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Dolores Hart, O.S.B., was a well-known American Roman Catholic Benedictine nun and actress.

She made 10 films in five years after her cinematic debut with Elvis Presley in Loving You, including Wild is the Wind, King Creole, and Where the Boys Are.

By the early 1960s, she had established herself as a leading woman, and she stunned Hollywood when she announced that she would give up her career to join the Abbey of Regina Laudis convent in Connecticut, where she serves her monastic community.

Mother Dolores is still a voting member of the Academy, but she uses her acting skills to help others through the convent’s The Gary-The Olivia Theater, which she co-founded with Patricia Neal, another Hollywood legend.

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Best Dolores Hart Quotes

I think the limit for a screen kiss back then was something like 15 seconds. That one has lasted 40 years. ~ Dolores Hart.

How much closer to Heaven can you get?

If that’s in the script, then why not? ~ Dolores Hart.

Where there is a true sign of the Spirit, there is peace and joy. ~ Dolores Hart.

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Once an actress always an actress. ~ Dolores Hart.

I left the world I knew in order to reenter it on a more profound level. ~ Dolores Hart.

I adored Hollywood. I didn’t leave it because it was a place of sin. ~ Dolores Hart.

Famous Dolores Hart Quotes

Every life, I think, has that potential because I believe each life is a gift of God… because God is love. ~ Dolores Hart.

Religious life has to become an expression of the gifts of the person. You don’t simply throw away your personality, your giftedness and leave everything at the gate and go in and expect to find Jesus. ~ Dolores Hart.

It was not a lifelong dream. I did not grow up wanting to be a nun. I wanted to be an actress. If it had ever been suggested I would one day be a nun, it would have been the last thing on my mind. It was a million to one shot I would ever be a nun. ~ Dolores Hart.

I’d done two movies with Elvis Presley. I’d been around Hollywood for a while – and saw how needlessly competitive and negative it could be. It never held my interest. ~ Dolores Hart.

The Church is always in trouble because the Church walks into the trouble in which mankind is trying to resolve itself. There are a lot of areas that need to be addressed. If we were perfect we wouldn’t be the Church. I think it’s the imperfections that allow people to trust that you’re working toward something. ~ Dolores Hart.

Top Dolores Hart Quotes

Monastic life is impossible for most people to understand. People think that it is a life that is shut off, or you’re gone from the world, but it’s exactly opposite. You are more embedded into the world. It’s a way of love that includes everyone that you’ve ever loved. ~ Dolores Hart.

The only thing that helps me keep faith is to stay in the truth of love because when you love someone – or many people – you believe in them and you believe in who they are and what they can do…then your belief has to go to an eternal presence because when you really care for someone you can’t bear the thought of never seeing them again. You want that mystery of eternity to be real. ~ Dolores Hart.

The nature of faith, I think, is based so much on one’s capacity for hope for those whom you love. ~ Dolores Hart.

The body is precious and the body is always going to speak through its own capacity for communication and love. ~ Dolores Hart.

I just knew that this was what God wanted from me. I never felt I was ‘walking away from Hollywood’. I felt I was walking into something more significant and by that, I took Hollywood with me. ~ Dolores Hart.

Popular Dolores Hart Quotes

I have struggled with this call to vocation all my life. I can understand why people have doubts, because who understands God? I don’t. When you are dealing with something at this level, you are dealing with mystery. ~ Dolores Hart.

The mission of the media is to reflect the community to itself, to give the people a vision of who they are, what they’re doing, what they want, what they need. I think motion pictures have been an incredible gift to humanity. I can’t imagine living in a world without them. ~ Dolores Hart.

Many people don’t understand the difference between a vocation and your own idea about something. A vocation is a call-one you don’t necessarily want. The only thing I ever wanted to be was an actress. But I was called by God. ~ Dolores Hart.

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