Jared T. Raynor Gilman is an American actor.

Jared Gilman Quotes

I don’t think I’d ever really survive the outdoors. ~ Jared Gilman.

I’m kind of a huge movie buff and a video game nerd person. ~ Jared Gilman.

I’m a huge movie buff, so I’m a fan of a lot of actors and actresses. ~ Jared Gilman.

It’s funny how much you attach yourself to everyone around you when you film. ~ Jared Gilman.

Before ‘Moonrise,’ I never thought I would be in a movie where I would be struck by lightning. ~ Jared Gilman.

I am really indoors-y. I am a video game and movie buff, and this keeps me in my little boy cave. ~ Jared Gilman.

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I was always a very indoor videogame nerd movie buff… Now I’ve come to appreciate Scouts and the outdoors. ~ Jared Gilman.

I discovered I loved acting at a Summer Camp. That’s when I really realised that I enjoyed it and that I wanted to try it. ~ Jared Gilman.

I think the technology today is so much more advanced that it gives kids a lot more freedom… Back then it was a lot different. ~ Jared Gilman.

When I was taking my canoeing lessons I was given this oar to practice with, and I decided to have everyone sign it. All the cast and crew signed it and now I’m going to frame it. ~ Jared Gilman.

You’re not allowed to mess up in theater, and if you do, it is going to be embarrassing. But in film, if you make a mistake you just do it over again. You can just do another take. ~ Jared Gilman.

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I think kids are fairly similar. It’s just really the technology. Like, you won’t find kids in the 60s, or anyone for that matter, having mobile phones, texting, watching YouTube, and being absorbed in their technology. ~ Jared Gilman.

I started taking lessons in third grade because I thought it was a fun thing to do. Through my acting teacher, I got my manager. That was about 5th grade. So once that happened it kind of clicked that I probably should pursue acting as a career. ~ Jared Gilman.

When I was just about to leave, and when I realised that I wasn’t going to wake up in the morning and do this again – that was probably the hardest thing for me. Leaving this family that I’d created on set, with all the cast and the crew was very sad for me. ~ Jared Gilman.

I got a manager, and I thought, since I was going out on auditions, I should do this for a living. Then there was this moment on set when I realized I was having a lot of fun, and I really wanted to do this forever. I want to do different stuff, but I want it all to be just as good as this film. I want to be consistent. ~ Jared Gilman.

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