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Turtles are one of the oldest and most evolutionary successful groups of reptiles, having survived the planet’s changes from the time of the dinosaurs through several ice ages and into the present period.

its species’ longevity may be linked to its unique survival adaptations such as their protective shell and their capacity to thrive in a variety of environments, ranging from terrestrial to marine ecosystems.

Contrary to popular belief the majority of turtle species exhibit social behaviors.


These activities include communal basking for thermoregulation and protection, as well as coordinated nesting among sea turtles. To reach their breeding sites, sea turtles might journey thousands of kilometers in groups.

Certain species also exhibit interactive behaviors, such as red-eared sliders’ ‘head-bobbing’ communication.

These social interactions not only show the complexities of turtle behavior but also emphasize the need of turtle conservation since turtles play critical roles in maintaining balanced ecosystems.

Top 10 Turtle Quotes


We turtles don’t know the meaning of defeat. ~ Leonardo.


Sleepy turtles never catch up with the sunrise. ~ Jamaican Proverb.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius.

To ward off evil, put a turtle shell underneath your door. ~ Angolan Proverb.

Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. ~ Plato.

Love makes even a turtle smile. ~ Henrietta Newton.

Travel at your own pace. You will arrive. ~ Unknown.

The world kept turning and the Turtle moved. ~ Terry Pratchett.

I felt like time was a great sea, and I was floating on the back of a turtle, and no sails broke the horizon. ~ Janet Fitch.

Turtles are greater than baby nephews, because it’s ok to drop a turtle. ~ Unknown.

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Famous Turtle Quotes

I’m slow and my wrinkles might annoy you, I’m green and slimy But I sure do my shell can protect you. ~ Unknown.

I suppose without curiosity a man would be a tortoise. Very comfortable life, a tortoise has. ~ Agatha Christie.


Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause. ~ Bruce Feiler.

All the thoughts of a turtle are turtle. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The turtle couldn’t help us. ~ Stephen King.

See the turtle of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the earth. If you want to run and play, come along the beam today. ~ Stephen King.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. ~ James Bryant Conant.

Best Turtle Quotes

The turtle lays thousands of eggs without anyone knowing, but when the hen lays an egg, the whole country is informed. ~ Malaysian Proverb.

But we are mostly what we are, and the turtle stretching toward delicious buds on high does not lighten his carapace by his resolve. ~ Arthur Miller.

Pat the shell of a turtle, and good luck will come to you. ~ Chinese proverb.

I’m as self-contained as a turtle. When I put my key in the ignition, I have my home right behind me. ~ Esther Tallamy.

And the turtles, of course all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be. ~ Dr. Seuss.


A turtle never abandons its carriage. ~ African Proverb.

Nature is slow, but sure; she works no faster than need be; she is the tortoise that wins the race by her perseverance. ~ Henry David Thoreau.

No man has ever seen a turtle climbing the wall. In order to do the things which are impossible for you, you need to change yourself, and better still, transform yourself into something new! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: You won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you. ~ Ajahn Chah.

Like an alligator he can fully digest a turtle shell. ~ Bill Brasky.

The tortoise stores its wisdom in his shell. ~ Unknown.

Turtle makes all men equal. ~ Benjamin Disraeli.

Words have a life of their own. There is no telling what they will do. Within a matter of days, they can even turn turtle and mean the opposite. ~ Craig Brown.


You can’t get the taste of winning in a running competition with a turtle! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

Turtles are very stable and have been around forever. But they have problems adapting. When humans came along, turtles came under serious threat. Biodiversity is good, and I think it is good in technology as well. ~ Unknown.

Most people are heartless about turtles because a turtle’s heart will beat for hours after he has been cut up and butchered. But the old man thought, I have such a heart too. ~ Ernest Hemingway.

Turtles carry their homes on their backs. Running her finger over the tattoo, she tells him what her dad told her: They’re exposed and hidden at the same time. They’re a symbol of strength and perseverance. That’s very deep. ~ Christina Baker Kline.

Positive Turtle Quotes

Turtle has just one plan at a time, and every cell buys into it. ~ Ted Kooser.

My favorite animal is the turtle. The reason is that in order for the turtle to move, it has to stick its neck out. ~ Ruth Westheimer.

Be like the turtle. If he didn’t stick his neck out, he wouldn’t get anywhere at all. ~ Harvey Mackay.

Turtles always strike me as devastatingly serious. If turtles could talk, I’d believe everything they said. ~ Erin O’Brien.


A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out. ~ Korean Proverb.

Do not let fear confine your life Inside a shell of doubt; A turtle never moves until His head is sticking out. ~ Charles Ghigna.

Most people were heartless about turtles because a turtle’s heart will beat for hours after it has been cut up and butchered. But the old man thought, I have such a heart too. ~ Ernest Hemingway.

Powerful Turtle Quotes

We don’t even know if we’re in this room. We could be in a turtle’s dream in outer space. ~ Danny Devito.


It’s the tortoise’s shell, ugly and hard that protects its life long journey on earth. ~ African Proverb.

I’m like an old turtle these days. I don’t run wide-open everywhere, but at the end of the day, I’ll be where I’m supposed to be. ~ Tracy Lawrence.

Slow and steady wins the race. ~ Aesop.


Tortoises can tell you more about the road than hares. ~ Khalil Gibran.

I would honestly say I’m in the turtle’s race. My journey is a marathon. ~ Omari Hardwick.

I got a few speeding tickets when I was young, but I’m a little more like the turtle than the hare. ~ Christopher Lloyd.

Inspiring Turtle Quotes

You are absolutely free to describe me as a turtle or something. ~ Paul Giamatti.

Men who wear turtlenecks look like turtles. ~ Doris Lilly.

I am now a turtle. Virtually everything I own is on my back and suffice it to say I am one ton lighter and therefore 2,000 pounds happier. All houses are gone. ~ Bobby Darin.

Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help. ~ Alex Haley.

Your piece stinks. We fed it to the turtle. ~ David Holahan.


If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked? ~ George Carlin.

Watch the turtle. He only moves forward by sticking his neck out. ~ Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

As true as steel, as plantage to the moon, as sun to day, at turtle to her mate, as iron to adamant, as earth to centre. ~ William Shakespeare.

Deep Turtle Quotes

Trusting in wealth is like looking for feathers on turtles. ~ Senegalese Proverb.


If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is it homeless or naked? ~ George Carlin.

A Good Thing about Turtle’s is that they never complain carrying their protective shells, As a matter of fact It helps them increase their Appetite! Remember this. ~ Unknown.

Try to be like the turtle at ease in your own shell. ~ Bill Copeland.

Unfortunately, I am not like a snail or a turtle, and I can’t take my houses with me when I move. ~ Unknown.


One day a tortoise will learn how to fly. ~ Unknown.

In the end, everyone loses everyone. There was no invention to get around that, and so I felt, that night, like the turtle that everything else in the universe was on top of. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer.

No turtle can be a revolutionist, because revolution requires high speed. ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

So these were the 67 top quotes about Turtle.

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