24 Oral Roberts Quotes from the American Christian Televangelist

Oral Roberts (1918-2009) was an influential American Pentecostal evangelist and televangelist known for promoting the prosperity gospel, asserting God rewards the faithful with temporal happiness and wealth.

Roberts rose from a challenging childhood, having suffered tuberculosis and poverty, to establish a large ministry including the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

His ministry, popularized by radio and TV broadcasts, reached millions and he was credited with praying over 1.5 million people, with many claiming to have been healed.


He founded Oral Roberts University and the City of Faith Medical and Research Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, although the latter faced financial struggles.

Despite personal tragedies, including the loss of two children and his wife, Roberts continued his work until his death from pneumonia at age 91.

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In this article, I have picked the most famous quotes by Oral Roberts.

Top 5 Oral Roberts Quotes


God wants you well. God wants you prosperous. God wants you a whole person. ~ Oral Roberts.


I am charismatic with roots of the Pentecostal. ~ Oral Roberts.


Something GOOD is going to happen to you today. ~ Oral Roberts.


God is a good God, and the Devil is a bad Devil. ~ Oral Roberts.


I’m asking you to help extend my life, We’re at the point where God could call Oral Roberts home in March. ~ Oral Roberts.

Best Oral Roberts Quotes

Remember, only what you give can God multiply back. If you give nothing, and even if God were to multiply it, it would still be nothing. ~ Oral Roberts.


You can function to the maximum only as you become a ‘whole’ person, with spirit, mind and body working harmoniously together. ~ Oral Roberts.

Who is the conqueror of Samson? Not the soldiers of Philistia; not the young lion; not the gatepost of his enemy; not his own people, not even Delilah. He was conquered by his own compromise. Compromise conquered Samson. Why ~ Oral Roberts.

Keep on learning the Word, keep listening to the Holy Spirit, who is in you, and continue to preach as you re now until God’s time comes. Just remember to obey God and stay small in your own eyes, and God will bless the world through you. ~ Oral Roberts.


Everything that is good is from God. You have this wonderful claim upon the very real promise of God, which is intended personally for you and your loved ones in the NOW. ~ Oral Roberts.

Faith is not something you have to get. It’s something that you, as a born again child of God, already have. Act on it by releasing it to God. That’s when your healing starts. ~ Oral Roberts.

I don’t claim to have the miraculous power to heal any afflicted person. All I do it try to persuade people to join God’s work and convince them that faith in God can cure man’s ills after medical science has failed. I suppose you could call me a middle man for God and His great work. ~ Oral Roberts.

Famous Oral Roberts Quotes

Your faith begins to move, to act, when the power of God supernaturally empties you of doubt and fills you with a knowing. You come into a state of knowing that you know that you know. In that instant you cannot doubt. ~ Oral Roberts.


The important thing is not the size of your faith – it is the One behind your faith – God Himself. ~ Oral Roberts.

The early Christians greeted each other with the word, ‘Maranatha,’ which means: the Lord cometh. They were comforted when persecution confronted them. The thrones of the kings of that day mattered little in comparison with the throne of their King and Lord. His coming draws nigh. Let us live in love, courage and calm certainty. ~ Oral Roberts.


God never fades from the vision of a person until he ceases to pray… so keep prayer fresh in your life every day – and affirm this truth: ‘God is in control of all of my life.’ ~ Oral Roberts.

Anything that diminishes life or brings death is of the devil. Remember this: the Bible speaks of death as being, not a friend, but an enemy. It is the last enemy and even it has been overcome by the life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Oral Roberts.


We should never overlook the power of the anointing God has for us. Before I attempt to do anything for God, I cry out in prayer for His anointing. ~ Oral Roberts.

Spiritual Oral Roberts Quotes

Men who are driven are happy in their work and their vision but are not happy-go-lucky. Evelyn has a happiness and contentment most of the time – she’s my balance. ~ Oral Roberts.

My ministry as an evangelist during the past 21 years has not been limited to any denominational group. Support for our work has come from people in all churches. ~ Oral Roberts.

ORU is a daring new concept in higher education. It was planned to be from the beginning, one that would be able and willing to innovate change in all three basic aspects of your being – the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual. ~ Oral Roberts.


Well, I can’t figure out God. ~ Oral Roberts.

Jesus comes to us in the now and directly at the point of our need… With His now-ness so that we need never look back to that physical, visible, limited form of 2,000 years ago, but sit with Him in heavenly places… in the now!… And with His eternal riches and power and glory available to us every moment. ~ Oral Roberts.

Let us plan our tomorrows so that we can best serve Christ faithfully for decades to come. Yet let us so live each day that we shall be prepared for the sudden appearance of our Lord. ~ Oral Roberts.

So these were the 24 top Oral Roberts quotes and sayings.

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