60 Casey Neistat Quotes on Success and Motivation

Casey Neistat is a well-known American YouTuber, filmmaker and co-founder of Beme later acquired by CNN.

He started becoming popular in 2003 with his film “iPod’s Dirty Secret” criticizing Apple’s iPod battery policy.

With over 12.5 million YouTube subscribers he’s known for his unique content including criticism of NYC’s bike lane policies and documenting his experiences in luxury airline seats.

Casey Neistat Quotes

Neistat who briefly left YouTube for filmmaking is also known for his 2018 project 368 a creative space for creators.

I have outlined below some of the best quotes by Casey Neistat.

Best Casey Neistat Quotes

1. “If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

2. “You never make it. There is no end goal in life so you should enjoy the journey.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

3. “Free time is the enemy of progress. Because free time. Sitting around. Is not doing.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


4. “Always the stairs. Never the escalator.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

5. “Keep yourself busy. As long as you’re doing something you will find your path.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

6. “Do what you can’t”. ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber). 

7. “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and work.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

8. “Work hard, be brave.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

9. “Never get comfortable.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

10. “Sometimes we need to let go of the old to make room for the new.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

11. “Ideas are cheap. Ideas are easy. Ideas are common. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

12. “I actively pursue experiences that are unlike any others that I’ve experienced and cultures that I don’t know and unfamiliar places and unfamiliar history and things like that.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


13. “It’s the execution that matters, never the idea.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

14. “The only way you can have a job and sleep at work whenever you want is when you own the company.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

Top Casey Neistat Quotes

15. “You can be the hardest working person in the room and I think the hardest working person will always win.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

16. “Don’t try to fit in you will be unhappy when you try to be something you are not.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

17. “Look back at your life. It’s always the hardest times that made you who you are.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

18. “You either act on ideas or you set them free. You don’t dwell on ideas.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

19. “When you’re taught the right way to do something you are forced to forge your own path.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

20. “I washed dishes so I could make movies. It was never a way for me to make money.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


21. “The time is always right now.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

22. “Persistence and endurance will make you omnipotent.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

23. “Retirement is what people do when they wait to die.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

24. “Be nice to people. It’s not cool when people are unfriendly.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

Famous Casey Neistat Quotes

25. “It’s a lot easier to be mean. So mean people, on top of being jerks, are also lazy and uninventive.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

26. “Someday I won’t be able to do this. The time is now.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

27. “Go to bed when you have finished work- not earlier.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

28. “Success is not a destination.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

29. “The best way to find something you love is by doing something you hate.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

30. “Don’t be a slave to praise.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


31. “I never want money that I didn’t earn.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

32. “Story is king. Everything else is a slave to the story.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

Inspiring Casey Neistat Quotes

33. “If it is broken fix it. If you don’t like it change it. And if you want something take it. Don’t complain about it. Do something about it.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

34. “I have a rule. Ignore praise, embrace criticism. I never seek compliment, it’s generally a dead end.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

35. “Challenge everything in life. Never expect the norm.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

36. “There are good reasons not to do things, but if you really believe that there’s something you have to do, the universe has a way of making it okay.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

37. “Truth is so much more interesting than the fiction we are used to.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

38. “As a guiding principle life shrinks and expands in direct proportion to your willingness to assume risk.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

39. “The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

40. “Phone calls, that is actually interrupting someone’s life to have them talk on the phone, should be reserved for emergencies only.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

41. “I’m not an exhibitionist; I don’t have a compulsion to share the ins and outs of my daily life with a public audience.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

42. “I don’t know of a more noble, a bigger deal as a filmmaker than to be a youtube filmmaker.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

43. “Experience does to the soul, what education does for the mind.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


44. “You can get whatever you want, but you can’t want whatever you want.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

45. “As a director, I have the greatest job in the world, but if I don’t push the boundaries, then what’s the point of having it?” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

Short Casey Neistat Quotes

46. “As a viewer, I care about people, I care about characters, I care about perspective.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

47. “I think you should dress nicely for airports. You’re surrounded by people coming from all walks of life. You should look your best.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

48. “I always thought of myself as an amateur stunt man.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

49. “It’s not how much time you spend doing what you love, It’s how little time you spend doing what you hate.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).


50. “A shared life is a great life.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

51. “The only time I get depressed is when I’m not being productive, it’s when I am not accomplishing or doing or contributing in any way.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

52. “It’s not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

Casey Neistat Quotes for Motivation

53. “Without a goal, you can’t score.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

54. “Every time I took these bigger risks, the opportunity for a bigger payout was always there.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

55. “Nothing makes me less happy than relaxation and sitting around with nothing to do.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

56. “I’m too busy for insecurities. It’s just a distraction. If I have any, I have ignored them for so long they have gone away.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

56. “Every major decision I have taken in the last eight years have been prefaced by a run. Where else do you get those uninterrupted hours to do nothing but think?” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).  

57. “I run 50-70 miles per week. And lift five or six days. It’s my time.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

58. “Don’t worry about pursuing others, worry about getting others to pursue you.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

59. “The technical process which is interesting in its own right but I think the creative process is what is more intriguing.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

60. “It’s both scary and flattering that my vlog-style  has become film making curriculum.” ~ (Casey Neistat – YouTuber).

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