to be invited. Fear heightens your awareness; it makes you alert. Doubt is the opposite; it slows you down and paralyzes your thinking. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat. ~ Tim S. Grover.

You can’t keep improving if you fear others will disapprove of what you’re doing. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Focus is about controlling your behavior, so it becomes easier to do the right things, and harder to be distracted by the wrong things. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Athletic success is the result of knowing what to do, the willingness to do it, and the drive to continually improve at it. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Everyone is given some ability at birth. ~ Tim S. Grover.


It’s not weak to recognize when it’s time to shift directions. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Control your thoughts, and you control your emotions. Control your emotions, and you control your actions. Control your actions, and you control the outcome. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Talk never goes up in price, it’s always free, and you usually get what you pay for. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Famous Tim Grover Quotes

Physical dominance can make you great. Mental dominance is what ultimately makes you unstoppable. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Every time you think you can’t, you have to do it anyway. ~ Tim S. Grover.

If you want to go somewhere new, you have to throw out the tired, old map and stop traveling the same road to the same dead end. ~ Tim S. Grover.

The greats never stop learning. Instinct and talent without technique just makes you reckless, like a teenager driving a powerful, high-performance vehicle. Instinct is raw clay that can be shaped into a masterpiece, if you develop skills that match your talent. That can only come from learning everything there is to know about what you do. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Good things come to those who work. ~ Tim S. Grover.

You already know what you have to do, and you know how to do it. What’s stopping you? ~ Tim S. Grover.


Everything gets easier when you stop expecting it to be easy. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Overthinking imaginary problems just generates fear and anxiety. There is only a situation, your response and an outcome. Prepare yourself with everything you’ll need to succeed, then act. ~ Tim S. Grover.

I’m not telling you to love it. I’m telling you to crave the result so intensely that the work is irrelevant. ~ Tim S. Grover.

If you start with someone average, someone with limited expectations, everything is an improvement. ~ Tim S. Grover.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable, or find another place to fail. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Just show up, work hard, and listen. That’s your part of the deal. Do the work. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You must do more. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Inspirational Tim Grover Quotes

You don’t become unstoppable by following the crowd, you get there by doing something better than anyone else can do it, and proving every day why you are the best at what you can do. ~ Tim S. Grover.


In anything you do, it takes no talent to work hard. You just have to want to do it. ~ Tim S. Grover.

A true Cleaner never tells you what he’s doing or what he’s planning. You find out after the job is complete. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Most people who claim to have killer instinct rarely do, because when you have that kind of power, you don’t talk about it. You don’t think about it. You just use it. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Crave the result so intensely that the work is irrelevant. ~ Tim S. Grover.

When you feel jealousy, you shift all your attention and energy to whoever is making you jealous. ~ Tim S. Grover.

When you use your body for a living, you have one job and it requires one thing: work hard to stay in peak condition. That’s it. ~ Tim S. Grover.


That’s how I learned: you figure it out. ~ Tim S. Grover.

I know it’s not easy, but you can’t stay in your comfort zone and expect results. Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. We can’t help people committed to failure. ~ Tim S. Grover.

Make a plan that truly reflects your goals and interests, and you’ll be more likely to execute. Why pretend you’re going to work out every single day when you know you’re only going to do it three times a week? ~ Tim S. Grover.

So these were the 75 top Tim Grover quotes on Motivation, Winning and Success.

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