57 Zane Grey Quotes from the Famous American Author

Zane Grey became a famous writer known for creating the western genre.

Originally a dentist in New York, he switched to writing after publishing “Betty Zane” in 1904.

This was followed by the bestseller “The Spirit of the Border” in 1905.

Grey wrote over 80 books in his lifetime including classics like “Riders of the Purple Sage” and “The Lone Star Ranger.”

Zane Grey Quotes

Many of his books remained popular and bestsellers into the late 20th century.

He also wrote nonfiction book like “Tales of Fishing.”

Here is a collection of the best quotes by Zane Grey.

Top 10 Zane Grey Quotes


I need this wild life, this freedom. ~ Zane Grey.


I will see this game of life out to its bitter end. ~ Zane Grey.


I did not have one bad spell during writing – an unprecedented record. ~ Zane Grey.


Never insult seven men when all your packing is a six-shooter. ~ Zane Grey.


Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply. ~ Zane Grey.


Men may rise on stepping stones of their dead selves to higher things. ~ Zane Grey.


Work is my salvation. It changes my moods. ~ Zane Grey.


Realism is death to me. I cannot stand life as it is. ~ Zane Grey.


Pride would never be her ally. ~ Zane Grey.


What is writing but an expression of my own life? ~ Zane Grey.

Famous Zane Grey Quotes


With distrust came suspicion and with suspicion came fear, and with fear came hate – and these, in already distorted minds, inflamed a hell. ~ Zane Grey.

Shut off your wind, Jack! And you, too, Blaze! I didn’t want you fellows to come here. But as you would come, you’ve got to shut up. This is my business. ~ Zane Grey.


Fishing keeps men boys longer than any other pursuit. ~ Zane Grey.

Every once in a while I feel the tremendous force of the novel. But it does not stay with me. ~ Zane Grey.


Today I began the novel that I determined to be great. ~ Zane Grey.

With that they, and many others, left the hall and joined the moving crowd in the street. The night was delightfully cool. Stars shone white in a velvet sky. The dry wind from mountain and desert blew in their faces. Pan. ~ Zane Grey.


I see so much more than I used to see. The effect has been to depress and sadden and hurt me terribly. ~ Zane Grey.

Wise Zane Grey Quotes

An awful sense of her deadness, of her soul-blighting selfishness, began to dawn upon her as something monstrous out of dim, gray obscurity. ~ Zane Grey.


There are hours when I must force the novel out of my mind and be interested in the children. ~ Zane Grey.

Mister Hawe, you come along, not satisfied with ropin. ~ Zane Grey.

Socialism reached into her mind, to be rejected. She had never understood it clearly, but it seemed to her a state of mind where dissatisfied men and women wanted to share what harder working or more gifted people possessed. ~ Zane Grey.


Jealousy is an unjust and stifling thing. ~ Zane Grey.

I hope I have found myself, my work, my happiness – under the light of the western skies. ~ Zane Grey.

A good rule of angling philosophy is not to interfere with any fishermans ways of being happy, unless you want to be hated. ~ Zane Grey.

Popular Zane Grey Quotes


These critics who crucify me do not guess the littlest part of my sincerity. They must be burned in a blaze. I cannot learn from them. ~ Zane Grey.

Fishermen, no matter what supreme good fortune befalls them, cannot ever be absolutely satisfied. It is a fundamental weakness of intellect. ~ Zane Grey.

The rugged fallow ground under her feet seemed to her to be a symbol of faith – faith that winter would come and pass – the spring sun and rain would burst the seeds of wheat – and another summer would see the golden fields of waving grain. If she did not live to see them, they would be there just the same; and so life and nature had faith in its promise. That strange whisper was to Lenore the whisper of God. ~ Zane Grey.


If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago. ~ Zane Grey.

Adam Larey gazed with hard and wondering eyes down the silent current of the red river upon which he meant to drift away into the desert. ~ Zane Grey.

Far away Tongariro! Green – white thundering Athabasca river of New Zealand! I vowed I would come again down across the Pacific to fish in the swift cold waters of this most beautiful and famous of trout streams. It is something to have striven. It is much to have kept your word. ~ Zane Grey.


I can write best in the silence and solitude of the night, when everyone has retired. ~ Zane Grey.

I am waiting to plunge down, to shatter and crash, roar and boom, to bury your trail, and close forever the outlet to Deception Pass! ~ Zane Grey.

Best Zane Grey Quotes

This motion-picture muddle had distracted me from my writing. ~ Zane Grey.

The Indian story has never been written. Maybe I am the man to do it. ~ Zane Grey.


Fishing is a condition of mind wherein you cannot possibly have a bad time. ~ Zane Grey.

It was a decent New Year’s, but it took a million officers to make it so. ~ Zane Grey.

The difficulty, the ordeal, is to start. ~ Zane Grey.


When I envied a man’s spurs then they were indeed worth coveting. ~ Zane Grey.

You and I will never live to see the day that women recover their balance. ~ Zane Grey.

No one connected intimately with a writer has any appreciation of his temperament, except to think him overdoing everything. ~ Zane Grey.

Profound Zane Grey Quotes

I am tired. My arm aches. My head boils. My feet are cold. But I am not aware of any weakness. ~ Zane Grey.

I must go deeper and even stronger into my treasure mine and stint nothing of time, toil, or torture. ~ Zane Grey.


Where I was raised a woman’s word was law. I ain’t quite outgrowed that yet. ~ Zane Grey.

What makes life worth living? Better surely, to yield to the stain of suicide blood in me and seek forgetfulness in the embrace of cold dark death. ~ Zane Grey.


I knew you’d never be American enough to help me reconstruct my life. ~ Zane Grey.

Powerful Zane Grey Quotes

Love of man for woman – love of woman for man. That’s the nature, the meaning, the best of life itself. ~ Zane Grey.

Before exultation had vanished, I felt as if I had been granted a marvelous privilege. Out of the inscrutable waters a beautiful fish had somehow leaped to show me fleetingly the life and spirit of his element. ~ Zane Grey.

Instinct may not be greater than reason, but it’s a million years older. Don’t fight your instincts so hard. If they were not good the God of Creation would not have given them to you. ~ Zane Grey.


I arise full of eagerness and energy, knowing well what achievement lies ahead of me. ~ Zane Grey.

Recipe For Greatness – To bear up under loss; To fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief; To be victor over anger; To smile when tears are close; To resist disease and evil men and base instincts; To hate hate and to love love; To go on when it would seen good to die; To look up with unquenchable faith in something ever more about to be. That is what any man can do, and be great. ~ Zane Grey.


I am full of fire and passion. I am not ready yet for great concentration and passion. ~ Zane Grey.

There was never an angler who lived but that there was a fish capable of taking the conceit out of him. ~ Zane Grey.

Unhappiness is only a change. Happiness itself is only change. So what does it matter? The great thing is to see life – to understand – to feel – to work – to fight – to endure. ~ Zane Grey.

So these were the 57 top quotes about Zane Grey.

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