58 I Hate Myself Quotes and Sayings to Express Yourself

If you regularly find yourself saying, “I hate myself,” it indicates that you have poor self-esteem and an excessively harsh inner critic.

This internal voice is often unyielding, continually dismissing your talents and accomplishments, causing you to perceive yourself negatively.

A harsh inner critic can be crippling, leaving you feeling worthless or incompetent.

It’s a vicious cycle that contributes to poor self-esteem, making it difficult to realize your worth and potential.


Remember that everyone has both strengths and weaknesses; it’s a natural aspect of being human.

It’s critical to confront your inner critic, exercise self-compassion and concentrate on your strengths.

This could help you recover your self-esteem over time, building a better, kinder connection with yourself.

Best I Hate Myself Quotes

I hate watching myself. It’s terrible. It’s horrifying. ~ Scott Eastwood.

I hate the human race. Of course, therefore, I hate myself the most, because I am the least of the human race. ~ Peter Steele.


I hate myself because I am not beautiful. I hate myself because I am fat. ~ Judith Moore.


I love people. I hate to be by myself. ~ Chris Paul.


At least I hate myself as much as I hate anybody else. ~ Robert Crumb.


I’ve seen too much hate to want to hate, myself. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I had to be honest with myself and that I felt hatred then, but as children say “I hate you”, it’s not really hate, you know, it’s anger. ~ Elie Wiesel.

I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am. ~ Samuel Johnson.


I should say nothing! I’m through with it! I hate to repeat myself all the time. ~ Agnes Varda.

Playing in front of millions of people erases everything I hate about myself. Nothing can hurt me. ~ Gerard Way.


I hate myself for liking you. ~ Stephenie Meyer.

I hate myself for loving you and the weakness that it showed. You were just a painted face on a trip down to suicide road. ~ Bob Dylan.

I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself. ~ Louis C. K.

I hate taking myself seriously. It drives me crazy! ~ Liana Liberato.


To one’s enemies: “I hate myself more than you ever could”. ~ Alain de Botton.

Being here alone with nothing to do, I’ve been thinking about myself too. Trying to understand why I hate myself so badly. ~ Orson Scott Card.

I’m a pretty cliché actor in that I hate watching myself on film. ~ Hamish Linklater.

I don’t objectify myself. I hate looking at pictures of myself, they’re usually awful. ~ Ian Astbury.


Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I hate myself, but always I miss you. ~ David Henry Hwang.

I’m tired of the industry, tired of playing the whole game – the dressing up, the red carpet. I hate talking about myself. ~ Drea De Matteo.

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Famous I Hate Myself Quotes

Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~ Coretta Scott King.

I hate watching myself on film because I am so judgmental. ~ Tamsin Egerton.


I don’t like thugs, I don’t like nerds, I don’t like myself and I hate being disturbed. ~ Sean Price.

I used to hate looking in the mirror. I’ve grown up into myself and now I’m happy with the way I look. ~ Ashley Tisdale.

It was so hard to watch myself back because whatever movie I do, I never look at the monitor. I hate looking at the monitor. ~ Odeya Rush.

You know I hate watching myself on TV, I know a lot of actors say that, but it’s true for me. ~ Rebecca Mader.


I hate watching myself, as do a lot of actors. ~ Callan McAuliffe.

I want to look into a mirror that will love my own reflection harder than I hate myself. ~ Meggie Royer.

Meal isn’t over when I’m full. Meal’s over when I hate myself. ~ Patton Oswalt.

I’ll tell you now that I hate myself for many reasons, but being Jewish is not one of them. ~ Clive Sinclair.


I just hate talking about myself. ~ Miuccia Prada.

I hate my life. I’m at the point where I want to hear about other people’s lives. It’s like switching from fiction to biography. ~ Don DeLillo.

Top I Hate Myself Quotes

Don’t associate me with comedy. And please don’t say actress. I would never call myself any of those things. I hate it when people call me that. ~ Amy Sedaris.

The opposite of love is not hate. It is fear. ~ Gary Zukav.

I hate to talk about myself. ~ Kim Kardashian.


I trained myself, whenever I walk into auditions, to hate everyone in the room. ~ Adam Driver.

I hate committing myself to anything. It’s probably the lack of discipline, honestly. I’m probably a spoiled brat worried about getting my way every time. ~ Cameron Diaz.

I hate myself, that I cannot believe it so constantly and surely as I should; but no human creature can rightly know how mercifully God is inclined toward those that steadfastly believe in Christ. ~ Martin Luther.

I hate talking about myself, I find it such a boring topic. I’d much rather talk about other things. ~ Martin Henderson.

I’m very picky, and I’m never 100% happy with the work I do; I hate watching myself and hearing my voice. ~ Samantha Mumba.


If I don’t write, I hate myself. Simple as that. My life is out of balance. ~ Harlan Coben.

I was making love to this girl and she started crying. I said, “Are you going to hate yourself in the morning?” She said, “No, I hate myself now.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield.

I am a believer in free will. If my dog chooses to hate the whole human race except myself, it must be free to do so. ~ Diana Wynne Jones.

I don’t believe in man, God nor Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself. ~ Carl Panzram.

I was still searching for someone to blame for my suffering. I really wanted someone to transfer my hate to, so that I could stop hating myself. ~ Glenn Beck.


I hate everything which is not in myself. ~ Norman Mailer.

I hate handing over money to people for doing what I could just as easily do myself, it makes me nervous. ~ Sylvia Plath.

Still, I hate them. But, of course, I hate almost everybody now. Myself more than anyone. ~ Suzanne Collins.

I think of myself as a performance artist. I hate being called a pop star. I hate that. ~ Madonna Ciccone.

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. ~ Caskie Stinnett.


I hate myself, and I want to die. ~ Kurt Cobain.

I shall never permit myself to stoop so low as to hate any man. ~ Booker T. Washington.

I hate to look at myself in a mirror, and I never go and see films. ~ Ursula Andress.

I hate being told what to do! Especially by myself! ~ Lynn Flewelling.

I am not very good at expressing myself in a simple way so it can create mis-understandings and I hate that. ~ Marion Cotillard.


If I would believe what I read about myself, I would hate my guts too. ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Can’t break free from the things that you do. I wanna walk, but I run back to you, that’s why I hate myself for loving you. ~ Joan Jett.

As much as I live I shall not imitate them or hate myself for being different to them. ~ Orhan Pamuk.

So these were the 58 quotes about I Hate Myself.

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