43 Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes from American Stand-up Comedian

Sebastian Maniscalco is an American stand-up comedian and actor. 


Best Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes


I’d watch Johnny’s monologue and get super excited any time he had a comedian on. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


Food is kind of the conduit that brings people together. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I’ll never stop doing stand-up. There’s nothing better than getting in front of 2,500 people and making an entire room laugh. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I go to Vegas now, and I’m in the casino, and I’m gambling, and there’s a guy in a wet bathing suit gambling right next to me. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

People come to a show, then they go back to their neighborhood, and it has become like word-of-mouth. Everybody loves to turn somebody on to something. It kind of just snowballed. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


Success was a slow burn. I’ve been doing standup night in and night out since 1998, and it got stronger and stronger as time progressed. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Although my values and my morals are old-school, you have to kind of key into the landscape of social media and how the world is progressing. I’d be a fool to sit there and go, ‘Yeah, let’s use the telephone to telemarket myself’… Social media is something that I definitely have to tap into, to another demographic. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I’m a very observational type of comedian that points out everyday absurdities. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

My mother saw the magazine, and she was like, ‘You made it.’ I’ve been on Showtime and Comedy Central, but none of that matters – all that matter is that she sees me in ‘People! ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Famous Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes

I do reflect on it sometimes, going, Wow, if I knew what I knew now I would be such a better server. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


If I can relate to the joke, it’s going to be funny. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I just wanted to make a living doing stand-up. I have to pinch myself sometimes. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I’ve never seen a weirder group of people than at the post office. It looks like people are crawling out from under rocks to go to the post office. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

When I was growing up in Arlington Heights, Hollywood seemed like another planet. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


You go into Wal-Mart, and you see stuff you typically wouldn’t see anywhere else. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

For me, the motivation to write new material is completely fear-based. Because if people hear the same thing the next time I come to a city, they ain’t gonna come back. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

It was awkward. Growing up, my father told me don’t ever tell anyone your salary. Keep it a secret. I never set out to make a lot of money or be famous. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I grew up in an immigrant household with an Italian father who came to the U.S. when he was 15. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Popular Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes

The more comfortable I got onstage, the more comfortable I got expressing myself in a physical manner. And it almost shocked people – Oh, is there something happening? ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

We grew up in a middle-class family in Chicago. Even when we went on vacation as a family, it wasn’t a really fun time, because my father didn’t want to spend any money when we got there. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


Everybody seems to be wasting their time online. There is such a narcissistic attitude. It’s such a strange world. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I like Las Vegas because it kind of gives me a chance to gauge my material in front of a very diverse group of people. There are a lot of different people in the audience, and you can kind of get a barometer for how your material plays throughout the country. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Every heckler is unique because they say something, and you react to what they say or what they’re wearing or who they’re with, so every response to a heckle is unique. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I once did a flip-flop joke in San Diego, and I got booed… but it’s all in good fun. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

My idea of fun would be to review the customers. I could give some customers one star so that restaurateurs would know when they walked in not to serve them. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Top Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes

I knew I had an ability to make people laugh, but it was a mystery how I was going to build on that talent. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I don’t like long jokes. I like stories rather than set up punchlines. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I used to devour a lot of stand-up comedy in my cousin’s basement. He had cable and I didn’t, so I went there and saw all the comedians. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I had time to cultivate my act and develop a point of view and feel really comfortable on stage. So when my career gained momentum, I was completely prepared to give people a show that they deserved. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


When I was growing up, we dressed up for church. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Sometimes it’s cool to have banter with the audience. Occasionally, somebody will say something, and I’ll say something right back, and everybody laughs, and it’s funny. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

It took me a good eight to ten years to really formulate what I was doing on stage and start to get really personal with comedy. I always really had timing naturally, it was just about trying to figure out how that timing was going to work on stage. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails that say, Why don’t you do a standup show on Zoom? But standup really doesn’t work on Zoom. You need the energy of a crowd to playoff. I’m not going to be a Zoomedian. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I don’t like a lot of clutter. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Interesting Sebastian Maniscalco Quotes

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Johnny Carson. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Hollywood was a long way from where I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I developed a knack for storytelling early on around the kitchen table with my family. I just happen to be a funny guy. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

The business of being told to earn a dollar, that no one is going to give you anything – that was kind of my mantra throughout my childhood, and now it’s in my adult life. I find that people really tend to relate to the immigrant father, whether he be Italian, Greek, Spanish or whatever. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.


I was always taught how to dress for the occasion. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

That’s how my family bonded – eating and telling stories. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

I remember when I was young, I was watching TV, and my father came into the room, agitated, and told me to start a business. I was eight years old. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

Growing up in an Italian family, we used our body to convey a message. ~ Sebastian Maniscalco.

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