31 Boba Fett Quotes from Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Boba Fett is a fictional bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, introduced in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Portrayed primarily by Jeremy Bulloch and voiced initially by Jason Wingreen, Fett’s notable for his silent demeanor and never removing his helmet.

He appears in “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” working for the Galactic Empire and Jabba the Hutt.

Though presumed dead, Fett’s survival is confirmed in newer Star Wars media, with Temuera Morrison taking the role.


The character’s origin is explored in “Attack of the Clones,” revealing him as Jango Fett’s clone and adopted son.

Boba’s appearances extend beyond films to TV shows, comics and video games.

Originally envisioned as an Imperial “supercommando,” the idea transformed into the Mandalorians, warriors donning Fett-like armor.

Despite his brief original trilogy role, Fett’s become a cult icon, with a background influenced by George Lucas’s vision of a rogue bounty hunter.

I have picked the top quotes by Boba Fett.

Best Boba Fett Quotes

Settle down! All they do is eat. ~ Boba Fett.

Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby. ~ Boba Fett.

He’s no good to me dead. ~ Boba Fett.


What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me. ~ Boba Fett.

Get him, dad! Get him! Fire! ~ Boba Fett.

This time we’ll get them all. ~ Boba Fett.

Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold. ~ Boba Fett.

You are alone. ~ Boba Fett.

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Famous Boba Fett Quotes

Well, If That Isn’t The Quacta Calling The Stifling Slimy. ~ Boba Fett.

I said stay, friend. Luke trusted me and I’m your only chance of getting out of here alive. ~ Boba Fett.

I’m a simple man, making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me. ~ Boba Fett.

We’ll meet again, friend. ~ Boba Fett.


Power Up Those Shields, Princess. I’ll Put On A Good Show. ~ Boba Fett.

This is my face. ~ Boba Fett.

It will be easy to find the ship you seek. Follow me, friend. ~ Boba Fett.

Are you all right? ~ Boba Fett.

I take it you have no love of the empire. ~ Boba Fett.

You’ll only get in the way! But if you must, come on. ~ Boba Fett.

Popular Boba Fett Quotes

I have the serum. We must leave quickly, friend. ~ Boba Fett.

I’ve been tracking you, Mandalorian. ~ Boba Fett.

What did he do to Luke? ~ Boba Fett.

They are here, friend. And growing more powerful. ~ Boba Fett.

Dad! I think we’re being tracked… Look at the scan screen! Isn’t that a cloaking shadow? ~ Boba Fett.

Let’s all put down our weapons, have a chat. There’s no need for bloodshed. ~ Boba Fett.

Top Boba Fett Quotes

I don’t want your armor. I want my armor that you got from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine. It belongs to me. ~ Boba Fett.

I know this sleeping virus the Empire uses on its enemies. They have a remedy for it in the city. ~ Boba Fett.


As you wish. ~ Boba Fett.

You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature. No lower life form is worth going hungry for. ~ Boba Fett.

I’d say we’re offering a fair deal under the circumstances. ~ Boba Fett.

I have made contact with the Rebels and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader. ~ Boba Fett.

So these are the best quotes from Boba Fett.

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