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“Paid in Full” a 2002 American crime drama follows Ace a young man in Harlem who transitions from a dry cleaning job to the lucrative but dangerous world of drug dealing influenced by his friend Mitch and the aggressive Rico.

Despite initial success and wealth Ace’s life spirals into violence and betrayal leading to a tragic climax.

After surviving a near-fatal shooting and the loss of close associates to the brutal drug trade Ace disillusioned decides to leave the criminal world behind starting anew with his family and secret diamond stash.

Paid in Full movie quotes

The film portrays the harsh realities of the drug business emphasizing the fleeting nature of wealth and loyalty within it.

Here are some of the best quotes from Paid in Full movie.

Paid in Full Quotes

I just made enough money to bake biscuits for the projects. ~ Calvin.


Hey Ace, pull your skirt down B, dudes get shot everyday. ~ Rico. 

Whooooo, that’s a big a*s bill. ~ Pip. 

Even Ray Charles can see you got money. ~ Ice. 

l’m out, Rico. You understand what l’m saying? Look at me. l’ve been shot in the head, baby. My body different. l’m breathing different. You understand what l’m saying? The doctor said l wasn’t gonna walk the same. You understand what l’m saying? l’m out. ~ Ace. 

Top Paid in Full Quotes

I got shot in the head, baby! ~ Ace.

Even Ray Charles can see he’s got money. ~ Ice.

Yeah, you know a n*gga got the dough. A n*gga could leave the league. But if I leave, the fans are still gonna love me, man? ~ Mitch.

Best Paid in Full Quotes

Ay, yo, check here your man. Give him a thermometer, take his temperature or something, man. ~ Rico.

Now there’s a new game. Us old players are gone. But you can see our story on music videos with prop guns and fake champagne. ~ Ace.


No ribs, no rice, no champagne! You don’t eat nothing! ~ Rico.

Still got the flash of that gun in my head, man. That white light. And it was like that light, man, was sayin’, you’re dead. ~ Ace.

Look, man, we know what’s hot on the streets, man. Believe me, man. We are out there every day. ~ Mitch.

Top Paid in Full Quotes

A n*gga like me man, I love the game. I love the hustle. ~ Mitch.

You know, I just need to be around some love, that’s all. ~ Mitch.


I told myself, when I could breathe without a tube, I was gonna breathe deep. ~ Ace.

No doubt. Life is good in Harlem, baby. ~ Mitch.

Come on, man. You know me, man. Cleanliness is next to godliness. ~ Mitch.

See, the thing about the game is, the – don’t stop. You could be hurt, and it doesn’t matter. Business will still roll up on you. ~ Ace.

Famous Paid in Full Quotes

Make the money count! Make the money count! ~ Rico.

Ace, make that shot again. Five thousand you can’t make it again. ~ Rico.


You know me B, Imma gonna eat regardless. ~ Ace.

You know my style, baby. It ain’t my style to be running around here getting all sweaty on the court, baby. ~ Mitch.

Everybody’s gonna eat. Everybody’s gonna get this money. Everybody can be happy. ~ Ace.

So these are the best quotes from Paid in Full.

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