66 Nacho Libre Quotes That Are Inspirational, Wise and Funny

Nacho Libre is a very popular movie about a man named ‘Nacho Libre’ who becomes a professional wrestler in order to help the orphans in his care.

Inspired by the real-life priest Fray Tormenta, the movie blends humor with an uplifting story.


Despite mixed reviews, it was a hit, earning $99.3 million worldwide against a $35 million budget.

Here are some of the popular quotes from Nacho Libre.

Best Nacho Libre Quotes

I don’t like the way those guys looked at you. ~ Nacho Libre.

Some people say wrestlers make bad lovers, that they save themselves for the ring. Love you. ~ Nacho Libre.

Those men fight for vanity, for money, for false pride. ~ Nacho Libre.


I don’t believe in God. I believe in science! ~ Nacho Libre.

I looked like a fool last night. What took you so long!? ~ Nacho Libre.

I saw a bum here. I saw a bum here, there were two bums actually. And I said to myself, ‘Let’s talk to these guys about the Gospel.’ ~ Nacho Libre.


I ate some bugs. I ate some grass. I used my hands to wipe my tears. ~ Nacho Libre.

You can take the stallion, I’ll take the pony. ~ Nacho Libre.

Oh, you messed with the wrong guy this time! ~ Nacho Libre.

I smell cookies. ~ Nacho Libre.

Famous Nacho Libre Quotes

Hey! Can’t you see this woman’s a nun? And if you have a problem with that, then you can just fight me. ~ Nacho Libre.


Tonight, I felt something deeper inside me that I never felt before! ~ Nacho Libre.

Those eggs were a lie, Esqueleto. A lie! They give me no eagle powers! They give me no nutrients! ~ Nacho Libre.

Tonight, I will fight the seven strongest men in town, maybe the world. And I will win because our heavenly father will be in the ring with me. And he and I will win 10,000 pesos. ~ Nacho Libre.

Get that corn outta my face! ~ Nacho Libre.


Would you like to join me in my quarters this evening for some toast? ~ Nacho Libre.

I have given up wrestling. ~ Nacho Libre.

People might get the wrong idea about you, like maybe you are a floozy. ~ Nacho Libre.

Wise Nacho Libre Quotes

Okay. Maybe I am not meant for these duties. Cooking duty. Dead guy duty. Maybe it’s time for me to get a better duty! ~ Nacho Libre.


Be grateful, Juan Pablo. Today is especially delicious. ~ Nacho Libre.

I mean, yes! They may have the appearance of riches. Beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find his nucleus. ~ Nacho Libre.

Save me a piece of that corn for later. ~ Nacho Libre.

See that guy over there? That is Senior Ramon, he owns all the big arenas. We need to show him that we mean business. That we are ready for the ‘big leagues.’ ~ Nacho Libre.

It sucks to be me right now! ~ Nacho Libre.


Eagle powers come to me please. ~ Nacho Libre.

This man lived a good life. He had a wonderful woman, a lush garden and a collection of Russian nesting dolls. May he rest in peace. ~ Nacho Libre.


I get to lay in a bed by myself, all of my life. It’s fantastic. ~ Nacho Libre.

Don’t you want a little taste of the glory? See what it tastes like? ~ Nacho Libre.

Funny Nacho Libre Quotes

I need professional help. I need Ramses!. He’s the best. I must learn his waaaays. ~ Ignacio (Nacho).


I have been here. I have been sleeping. ~ Nacho Libre.

But you’re tall and fast like a gazelle, you can do it. Pray to the Lord for strength. ~ Nacho Libre.

My favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies. I like serving the Lord, hiking, playing volleyball. ~ Nacho Libre.

My life is good, really good. I get to wake up every morning, 5 AM. Make some soup! It’s the best! I love it. ~ Nacho Libre.


Hey! Take it easy! ~ Nacho Libre.

I’m not listening to you! You only believe in Science. That’s probably why we never win. ~ Nacho Libre.

If you fight for something noble, or for someone who needs your help, only then will God bless you in battle. ~ Nacho Libre.

Inspiring Nacho Libre Quotes

I am the gatekeeper to my own destiny and I will have my glory day in the hot sun. ~ Nacho Libre.


Everyone is dancing at the party, but Ramses is not dancing at the party! ~ Nacho Libre.

In order for you to become empowered by the eagle, you must climb that cliff, find the egg, crack open one of them, and then eat the yolk. ~ Nacho Libre.

So, what you’re saying to me is if I can eat this yolk, my moves will become the best in the whole world. ~ Nacho Libre.

You gotta be kidding me. Everything you just said is my favorite thing to do, every day! ~ Nacho Libre.


It was stinky. But these are my recreational clothes. ~ Nacho Libre.

Wrestling is ungodly, Ignacio. People cheer for him and he is a false idol. ~ Nacho Libre.

When the fantasy has ended, and all the children are gone, something good inside of me helps me to carry on. ~ Nacho Libre.

Say it to my face! ~ Nacho Libre.

Inspirational Nacho Libre Quotes

Look. Go away! Read some books. ~ Nacho Libre.


You are crasssssy! ~ Nacho Libre.

But Sister, they are just ninos trying to release their wiggles. ~ Nacho Libre.

Your hands! They are greasy! ~ Nacho Libre.

Do you remember when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse. ~ Nacho Libre.


Did you not tell them they were the Lord’s chips? ~ Nacho Libre.

I don’t want to get paid to lose! I wanna win! ~ Nacho Libre.

Have you ever had feelings for a nun? ~ Nacho Libre.


I don’t see them. They should be coming back. ~ Nacho Libre.

Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?! ~ Nacho Libre.

Uh, Ramses. I was wondering if the children could have a signature or a picture or something? ~ Nacho Libre.

I’m a little concerned right now about your salvation and stuff. ~ Nacho Libre.


You gave them permission to hurt me like this. ~ Nacho Libre.

This is the worst lunch I ever had. ~ Nacho Libre.

Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. ~ Nacho Libre.

My father was a deacon in Mexico, and my mother a Lutheran missionary from Scandinavia. ~ Nacho Libre.

I thought you hated all the orphans in the whole world. ~ Nacho Libre.

I like your cow. ~ Nacho Libre.


They tried to convert each other, but got married instead. Then they died. ~ Nacho Libre.

So these were the 66 quotes from the Nacho Libre movie.

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Short Description of “Nacho Libre”

“Nacho Libre” is a 2006 comedy about Ignacio, a friar at a Mexican orphanage, who secretly becomes a wrestler named “Nacho” to raise funds.


Inspired by a real priest’s story, Ignacio teams up with a street thief, Steven “Esqueleto,” despite wrestling being seen as a sin.

Despite initial losses, their popularity grows, and Nacho strives for a big win to improve the orphans’ lives.

Movie Name Nacho Libre
Directed by Jared Hess
Written by Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess, Mike White
Produced by Mike White, Jack Black, Julia Pistor, David Klawans
Starring Jack Black, Peter Stormare
Cinematography Xavier Pérez Grobet
Edited by Billy Weber
Music by Danny Elfman
Production Companies Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, Black & White Productions
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (United States), Universal Pictures, United International Pictures (international)
Release dates June 16, 2006 (United States), August 11, 2006 (Mexico)
Running time 92 minutes
Countries United States, Mexico
Language English
Budget $35 million
Box office $99.3 million

His secret is revealed, Ignacio is ousted but gets a final shot against the top wrestler, Ramses.

With newfound support, he triumphs, buys a bus for the orphans, and wins over Sister Encarnación, hinting at a budding relationship.

Quick Facts about Nacho Libre

  • “Nacho Libre” is a 2006 sports comedy film.
  • The film stars Jack Black as Ignacio, a friar and luchador.
  • It’s inspired by the real-life Fray Tormenta, a priest turned wrestler.
  • Directed and co-written by Jared Hess.
  • Released by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.
  • Grossed $99.3 million worldwide.
  • Production budget was $35 million.
  • Ignacio was raised in a monastery orphanage.
  • Wrestling is banned in the monastery.
  • Ignacio secretly becomes a wrestler to help the orphans.
  • Teams up with a thief named Steven, aka “Esqueleto.”
  • They’re initially unsuccessful but remain popular.
  • Ignacio seeks advice from the champion, Ramses.
  • Disguises himself to enter a party and gather intel.
  • Conflict with Steven leads to their partnership’s end.
  • Ignacio’s wrestling identity is exposed during a mass.
  • He decides to fight Ramses to win a bus for the orphans.
  • Comes in second in a battle royale, but gets a chance to fight Ramses.
  • Wins the match with the support of Encarnación and the orphans.
  • Buys a bus for the orphans with the prize money.
  • The film was shot in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Jack Black collaborated with Hess after admiring “Napoleon Dynamite.”
  • Danny Elfman and Beck contributed to the soundtrack.
  • The film’s release was strategically planned around other major films.
  • Opened at #2 in its opening weekend.
  • Received mixed reviews from critics.
  • Audience grade of “B+” from CinemaScore.
  • A video game adaptation was released for Nintendo DS.
  • Jack Black expressed interest in a sequel.
  • Hess has not been approached by Paramount for a sequel but is open to collaboration.

Top Questions about Nacho Libre

Q: Was Nacho Libre a low-budget movie?

A: No, Nacho Libre wasn’t considered a low-budget film. It had a production budget of $35 million and grossed $99.3 million worldwide.

Q: Is Nacho Libre considered a funny movie?

A: Yes, Nacho Libre is widely regarded as a funny movie, highlighted by Jack Black’s performance, which includes several singing moments.

Q: Is Nacho Libre suitable for children?

A: Absolutely, Nacho Libre is suitable for kids, providing plenty of laughs for adults as well while keeping comic wrestling violence mild.

Q: Does Nacho Libre feature a hero?

A: Indeed, Nacho Libre features a hero. To impress Sister Encarnación and help the orphanage, Nacho becomes a wrestling hero, Nacho Libre.

Q: Who played the chubby kid in Nacho Libre?

A: Troy Gentile, known for roles in Hotel for Dogs and The Goldbergs, played the young version of Jack Black’s character in Nacho Libre.

Q: What is Nacho Libre’s MPAA rating?

A: Nacho Libre is rated PG for rough action and some crude humor, including dialogue.

Q: Did Nacho Libre win any awards?

A: Yes, Nacho Libre won a BMI Film & TV Award for Film Music by Danny Elfman and received nominations for an MTV Movie + TV Award and Teen Choice Awards.

Q: Why is he named Nacho Libre?

A: Ignacio, desiring to raise money and keep his identity secret, becomes a Luchador named “Nacho,” partnering with a tortilla chip thief.

Q: What is Nacho Libre about?

A: Nacho Libre follows Ignacio, a cook at a Mexican monastery, who becomes a Lucha Libre wrestler to raise money for the orphans he cares for, all while keeping his identity hidden.

Q: Who is the female lead in Nacho Libre?

A: Anabell Gardoqui de la Reguera, a renowned Mexican actress, played the female lead in Nacho Libre.

Q: How does Nacho Libre conclude?

A: Nacho Libre ends with Ignacio, Steven, Sister Encarnacion, and the children visiting Monte Alban, showing Ignacio gaining Encarnacion’s favor.

Q: How much of Nacho Libre was improvised?

A: Jack Black improvised the song he sings at the party in Nacho Libre, showcasing his quick wit and musical talent.

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