Hristo Botev was a Bulgarian poet and revolutionary.

Hristo Botev is a symbolic historical figure and national hero of Bulgaria. 

Best Hristo Botev Quotes


Only the one who has lived, cried and struggled with his own nation – only he can truly understand the people and help them. ~ Hristo Botev.


Know that it is impossible for a man to love his Motherland if he doesn’t love his wife and children. ~ Hristo Botev.


Only he who is free can call himself a human in the true meaning of the word. ~ Hristo Botev.


To love with hate and passion. ~ Hristo Botev.

In the period of 8 years I met each one of our national heroes and came to the conclusion that the big guys do small things, while the small people contribute to the biggest things. ~ Hristo Botev.


There is no power over the person, ready to give up on his head in the name of the freedom and the good of the Motherland. ~ Hristo Botev.

How should they know? I can’t reveal to a single friend what my soul conceals, whom I’m in love with or what I believe – my dreams, my thoughts – or why I grieve. ~ Hristo Botev.

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