127 Blaise Pascal Quotes from French Mathematician

Blaise Pascal was an extraordinary prodigy. Educated by his father, Pascal made significant contributions to natural and applied sciences, notably in the study of fluids, pressure and vacuum.

At just 19, he developed one of the first mechanical calculators, the Pascaline, to assist his father with his tax work.

His genius also shone in mathematics, where he forged new paths in projective geometry and probability theory, significantly influencing modern economics and social science.

Blaise Pascal

Pascal later shifted focus to religious philosophy after a profound spiritual experience in 1654, writing influential works like ‘Lettres provinciales’ and ‘Pensées.’

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Despite his poor health, Pascal’s short life was one of great impact and ingenuity, leaving a legacy in diverse fields, from science and mathematics to theology and philosophy.

I have selected the popular quotes by Blaise Pascal for you to enjoy.

Best Blaise Pascal Quotes


All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling. ~ Blaise Pascal.


You always admire what you really don’t understand. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts. ~ Blaise Pascal.


To ridicule philosophy is really to philosophize. ~ Blaise Pascal.


If you want others to have a good opinion of you, say nothing. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves. ~ Blaise Pascal.


At the center of every human being is a God-shaped vacuum which can only be filled by Jesus Christ. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The last thing one discovers in composing a work is what to put first. ~ Blaise Pascal.

God has given us evidence sufficiently clear to convince those with an open heart and mind… ~ Blaise Pascal.


We know the truth, not only be the reason, but also be the heart. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man’s sensitivity to the little things and insensitivity to the greatest are the signs of a strange disorder. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Famous Blaise Pascal Quotes

Distraction is the only thing that consoles us for miseries and yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries. ~ Blaise Pascal.


I bring you the gift of these four words: I believe in you. ~ Blaise Pascal.

No soul of high estate can take pleasure in slander. It betrays a weakness. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Happiness is neither within us only, or without us; it is the union of ourselves with God. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Instead of complaining that God had hidden himself, you will give Him thanks for having revealed so much of Himself. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The heart has its reasons, which Reason does not know. We feel it in a thousand things. It is the heart which feels God, and not Reason. This, then, is perfect faith: God felt in the heart. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Imagination decides everything. ~ Blaise Pascal.

There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Top Blaise Pascal Quotes

All mankind’s troubles are caused by one single thing, which is their inability to sit quietly. ~ Blaise Pascal.


In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The sole cause of all human misery is the inability of people to sit quietly in their rooms. ~ Blaise Pascal.

When we read too fast or too slowly, we understand nothing. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Men are so necessarily mad, that not to be mad would amount to another form of madness. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Nothing is surer than that the people will be weak. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything. ~ Blaise Pascal.


All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We are usually convinced more easily by reasons we have found ourselves than by those which have occurred to others. ~ Blaise Pascal.

For nature is an image of Grace, and visible miracles are images of the invisible. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. ~ Blaise Pascal.

It is much better to know something about everything than to know everything about one thing. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The supreme function of reason is to show man that some things are beyond reason. ~ Blaise Pascal.


The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We are not satisfied with real life; we want to live some imaginary life in the eyes of other people and to seem different from what we actually are. ~ Blaise Pascal.

People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The multitude which does not reduce itself to unity is confusion. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Great Blaise Pascal Quotes

If god does not exist, one loses nothing by believing in him anyway, while if he does exist, one stands to lose everything by not believing. ~ Blaise Pascal.


A man does not show his greatness by being at one extremity, but rather by touching both at once. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Fear not, provided you fear; but if you fear not, then fear. ~ Blaise Pascal.

There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who think they are sinners and the sinners who think they are righteous. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Love has no age as it is always renewing itself. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Noble deeds that are concealed are most esteemed. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Dull minds are never either intuitive or mathematical. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We run heedlessly into the abyss after putting something in front of us to stop us from seeing it. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Few friendships would survive if each one knew what his friend says of him behind his back. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Symmetry is what we see at a glance. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Chess is the gymnasium of the mind. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Wise Blaise Pascal Quotes

Silence. All human unhappiness comes from not knowing how to stay quietly in a room. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair. Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because he shows us both God and our own wretchedness. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not. ~ Blaise Pascal.


It is man’s natural sickness to believe that he possesses the truth. ~ Blaise Pascal.

If you want to be a real seeker of truth, you need to, at least once in your lifetime, doubt in, as much as it’s possible, in everything. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Wisdom leads us back to childhood. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Do little things as if they were great, because of the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ who dwells in thee. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen. ~ Blaise Pascal.


To make light of philosophy is to be a true philosopher. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Thought makes the whole dignity of man; therefore endeavor to think well, that is the only morality. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We know the truth not only through our reason but also through our heart. It is through the latter that we know first principles, and reason, which has nothing to do with it, tries in vain to refute them. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Silence is the greatest persecution; never do the saints keep themselves silent. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The serene, silent beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world, next to the night of God. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Powerful Blaise Pascal Quotes


The more I see of Mankind, the more I prefer my dog. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We never live, but we hope to live; and as we are always arranging to be happy, it must be that we never are so. ~ Blaise Pascal.

You’re basically killing each other to see who’s got the better imaginary friend. ~ Blaise Pascal.

People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive. ~ Blaise Pascal.

If we examine our thoughts, we shall find them always occupied with the past and the future. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others. ~ Blaise Pascal.

There is a God-shaped vacuum in every heart. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Man is neither angel nor beast. ~ Blaise Pascal.

I know whom I have believed. ~ Blaise Pascal.

If I believe in God and life after death and you do not, and if there is no God, we both lose when we die. However, if there is a God, you still lose and I gain everything. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little, since I do them with your power; And little things as though they were great, since I do them in your name! ~ Blaise Pascal.

We must kill them in war, just because they live beyond the river. If they lived on this side, we would be called murderers. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Profound Blaise Pascal Quotes

Vanity of science. Knowledge of physical science will not console me for ignorance of morality in time of affliction, but knowledge of morality will always console me for ignorance of physical science. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sign of truth. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Fire. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of the philosophers and the scholars. I will not forget thy word. Amen. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Not only do we know God through Jesus Christ, we only know ourselves through Jesus Christ. ~ Blaise Pascal.


It’s not those who write the laws that have the greatest impact on society. It’s those who write the songs. ~ Blaise Pascal.

To understand is to forgive. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary. ~ Blaise Pascal.

By thought I embrace the universe. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Either God exists or He doesn’t. Either I believe in God or I don’t. Of the four possibilities, only one is to my disadvantage. To avoid that possibility, I believe in God. ~ Blaise Pascal.


Faith is a gift of God. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The end point of rationality is to demonstrate the limits of rationality. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble. ~ Blaise Pascal.

God instituted prayer to communicate to creatures the dignity of causality. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The past and present are only our means; the future is always our end. Thus we never really live, but only hope to live. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Thought-Provoking Blaise Pascal Quotes

The last thing that we find in making a book is to know what we must put first. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you. ~ Blaise Pascal.

All the trouble in the world is due to the fact that man cannot sit still in a room. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man lives between the infinitely large and the infinitely small. ~ Blaise Pascal.

All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The struggle alone pleases us, not the victory. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The entire ocean is affected by a single pebble. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Little things comfort us because little things distress us. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We are only falsehood, duplicity, contradiction; we both conceal and disguise ourselves from ourselves. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Not only do we know God by Jesus Christ alone, but we know ourselves only by Jesus Christ. We know life and death only through Jesus Christ. Apart from Jesus Christ, we do not know what is our life, nor our death, nor God, nor ourselves. ~ Blaise Pascal.

All human evil comes from a single cause, man’s inability to sit still in a room. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we can talk about it. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Awesome Blaise Pascal Quotes

Don’t try to add more years to your life. Better add more life to your years. ~ Blaise Pascal.

We must learn our limits. We are all something, but none of us are everything. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Unable to make what is just strong, we have made what is strong just. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man’s true nature being lost, everything becomes his nature; as, his true good being lost, everything becomes his good. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The present is never the mark of our designs. We use both past and present as our means and instruments, but the future only as our object and aim. ~ Blaise Pascal.

It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason. That is what faith is: God perceived by the heart, not by the reason. ~ Blaise Pascal.

If I had more time I would write a shorter letter. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Jesus is the God whom we can approach without pride and before whom we can humble ourselves without despair. ~ Blaise Pascal.

The only shame is to have none. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. ~ Blaise Pascal.

I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. ~ Blaise Pascal.

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. ~ Blaise Pascal.

I rather live as if God exists to find out that He doesn’t than live as if he doesn’t exist to find out He does. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought. ~ Blaise Pascal.

Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed. ~ Blaise Pascal.

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