50 Best Vin Diesel Quotes for Success and Motivation

Vin Diesel is an actor and filmmaker from the United States.

Best Vin Diesel Quotes

“The most important thing in life will always be family. The people right here, right now.” ~ (Vin Diesel).


“They say the open road helps you think. About where you’ve been and where you’re going.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“We all deal with being unfairly judged.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Choosing the car you drive is like choosing your wardrobe, maybe even more important.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“A transvestite spends her entire life trying to look as feminine as possible and I have clearly spent mine celebrating my masculinity.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning!!” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“We’ve come a long way, from where we’ve been. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“When I’m writing, I’m locking myself in a room. I’m the worst critic in the world. I write something and then I beat myself up. I’m like “Vin, you’re retarded, that makes no sense.”” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Show me how you drive and I’ll show you who you are.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“You break her heart, I’ll break your neck.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

Popular Vin Diesel Quotes

“The video game culture was an important thing to keep alive in the film because we’re in a new era right now. The idea that kids can play video games like Grand Theft Auto or any video game is amazing. The video games are one step before a whole other virtual universe.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“It wasn’t until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“My mom used to say that I became a fighter and a scrapper and a tough guy to protect who I am at my core.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Well, love motivates me in everything I do.” ~ (Vin Diesel).


“It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I’m a boy who appreciates a good body, regardless of the make.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I’m not really afraid of the dark, except if I’m walking. The thing that scares me the most is the possibility of walking into a wall and busting my lip.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I have dangerous bones in my body.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I always have issues with trust.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I am definitely a person of color.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

Top Vin Diesel Quotes

“If you had asked me back in grade school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said my first choice was an actor, but if I couldn’t be that, I’d want to be a superhero.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I’ve been auditioning since I was 7 years old.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“My mother gave me this book called Feature Films at Used Car Prices by a guy named Rick Schmidt. I gotta credit the guy, cuz he gave me the most practical advice. It empowers you.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“The thing that stood out above and beyond all the experiences was this relationship with the nine-month-old baby. On weekends, I’d be thinking about going back to set on Monday just to see the baby.” ~ (Vin Diesel).


“I’m going to do my best to channel the character on a spiritual level.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“With age, you get to a place where you don’t want to knock people out. You just want to give people a hug.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“When people believe in you, you can do miraculous things.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“When I got on the set of ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ I discovered, to my amazement, that Steven Spielberg is a gamer.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I envision the future sunny and with love, harmony and oneness. I think Hollywood is changing.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Career diversification ain’t a bad thing.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

Famous Vin Diesel Quotes

“I believe in paying special attention to every project that you do and supporting the projects you do.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I don’t think a lot of actors talk about it, but there’s usually a process where you essentially purge yourself of the character that you played prior to the movie.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Video games are one step before a whole other virtual universe.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“It’s like you have a child and you think, ‘Everything that I’ve done up until this point is insignificant in comparison to being a father.’ It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Nothing comes easy when I’m in character, because everything I do in character, I take seriously.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I’m an actor. I can do whatever I want. As an actor, not everything has to be the most obvious choice. And sometimes, the best thing you can do is to defy expectations.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I love women more than anything.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Film is my hobby, so I will work well through the night to develop films, whatever film I’m doing or dream projects I have.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Unfortunately, in Hollywood, there are those directors that have some contempt for actors. We’ve all experienced that, in one way or another.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I love thinking about the film, the project and committing myself as much as possible.” ~ (Vin Diesel).


“I haven’t had that many weird encounters with fans, thank God.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I used to feel guilty about owning a console.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I approach every film I do in the same way, whether it’s an action film or not an action film. I guess if a certain physicality lends itself to action, but I started acting before I reached puberty. I was 7 years old when I started acting. It wasn’t until I became a bouncer in New York…” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“My mother is the most supportive mother in the world, she’s magical.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“You know when something feels so good but you’re afraid to feel good about it? So you kinda hold back? Everyone says, Congratulations, you must be so happy. And you say something stupid like, I’m just doing what little I can with what little I have.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

Short Vin Diesel Quotes

“I was a bouncer for ten years in New York City.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Vin Diesel had to hire a babysitter.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“Any film that you see is never just the director. If it’s a film that you love, it’s not so easy to say, “Oh it’s directed by this person – that means everything that person directs is going be wonderful.”” ~ (Vin Diesel).

“I am flattered that they think that many people would enjoy my work. I don’t approach any genre a different way than I may approach another one. I treat every role I do like a role worthy of applying whatever kind of tactic, process and talent I have.” ~ (Vin Diesel).

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