66 Stefon Diggs Quotes from the American Footballer

Stefon Diggs born November 29, 1993 is a highly acclaimed NFL wide receiver with a decorated career.

After gaining recognition as a top-ranked receiver in high school Diggs continued to excel at the University of Maryland.

His success led to his 2015 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings where he set numerous records and received multiple honors.

Stefon Diggs quotes

In 2020 Diggs joined the Buffalo Bills continuing his dominance by leading the NFL in receptions and receiving yards that season.

As of 2023, he has earned four Pro Bowl selections solidifying his status as one of the top wide receivers in the league.

I have handpicked some of the top quotes by Stefon Diggs.

Best Stefon Diggs Quotes


I just want to get better all around and contribute more. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I try to do anything I can to quicken things up. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I’m just going to do everything my coaches ask me. ~ Stefon Diggs.


Being away from the game took a toll on my heart. ~ Stefon Diggs.


If you don’t have any confidence, you’re not going to do anything. ~ Stefon Diggs.


When you have the ball in your hand, you’re the most important guy in the whole organization. ~ Stefon Diggs.


To me, it really doesn’t matter where they line me up. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Coming into my second year, my main thing is to show growth – show that I can be consistent and play at a high level all the time. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I don’t want to offend nobody, and I don’t rub anybody the wrong way. That’s a part of growing up. ~ Stefon Diggs.

My father started me in football. So what better way is there to honor him than to wear his last name on my back and make him proud? ~ Stefon Diggs.


I work hard and do things the way they’re supposed to be done just so I can have success out here. I always want more. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Top Stefon Diggs Quotes

You get down, but you have to pick your teammates up. Good things are eventually going to happen. There’s no way around that for your team if you practice well enough. ~ Stefon Diggs.

You don’t want to have any negativity in your life. Continue to push. Continue to be patient. And when your time comes, then you’ve got to do everything you can, that’s all. ~ Stefon Diggs.


Being away from the game you love so much, it will mess with your mind. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I’m just happy to have my legs back, cause at one point in time, I wasn’t even walking. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I want to win championships, I want to win ball games, and where else is a better place to do it then your city? ~ Stefon Diggs.

There are going to be games where you don’t have the greatest conditions, so to show that you can do it in bad conditions is a plus. ~ Stefon Diggs.

There are great days ahead for the University of Maryland football program, and I hope I have helped to put the program in a better place than it was when I first got there. ~ Stefon Diggs.


The time you do get edgy and the time you do want to slack off is the time, boom, there goes your opportunity. So you don’t want to have that. ~ Stefon Diggs.

After my first year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, what I wanted to get better at, and how I was going to do it. ~ Stefon Diggs.

You haven’t been on tape, nobody sees what you can do, nobody sees how you play, so they don’t have anything to watch. ~ Stefon Diggs.

That’s what you want… you work hard, you want your guys to, you know, work the same way you work, and it all helps the team. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I can relate to a guy who stays home and does it for his family and friends. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Famous Stefon Diggs Quotes

I understood it’s a business as far as when you’re drafting someone, and you want a guy you can trust. But there were no questions on my ability or character. ~ Stefon Diggs.

As you get a lot of exposure, a lot of people looking at you, you have to take it more so how you carry yourself, how people view you. You have to worry about your image. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I love competing in everything that I do, and I try to express that, but I try not to rush it. ~ Stefon Diggs.

You have to approach it the same way with any quarterback. You’re going to try to do the best for your guy. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I’m a football fanatic. I love the game of football. I love learning new things, and I love being taught things. So I try to learn as much as I can, and even at a young age, I was really focused on how to be better and trying to learn all the techniques. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I just try to make the plays when they throw them to me. ~ Stefon Diggs.

They say when you break your leg, you get a little taller and a little faster, and I got both, I think. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I take my craft seriously. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Just scratching the surface. It’s just the beginning. I’m still young. I’ve got a lot of time to grow. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Everybody’s got haters, but your city’s always behind you. It’s only right to give back. ~ Stefon Diggs.

You can’t let everybody know your hand. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Popular Stefon Diggs Quotes

Press coverage is nothing different. I mean, you win off the line, you win. It’s that simple. ~ Stefon Diggs.

When you’re playing football, and your enemies are there, you don’t have a lot of time to think to yourself. You’ve got stuff to handle. You’ve got places to be, meetings to go to, bigger fish to fry. You really don’t attack the emotional side of your life. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I’m a dominant competitor. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I can separate very well. I can do everything I need to do as a player. I’m not the fastest guy always, or the strongest guy, or the biggest guy, but I always get the job done. I’m a workaholic. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I know I’m not the biggest guy or the fastest guy, but you’ve got to bring something to the table that someone else is not. I love football too much. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me to play for the Vikings. ~ Stefon Diggs.

As a player, I’m going to do everything I can to help the organization as a whole. On the field, off the field, I’m going to do everything in my power. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Quarterbacks like guys who try to do everything they can for them and put it on the line for them. So that’s what I try to do. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Great Stefon Diggs Quotes

I don’t just study my opponent; I study myself. It’s something you have to do to get better. ~ Stefon Diggs.


I just want to contribute to my team and earn the trust and do everything they need from me. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I can compete with anybody. I’m a true competitor. I’m a winner. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I know I can pick up a playbook. ~ Stefon Diggs.

As a young man, I feel as if it’s all about progressing. I may have had to mature a little faster than others, but no worries. I took it on full steam and led by example off the field. ~ Stefon Diggs.

My dad never gave me pats on the back or congratulations. There was always more to give and more to get done. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I have to go at a good pace because how you practice, that’s how you play. ~ Stefon Diggs.


Each day, I come in with a positive attitude, trying to get better. ~ Stefon Diggs.

At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you, and I support any guy who stays home. ~ Stefon Diggs.

The thing about football is when you’ve got guys that work hard and do things the right way, it’ll come together… it’s supposed to if you put the work in. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Inspiring Stefon Diggs Quotes

I wanted to stay home and go to Maryland because I’m really the man of my house. We lost our father when I was 14. Somebody had to be there, so I had to take it and put that on my shoulders. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I didn’t play receiver my whole life. I played running back, and I liked a bunch of running backs coming up, but I never tried to emulate them. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Not having a father is big. You need guidance. I know, personally, when my father died, I needed guidance; I needed somebody to show me how to be a man, how to grow up, basically how to do the right thing. ~ Stefon Diggs.

My little brothers can ask me any question in the world, and if I’ve got the answer, I’m going to give it to them. ~ Stefon Diggs.

My dad was real hard on me. He wasn’t really big on congratulating and stuff like that. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I listen to the older people who talk to me. I call them my old heads, people with a lot of wisdom. They’ll teach you a lot if you listen. ~ Stefon Diggs.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how many catches I have or how many yards I have. As long as the Ws keep stacking up in the win column, I’m happy. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Inspirational Stefon Diggs Quotes

It’s not like I can’t play football with some injuries. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Credit comes with success, and I need to have a lot more of it. In due time – I’m not rushing. ~ Stefon Diggs.


That’s what great players do: continue to prove themselves. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I believe in my ability and my mental toughness. I know I can pick up a playbook, like anybody can, and I can compete with anybody. ~ Stefon Diggs.

Not saying I was a bad kid, but I had a lot to learn. You’ve just got to not be impulsive. ~ Stefon Diggs.

I consider myself a leader. I am not a follower. ~ Stefon Diggs.

So these were the 66 top Stefon Diggs quotes and sayings.

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