5 David Koresh Quotes from the American Cult Leader

David Koresh was an American cult leader who was instrumental in the 1993 Waco siege.

David Koresh was the head of the Branch Davidians.

Best David Koresh Quotes


These people remain here because I have thoroughly opened to them the seven seals. ~ David Koresh.


If the Bible is true, then I’m Christ. ~ David Koresh.


Hey, the other night your tanks came right up towards the house, is this not a violation of what you promised us, yes or no? ~ David Koresh.

David Koresh Quotes

I’m not emotional. ~ David Koresh.


I am more willing to come out when I get my message from my commander. ~ David Koresh.

So these were the 5 top David Koresh quotes and sayings.

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