Being pushed away can be excruciatingly painful and it can be difficult to comprehend why the other person is doing it.

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Best Pushing Me Away Quotes

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If one day you realize that we’re drifting apart, it’s because you’ve pushed me away. ~ Unknown.

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Little do you know; you’re pushing me away. ~ Unknown.

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I stood by your side. I didn’t walk away, you pushed me away. ~ Unknown.

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Sometimes pushing people away is easier than letting them in. ~ Unknown.

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The sad moment when you see your ex and they act like you don’t even exist. ~ Unknown.

You may not be pushing me away but you’re not fighting to keep me either. ~ Unknown.

Pushing away unwanted feelings and situations, equals inviting them to return back with a greater strength. ~ Raphael Zernoff.

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If you start to miss me, just remember that I didn’t walk away…you let go of me. ~ Unknown.

Don’t try to hold people to you, don’t try to push them away. Let life do everything for you. This is the proper attitude on the path of love. ~ Frederick Lenz.

Popular Pushing Me Away Quotes

When we judge, we are pushing people away; we are creating a wall, a barrier. When we forgive we are destroying barriers, we come closer to others. ~ Jean Vanier.

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The quickest path to self-destruction is to push away the people you love. ~ Unknown.

You just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made. But I just kept pushing. ~ Rene Descartes.

Normally, we push away the things we’re scared of. ~ Jeff Bridges.

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Don’t push me away. I’m attracted to you. ~ Maya Banks.

Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care. ~ Unknown.

Some people push people away because they don’t want to get hurt. Some people push people away because they got hurt. ~ Unknown.

Thought-Provoking Pushing Me Away Quotes

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Don’t push away the people who truly care about you, because one day they won’t come back. ~ Unknown.

Love won’t be tampered with, love won’t go away. Push it to one side and it creeps to the other. ~ Louise Erdrich.

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Being ignored is probably the most frustrating and annoying thing ever. ~ Unknown.

When God hands you a gift, you don’t push it away and tell him ‘later’. ~ J.B. Salsbury.

I push everyone I love away. He shrugged. I don’t mind you pushing me away if it means you love me, little sister. ~ Kristin Cashore.

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With you and me, I don’t know what anything means. We’re pushing each other away and yet I don’t seem to be able to let you go. ~ Stephanie Witter.

Shake me off, then, sir – push me away; for I’ll not leave you of my own accord. ~ Charlotte Bronte.

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By pushing or forcing something upon people, you tend to push people further away. ~ Christopher Atkins.

Pushing people away and denying yourself love makes you weak, not strong. Especially when you do it out of fear. ~ Unknown.

Profound Pushing Me Away Quotes

I don’t draw attention to myself or have security pushing people away. ~ Vanessa Williams.

Be mindful of what you throw away, be careful of who you push away, and think hard before you walk away. ~ Unknown.

Whatever comes, don’t push it away. When it goes, do not grieve. ~ Mooji.

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I’ll never stop caring. But if you decide to push me away, I’ll go. ~ Unknown.

Sometimes they push you away because they know you deserve better. ~ Unknown.

Don’t push that person further who truly value you so much, because one day, from pushing them further, they will never comeback again. ~ Jeremy Legend.

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If you push me away, don’t be surprised when you can’t pull me back later. ~ Unknown.

Don’t push someone away and expect them to still be there when you’re ready. ~ Unknown.

I have also also considered many scientific plans during my pushing you around in your pram! ~ Albert Einstein.

Famous Pushing Me Away Quotes

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Why do you keep on pushing me away… ~ Unknown.

Never ignore someone that cares for you. Because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones. ~ Unknown.

You never text or talk to me anymore. You never keep conversations with me anymore. You kinda pushed me away. So I did the same. ~ Unknown.

Pushing me away so I give her space dealing with a heart that I didn’t break. I’ll be there for you, I will care for you. I keep thinking you just don’t know. ~ Drake.

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Be careful how far you push me away. I may end up liking it there. ~ Unknown.

My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving. ~ Unknown.

Stop pushing me away. ~ Unknown.

I was so awash in sensory overload that I was caught completely unaware when he did push me away. ~ Richelle Mead.

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