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Rose Blumkin was an American businesswoman that founded Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937.

Born in Belarus in 1893 she immigrated to the U.S. in 1917 starting her business in her husband’s store basement with $500.

Her motto was “Sell cheap tell the truth don’t cheat nobody.”

Warren Buffett admired her business savvy buying 90% of her company in 1983 for $60 million.

Rose Blumkin Quotes

Even after retiring she briefly ran a rival store. Blumkin was also a philanthropist with a performing arts center named after her.

She passed away at the age of 104 in 1998.

Here are the top quotes by Rose Blumkin.

Rose Blumkin Quotes


It’s better to have them hate you than to feel sorry for you. ~ Rose Blumkin.


Deliver it before they change their minds! ~ Rose Blumkin.

liver it before they change their minds! ~ Rose Blumkin.

Empty the baby chest. When I made up my mind, I didn’t want to wait for nothing. That’s mine habit. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I don’t change my mind. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I don’t like rich society people. Rich people are rude to you when you’re poor; I don’t forget that. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I couldn’t talk English. I was a dummy. I knew I had to go somewhere that was bigger so I could communicate. ~ Rose Blumkin.

When you’re down they spit on you. When you start making some dollars they start paying attention. Phooey. Who needs them? Give me the middle class and I’ll be happy. ~ Rose Blumkin.


First, honesty. Second, hard work. Next, if you don’t get the job you want right away, tell them you’ll take anything. If you’re good, they’ll keep you. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Best Rose Blumkin Quotes

If you have the lowest price, they will find you at the bottom of a river. ~ Rose Blumkin.

I only use the kitchen and bedroom. I can’t wait until it gets daylight, so I can get back to the business. ~ Rose Blumkin.


Lazy people don’t live long. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Why retire and wait for death? It will come one day sooner or later anyway, and certainly sooner if you do not do anything. ~ Rose Blumkin.

I want to be my own boss. Nobody’s going to tell me what to do. ~ Rose Blumkin.


When I came to this country, I thought I am the luckiest one in the world. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Famous Rose Blumkin Quotes

Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll buy you better beds. We’ll have another kitchen table. But I owe this person money and that’s what’s most important. ~ Rose Blumkin.

I can’t pay my bills and I worried to death. I’ve got a store full of furniture, but I can’t eat it. Nothing’s moving. I don’t know what to do. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I never lied. I never cheated. I never promised I couldn’t do. That brought me luck. ~ Rose Blumkin.

The only way you’re successful and happy, is when you do an honest life – across 50 years, 60 years – nobody’s mad at you, and you’re feeling good. That’s what your happy life is. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Inspiring Rose Blumkin Quotes


When you get older, you can’t take anything with you. Let people think before they die to do the best they can for others while they are still alive. ~ Rose Blumkin.

My kids have a heart in them to help people who needs. Sometimes, I’m not so crazy when they give to symphony and to the dance. I don’t care for it. The arts. I like people who needs it worse. You can’t tell ‘em nothing. ~ Rose Blumkin.


Sell cheap and tell the truth, don’t cheat nobody, and don’t take no kickbacks. ~ Rose Blumkin.

I come home to eat and sleep, and that’s about it. I can’t wait until it gets daylight so I can get back to the business. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I love the American people – the immigrants who went through a struggle. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Top Rose Blumkin Quotes

I’m under a boycott. All the leading manufacturers from Nebraska Furniture Mart shouldn’t sell me nothing. They told them if they’ll sell me they’re not gonna buy. They do 155 million dollar a year. I built them the biggest business in the country. So they don’t want mine competition. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I’m a fast operator. Thank God, I still got my brains, my know-how, my talent… ~ Rose Blumkin.

I live alone now and so that’s why I work. I hate to go home. I work to avoid the grave. ~ Rose Blumkin.


I come from Russia 75 years ago, started a business, never lied, never cheated, never been a big shot. ~ Rose Blumkin.

We improve people’s lives one purchase at a time, generation after generation. Cash is king and stay away from debt. ~ Rose Blumkin.


Even if you don’t have money, if you try, you could have it. I only had ambition, that’s all. ~ Rose Blumkin.

Everything I made stayed in the business. I never had a vacation, never went any place, never made parties. Accumulated penny by penny. ~ Rose Blumkin.

What every business needs is a good manager, someone with his whole heart in his work – not someone who takes three-and-a-half hours for lunch, or goes to Las Vegas or Hawaii or a bowl game. ~ Rose Blumkin.

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