102 Best Bruce Springsteen Quotes, Lyrics and Captions

Bruce Springsteen, born in 1949, is a rock legend hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey.

He first fell for music after seeing Elvis Presley on TV at age seven. Springsteen began his musical journey as lead guitarist for “The Castiles” and later fronted bands like “Child” and “Steel Mill”.

He achieved fame with his E Street Band, with the 1975 album “Born to Run” marking a significant commercial and critical breakthrough.


His career reached a high point with the 1984 release “Born in the U.S.A.”, one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Springsteen’s work reflects an evolution, from the love challenges in “Tunnel of Love” to the reflective “The Ghost of Tom Joad”.

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He won an academy award for the song “Streets of Philadelphia” in 1994.

He is well-known for his stirring lyrics and poignant quotes, Springsteen’s life and music continue to inspire his fans worldwide.

You will find the top quotes from Bruce Springsteen.

Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Quotes


Walk tall, or baby don’t walk at all. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I go to put my arm around you and you give me a look like I’m way out of bounds. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


It’s hard to be a saint in the city. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Just sitting around waiting for my life to begin, while it was all just slipping away. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Everybody’s got a hungry heart. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Now those memories come back to haunt me they haunt me like a curse. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Your success story is a bigger story than whatever you’re trying to say on stage. Success makes life easier. It doesn’t make living easier. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


So let’s take the good times as they go and I’ll meet you further on up the road… ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Powerful Bruce Springsteen Quotes

Don’t take yourself too seriously. And take yourself as seriously as death itself. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Adult life is dealing with an enormous amount of questions that don’t have answers. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

My soul is lost, my friend, tell me how do I begin again? My city’s in ruins, my city’s in ruins. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Blame it on the lies that killed us. Blame it on the truth that ran us down. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

My dad had a very difficult life, a hard struggle all the time at work. I’ve always felt like I’m seeking his revenge. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Mister, I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man, and i believe in a promised land. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

When I die throw my body in the back and drive me to the junk yard in my Cadillac. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Me and crazy Janey were making love in the dirt singing our birthday songs. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Someday girl, I don’t know when, were gonna get to the place where we really want to go, and we’ll walk in the sun. But til then, tramps like us, baby, we were born to run. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


You aint a beauty but hey you’re all right. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Jack the Rabbit and Weak Knee Willie, you know they’re gonna be there. Sloppy Sue and Big Bones Billy, they’ll be coming up for air. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Famous Bruce Springsteen Quotes

The highway is alive tonight But nobody’s kiddin’ nobody about where it goes I’m sittin’ down here in the campfire light With the ghost of old Tom Joad. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Roy Orbison is singing for the lonely, hey, that’s me and I want you only. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

We’ve got no fairytale ending, in God’s hands our fate is complete. Your heaven’s here in my heart, our love’s this dust beneath my feet. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


All you need to do, is risk being your true self. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

That you know flag flying over the courthouse Means certain things are set in stone Who we are, what we’ll do and what we won’t. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


The release date is just one day, but the record is forever. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Baby, in a world without pity, do you think what I’m asking too much? I just want to feel you in my arms, share a little of that human touch. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Your legs were heaven, your breasts were the alter, your body was the holy land. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I believe when your children are born that you are reborn in some fashion. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I’m just tired and bored with myself. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

My heart’s dark, but it’s rising. I’m pulling all the faith I can see. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Best Bruce Springsteen Quotes

You’ve always got to remember, rock and roll’s never been about giving up. For me, for a lot of kids, it was a totally positive force… not optimistic all the time, but positive. It was never – never – about surrender. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

She’s a walkin’, talkin’ reason to live. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


She kissed me just right, like only a lonely angel can. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Here everybody has a neighbor; Everybody has a friend; Everybody has a reason to begin again. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

We gotta get out while we’re young, ’cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

It’s a sad man my friend who’s livin’ in his own skin and can’t stand the company. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


God have mercy on the man who doubts what he’s sure of. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Got a wife and kid in Baltimore Jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back. Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing, I took a wrong turn and I just kept going. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


If you’re an artist, you try to keep an ear to the ground and an ear to your heart. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I walked a thousand miles just to slip this skin. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You’re born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else’s past. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I guess there’s just a meanness in this world. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

The marriage-equality issue should be recognized for what it truly is – a civil rights issue that must be approved to assure that every citizen is treated equally under the law. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Sky of blackness and sorrow, sky of love, sky of tears. Sky of glory and sadness, sky of mercy, sky of fear. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Every good writer or filmmaker has something eating at them, right? That they can’t quite get off their back. And so your job is to make your audience care about your obsessions. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I tend to be pessimistic. I want to believe in hope. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Now young faces grow sad and old, and hearts of fire grow cold, we swore blood brothers against the wind, I’m ready to grow young again. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


You can’t start a fire without a spark. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You can’t start a fire Worrying ’bout your little world falling apart This gun’s for hire Even if we’re just dancing in the dark. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You get used to anything, sooner or later it just becomes your life. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


You’ve got to learn to live with what you can’t rise above. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Is there anybody alive out there? ~ Bruce Springsteen.

In America everything’s about who’s number one today. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I got Mary pregnant and man that’s all she wrote. And for my 19th birthday, I got a union card and a factory coat. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I know your mama she don’t like me, cause I play in a rock and roll band. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


A dream of life comes to me, like a catfish dancing on the end of the line. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

We all have stories we’re living and telling ourselves. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Baby, this town rips the bones from our back it’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap. We got to get out while we’re young. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


There is a real patriotism underneath the best of my music but it is a critical, questioning and often angry patriotism. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

When you start talking about elections being rigged, you’re pushing people beyond democratic governance. And it’s a very, very dangerous thing to do. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

The best music, you can seek some shelter in it momentarily, but it’s essentially there to provide you something to face the world with. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


I’m not in any rush. I’m not somebody who, if I write a song, I get it out. That’s not something I’ve ever really quite done. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I was always concerned with writing to my age at a particular moment. That was the way I would keep faith with the audience that supported me as I went along. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I always wanted my music to influence the life you were living emotionally – with your family, your lover, your wife, and, at a certain point, with your children. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Badlands, you got to live it everyday, let the broken hearts stand as the price you’ve got to pay. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Great Bruce Springsteen Quotes

In a restless heart the seed of betrayal lay. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


We’re gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool, stay out all night, it’s gonna be alright. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Go-kart Mozart was checking out the weather chart to see if it was safe outside. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I’m ready to grow young again. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

The future is now. Roll up your sleeves and let your passion flow. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Two hearts are better than one. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


An unfulfilled life makes a hard man. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Every fool has a reason for feeling sorry for himself. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Talk about a dream, try to make it real. You wake up in the night with a fear so real. Spend your life waiting for a moment that just don’t come. Well, don’t waste your time waiting. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

To say I’ll make your dreams come true would be wrong, but maybe, darling, I could help them along. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

With a chance to make it good somehow, hey, what else can we do now? Except roll down the window, and let the wind blow back your hair. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Let there be sunshine, let there be rain, let the broken hearted love again. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You have moments of clarity, things become clear to you that you didn’t understand before. But there’s never any making ends meet or finding any time of longstanding peace of mind about something. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I told a story with the E Street Band that was bigger and better than I could have done on my own. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Hey, little dolly with the blue jeans on, I want to ramrod with you, honey, ’til half past dawn. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I think life goes through a cycle of losing and refinding yourself all the time. Everyone has disappointments all the time, some of them pretty small, some of them pretty big. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You can go from doing something quite silly to something dead serious in the blink of an eye, and if you’re making those connections with your audience then they’re going to go right along with it. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


Some guys they just give up living, and start dying little by little, piece by piece. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Pessimism and optimism are slammed up against each other in my records, the tension between them is where it’s all at, it’s what lights the fire. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

It’s a fairytale so tragic there’s no prince to break the spell. I don’t believe in magic, but for you I will. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

From the town of Lincoln Nebraska with a sawed off .410 on my lap, through the Badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I met a girl and we ran away, I swore I’d make her happy every day. And how I made her cry, two faces have I. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

I want to spit in the face of these badlands. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Time slips away and leaves you with nothing, mister, but boring stories of glory days. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You can hide beneath the covers and study your pain, make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain. Waste your summer praying in vain, for a savior to rise from these streets. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. The night’s busted open. These two lanes will take us anywhere. ~ Bruce Springsteen.


It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty. And meet me tonight in Atlantic City. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

You can beat on your chest, hell, any monkey can. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

Gonna be a twister to blow everything down; That ain’t got the faith to stand its ground; Blow away the dreams that tear you apart; Blow away the dreams that break your heart; Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

The artists we love, they put their fingerprint on your imagination, and on your heart and your soul. ~ Bruce Springsteen.

So these were the 102 top Bruce Springsteen quotes and sayings.

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