101 Best Lalah Delia Quotes to Vibrate to Your Higher Self

Lalah Delia, a spiritual writer and wellness educator, is the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, a mentorship program and online community centered on vibrational living.

Her work includes being an ambassador for Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign and a mentor for Target’s wellness series ‘TargetTag’.


Delia has shared her wisdom at panels across the US, including SXSW, In Goop Health and Girlboss Rally and her insights have been featured in multiple media outlets like Glamour, mindbodygreen, Essence, Girlboss Radio and Well+Good.

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Dedicated to uplifting and empowering individuals, she continues to resonate with audiences globally through her vibrant and transformative teachings.

Below you will find top quotes from Lalah Delia.

Best Lalah Delia Quotes


The right people just nourish your soul, differently. ~ Lalah Delia.


Stay close to the small and free things that comfort your soul. ~ Lalah Delia.


Take your energy back, take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.


If it lowers your vibration it’s not for you. That’s how you’ll know. ~ Lalah Delia.


Don’t rush, it takes time to grow into who you are. ~ Lalah Delia.


Find out where you can put your energy and really put it there. ~ Lalah Delia.

You’ve survived everything you’ve ever been through. Realize who you are. ~ Lalah Delia.


Release any unhealthy relationship with being in total control. ~ Lalah Delia.

How you respond to people is your vibration; how they respond, is theirs. ~ Lalah Delia.

Still love yourself on the days when you can’t find your way. ~ Lalah Delia.


Your brain needs plenty of rest to function at it’s optimal level. Go to sleep! ~ Lalah Delia.

Sending love and energy to the parts of you that are insecure. ~ Lalah Delia.

Knowing the difference between who to cut off and who to be patient with is everything. – Lalah Delia


The wrong relationships put us to sleep. The right ones, awaken us. ~ Lalah Delia.

Famous Lalah Delia Quotes

Signal to your body that although you may be going through triggering and tough times, you will take care. ~ Lalah Delia.

Shout out to everyone transcending a mindset, mentality, desire, belief, emotion, habit, behavior or vibration, that no longer serves them. ~ Lalah Delia.


I wish you self-esteem so high – you’re humble. ~ Lalah Delia.

She remembered who she was and the game changed. ~ Lalah Delia.

This is all temporary. Love yourself through it. ~ Lalah Delia.

The best way I’ve found to help my life is to get out of the way and trust the process. Trusting the process is how we no longer become the roadblock in our process, progress, and journey. ~ Lalah Delia.

Love yourself through whatever you go through. ~ Lalah Delia.

Our past is a force that doesn’t always like to see its end come. And our future is a force that doesn’t want us to abort it. ~ Lalah Delia.

Whatever this unknown path has before you trust the process.. ~ Lalah Delia.


Gratitude is how you take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

Sometimes people have to be removed from your life, so you can see your own: beauty, strength, purpose, and power – more dearer. ~ Lalah Delia.

Spiritual Lalah Delia Quotes

Confidence without ego. Love without insecurities. Wisdom without arrogance. Growth without limits. Journey without fear. ~ Lalah Delia.

We are always growing, whether we realize it or not. Be mindful and intentional about what and who it is you are growing into. ~ Lalah Delia.

Keep recognizing and breaking old habits and patterns that don’t serve you. Keep evolving. Keep breaking free. ~ Lalah Delia.

Don’t ever stop believing in your own personal transformation. It is still happening even on the days you may not realize it or feel like it. ~ Lalah Delia.

Your future self will look back at this time, and all you’re experiencing, and one day offer inspiration to other, regarding how you kept going, and how you didn’t fold, or quit. ~ Lalah Delia.


Surrender is never about giving up. ~ Lalah Delia.

She’s learning to recognize more and more what’s best for her vibration. She’s honoring it and using it to guide her higher daily. Her soul is at peace and vibrating higher; because of her dedication and reclaimed ownership of her vibration. ~ Lalah Delia.

If the path you’re on doesn’t lead to you expanding your heart, soul, and mind, it’s not the right path. ~ Lalah Delia.

Knowing when to be still, honoring being still, and choosing to be still – is also how you win and take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

May you reach that level within, where you no longer allow your past or people with toxic intentions to negatively affect or condition you. ~ Lalah Delia.

A new mind, equals a new life. ~ Lalah Delia.

Overthinking causes misery. Empty your mind, often. ~ Lalah Delia.

Inspiring Lalah Delia Quotes

Sometimes, it’s not that you’re lost. It’s that your life has shifted for the better, and you’re still adapting, still unfolding; you’re still finding your way. It takes time settling and relaxing into the new you. Take your time with it. ~ Lalah Delia.

Setting boundaries is a part of your healing process. ~ Lalah Delia.

The right people enhance your energy field, not deplete it. That’s how you’ll know. ~ Lalah Delia.

The right people hear you differently. ~ Lalah Delia.

I am safe. I am journeying in courage. I am journeying in power. I am journeying in patience. I’m journeying in wisdom. I will persevere. I will take care. ~ Lalah Delia.

Seeing through the fog takes time. Journey in patience and grace. ~ Lalah Delia.

Vibrate in self-love daily. Self-love raises your vibration. Self-love cleanses your energy. Self-love is how you take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

I honor you for every time this year you: got back up vibrated higher shined your light and loved and elevated beyond -the call of duty. ~ Lalah Delia.

The very moment you allow what happened to strengthen you – you win. ~ Lalah Delia.

Your highest path won’t require you to be perfect. It only requires that you say yes, and surrender to it. ~ Lalah Delia.

Top Lalah Delia Quotes

You were not created to be perfect or have it all together every day. You were created to evolve and grow over time. Journey in sweet grace. ~ Lalah Delia.

If you are outgrowing who you’ve been, you are right on schedule. Keep evolving. ~ Lalah Delia.

Self-care is how you take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

Unfollow all the social media accounts you’ve outgrown. ~ Lalah Delia.

May you attract people who match your higher vibration. ~ Lalah Delia.

Vibrate higher daily. ~ Lalah Delia.

Your awkward seasons are usually your transformation season. Realize it’s a beautiful process. ~ Lalah Delia.

We have to have a way of discharging the energy we accumulate in our everyday lives. ~ Lalah Delia.

We can show up in our power and know that we can offer the world’s higher vibrational path. ~ Lalah Delia.

Powerful Lalah Delia Quotes

Healing takes time, and so does not healing. Choose how you spend your time wisely. ~ Lalah Delia.

You are growing and evolving more beautifully than you realize. ~ Lalah Deliah.

New energy. New day. The old system is fading away. ~ Lalah Delia.

Even when it hurts you are growing. ~ Lalah Delia.

Forgive yourself for all the relationships and friendships you settled for when you weren’t in your power. ~ Lalah Delia.

Take a pause to appreciate yourself and how far you’ve come. ~ Lalah Delia.

Nourish the people who nourish you. ~ Lalah Delia.

If you walked away from a toxic, negative, abusive, one-sided, dead-end low vibrational relationship or friendship – you won. ~ Lalah Delia.

Surrendering and trusting in a Higher Power and/or your higher purpose will energize you with renewed strength. ~ Lalah Delia.

When things don’t go as expected – trust the reroute. ~ Lalah Delia.

Inspirational Lalah Delia Quotes

The greatest win is walking away and choosing not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all. ~ Lalah Delia.

Just because you feel lost doesn’t mean that you are. Sometimes you just have to relax, breathe deep, and trust the path you’re on. ~ Lalah Delia.

Don’t ever stop believing in your own transformation. It is still happening even on days you may not realize it or feel like it. ~ Lalah Delia.

Remembering who are you is how you take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

Even when it feels uncomfortable, grow. ~ Lalah Delia.

Focusing on taking care of yourself and doing the best you can, versus judging yourself, is how you take your power back. ~ Lalah Delia.

All the versions of you that you didn’t love, brought you to the version of you, that you love now. Be grateful for every you – you’ve been. ~ Lalah Delia.

Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, how strong you are, how unique you are. See how full of inner-beauty and light you’re becoming. ~ Lalah Delia.

Memorable Lalah Delia Quotes

Taking your attention, focus, and energy back from people and things that don’t serve you is how you regain your power. ~ Lalah Delia.

May any current blockage in your life be removed. ~ Lalah Deliah.

Peace in your home. Peace in your mind. Peace in your heart. Peace in your soul. ~ Lalah Delia.

Exhale. You are doing the best you can right now. ~ Lalah Delia.

You lived. And the countless seeds of love you planted and left behind continue sprouting and producing yet more love. Thank you for using your love in this purposeful way as nourishment. It has altogether covered me. Your love: is a precious garden. ~ Lalah Delia.

Our fear and comfort zone doesn’t serve the world. It doesn’t serve who we’ve come here to grow into and become. Our true purpose and power meets us outside of our comfort zone. ~ Lalah Delia.

Trust your healing process: even when it’s lonely, drawn-out, uncomfortable, and awkward. ~ Lalah Delia.

You are loved. You are beautiful. You are doing better than you realize. You are uniquely divine. You are full of purpose. You are necessary. You are chosen. ~ Lalah Delia.

Find your soul’s medicine. The right things will soothe and empower your soul. That’s how you’ll know. ~ Lalah Delia.

Hold onto who loves and honor you. Not everyone will know how to. Some souls don’t even know how to love and honor themselves, let alone you. ~ Lalah Delia.

May you attract someone who can keep up with this current season you’re in.. ~ Lalah Delia.

Some of us ran so far away, during a period of survival, that we forgot to come back home to ourselves. Return home to yourself. You are safe now. ~ Lalah Delia.

Motivational Lalah Delia Quotes

Water your own heart, mind and soul daily, so that you can do, be, and give, from a more nourished and much fuller place. ~ Lalah Delia.

Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again. ~ Lalah Delia.

Consistency is what takes something you do one day and turns it into a lifestyle. ~ Lalah Delia.

Don’t over-focus on the negatives and under-focus the positives in your life. ~ Lalah Delia.

Your grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you. ~ Lalah Delia.

Not feeling like you are enough is over. Show the world why you are here. The Divine has your back. ~ Lalah Delia.

May you attract someone who brings your soul medicine. ~ Lalah Delia.


Never perfect – always genuine. ~ Lalah Delia.

May all you’ve been doing through now be reused for a new higher purpose. ~ Lalah Delia.

Release anything that no longer feels good for your soul to carry. ~ Lalah Delia.

Self-care is a love language to the body. ~ Lalah Delia.

Stay in your healing. ~ Lalah Delia.

Ritualize your joy. ~ Lalah Delia.

So these were the 101 top Lalah Delia quotes and sayings.

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