48 Peter Steele Quotes from The Green Man

Peter Steele was an American musician, singer, and composer.

Peter Steele is known as “The Green Man”.

Best Peter Steele Quotes


Don’t Mistake Lack of Talent for Genius. ~ Peter Steele.


I was fine, until I was born. And it’s been downhill ever since. ~ Peter Steele.


I find that different types of music are good for certain activities. ~ Peter Steele.


So, I simply switched over to wine because it was not carbonated. ~ Peter Steele.


Next time I go down the aisle it will be in a box. ~ Peter Steele.


I slashed my wrists. All I can say is that I fell in love with the wrong person. ~ Peter Steele.

I hate the human race. Of course, therefore, I hate myself the most, because I am the least of the human race. ~ Peter Steele.


We live to avoid death, we exist to avoid unexistence. ~ Peter Steele.

I also like to eat very much, so I like all different types of foods. ~ Peter Steele.

I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment, which I hate to do, but it’s motivational. I like old heavy metal when I’m outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me. ~ Peter Steele.

Famous Peter Steele Quotes

It seems to be that southern Europeans are just more intimate socially, whereas I like a lot of personal space – like, a mile from the nearest person is fine for me. ~ Peter Steele.


I think all recent music sucks, and that includes Type O Negative. ~ Peter Steele.

I think aerobics are great, of course, but it just bores me out of my mind. ~ Peter Steele.

Treat each other the way you would like to be treated. ~ Peter Steele.

Base not your joy on the deeds of others. For what has been given can be taken away. ~ Peter Steele.

I want to stay away from politics, or else I’ll probably end up putting my size fifteen foot into my mouth. ~ Peter Steele.


Technically, at this point we’re no longer with the label; we’ve fulfilled our contract. ~ Peter Steele.

I had hit a critical period in my life, where I changed very much as a person. I consider the person I used to be, dead, and I’m glad that he is. Insecure, frightened, confused, much like a lot of people I know today. ~ Peter Steele.

Top Peter Steele Quotes

It’s bad poetry executed by people that can’t sing. That’s my definition of Rap. ~ Peter Steele.

It’s a funny thing, when you talk to God, you’re religious, but when he talks to you, you’re a psychopath. ~ Peter Steele.


As far as humor goes, I’ve always been a very insecure person and I’ve always wanted to be liked. ~ Peter Steele.

Most bands don’t even last fourteen months let alone fourteen years. ~ Peter Steele.

I don’t know what to say to that, but I have to agree with Johnny that, yeah, we do touch upon things that most men would rather not admit: That we feel pain, we cry, get sad and sometimes don’t deal well with disappointment. ~ Peter Steele.

I don’t really like to play live. I don’t like to be on stage. I feel very self-conscious. ~ Peter Steele.

Popular Peter Steele Quotes

I’m the product of 6 million years of evolution? Come on, man. I crawled out of a swamp yesterday. ~ Peter Steele.


What makes me happy is making other people happy. I’d like to make some kind of a difference in this world, but to do it anonymously. ~ Peter Steele.

Sometimes, I write ’60s or ’80s style pop songs. ~ Peter Steele.

Finding fresh song topics can sometimes be quite difficult. ~ Peter Steele.

I just like being a social experiment sometimes. I really should not be allowed in public. But I just go out into the public just to see people’s reaction. ~ Peter Steele.

I used to try to run five miles every other day, which I worked up to and I was doing it, but I was subjected to my own thoughts for forty minutes without any sensory input, and I couldn’t stand what I thought. ~ Peter Steele.

I’m a big fan of the effects of alcohol. ~ Peter Steele.

Ultimate Peter Steele Quotes

One of the things I’ve always personally tried to stress with this band was to have some kind of visual aspect and to be consistent with it – like, not to change. ~ Peter Steele.

Have faith that when bad things happen to you, I belief in an after life, it is better to suffer here on Earth than what awaits you. That is why I pray for pain, and I get it. I do. ~ Peter Steele.

I probably already do have kids. I’m just waiting for them to knock on the door. ~ Peter Steele.

And when you start to think about death, you start to think about what’s after it. And then you start hoping there is a God. For me, it’s a frightening thought to go nowhere. I also can’t believe that people like Stalin and Hitler are gonna go to the same place as Mother Teresa. ~ Peter Steele.


I drink for the effect, because it loosens up the tongue a little bit. ~ Peter Steele.

I’ve always been very image prone, along the lines of bands like Black Sabbath and even Devo. ~ Peter Steele.

I don’t like the human race in general. We are the only species who hunt for sport, who kill due to emotional need. ~ Peter Steele.

Great Peter Steele Quotes

I don’t believe in, and I am a devout non-believer, in playing new songs live if the subjected and pathetic crowd has not heard them before because I consider it like mass psychosis and genocidal. ~ Peter Steele.

If I wasn’t bound to Brooklyn, due to my own personal reasons like taking care of my mother and the fact that this is where the band is based, I would probably move to Iceland. ~ Peter Steele.


People ask how I learned to play bass with one hand. Well, with a face like mine, you learn to do a lot of things with one hand. ~ Peter Steele.

I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone. ~ Peter Steele.

Yes, there are times when I get extremely depressed and how I sublimate those feelings is through music. ~ Peter Steele.

I feel that I’ve grown up a little bit and I’m actually ready to settle down. ~ Peter Steele.

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