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80 Twin Quotes and Sayings about Brother and Sister

When two babies are born from the same egg, they are called twins.

Twins can be two different genders, or they can both be the same gender. Sometimes, twins are born close together, and sometimes they are born far apart.

But no matter how close or far apart they are born, twins always share the same birthday!

I have curated some of the best ‘Twin’ quotes, sayings and captions for you to read and share with others.

Funny Twin Quotes

You don’t scare me. I have twins. ~ Unknown.

That awkward moment when twins are fighting, and one calls the other one ugly. ~ Unknown.

Not double trouble, but twice blessed. ~ Unknown.


Twins are more like a tiny gang more than just friends. ~ Unknown.

Twins are one soul separated in two bodies but united by birth. ~ Unknown.

I make humans two at a time. What’s your superpower? ~ Unknown.

BTFF. Born together, best friends forever. ~ Unknown.

Cute Twin Quotes

Twins are so practical. It’s always nice to have a spare. ~ Billie Burke.

A good neighbor will babysit. A great neighbor will babysit twins. ~ Unknown.


Twice the blessing, twice the fun. Two miracles instead of one! ~ Unknown.

Wanting to ask: what’s it like to not be a twin? ~ Unknown.

Twins are more than just friends. They are more like a very small gang. ~ Unknown.

Twins. God’s way of saying “Buy one get one free.” ~ Unknown.


Everyone loves twins. ~ Cole Sprouse.

Twin problem – when people try to test your psychic powers. ~ Unknown.

Quotes about Twins

A twin is someone who was born at the same time as their brother or sister. They are usually the same age and have the same parents. Twins can be boys or girls.

In the beginning, we didn’t have a clue. There’s certainly nothing that prepares you for twins. ~ Christine Mazier.

Being a twin is not always easy. Why is everyone so blind? I may look like my brother, but I am one of a kind. ~ Unknown.

So we grew together, Like to a double cherry, seeming parted, But yet a union in partition, Two lovely berries moulded in one stem. ~ William Shakespeare.

Constant togetherness is fine – but only for Siamese twins. ~ Victoria Billings.

Not even identical twins can have the exact same experiences, and their brains are not wired the same way. ~ John Medina.


When twins are separated, their spirits steal away to find the other. ~ Jandy Nelson.

They’re not just sisters and twins. They’re best friends, and they care genuinely about each other. ~ Chelsi Welch.

Popular Twin Quotes

Twins need to know that they can be alone without their twin. ~ Joan A. Friedman.

When you find a picture from when you were younger and can’t tell who it is. ~ Unknown.

Not double trouble, but twice blessed. ~ Unknown.

Wanting to ask: what’s it like to not be a twin? ~ Unknown.


Sometimes miracles come in pairs. ~ Richard Branson.

Twin problem: when you get the same gifts in different colors. ~ Unknown.

The special relationship between twins is that, if there’s anyone else in the world that’s going to get or be the confidant that you need, it’s an identical twin. ~ Sam Underwood.

I love to be with my twins. They are my true joy in life. ~ Nancy Grace.

When you are the younger twin and older twin acts like there is a whole generation between you. ~ Unknown.

It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins. ~ Chinese Proverb.

Best Twin Quotes

You can’t live like a monk if you have two five-year-old twins. That ain’t happening. Just the opposite, actually. ~ Scott Ellis.

Parents of twins, triplets, and anything higher than three kids at once are amazing people who have been blessed not just with multiple children but a massive chunk of patience. ~ Chris Illuminati.

Twins. God’s way of saying “One of you is a rough draft.” ~ Unknown.

After raising twins, you get organized. ~ Scott Ellis.

Are identical twins defined by the other or defined by the desire not to be defined by the other? ~ Khang Kijarro Nguyen.


Twins by chance, friends by choice. ~ Unknown.

Twins are the same gifts in different colors. ~ Unknown.

Famous Twin Quotes

Twins: two unique souls united by birth. ~ Unknown.

You can spend too much time wondering which of identical twins is the more alike. ~ Robert Breault.

Twins have a special bond. They feel safer with each other than with their peers. ~ Jeanne Phillips.

For All Twins, May you hug, smile, and laugh throughout your life with your best friend. ~ Linda Herron.


Identical twins do not possess identical souls. ~ Khang Kijarro Nguyen.

Twins are something that everyone wants to have until the realization sets in that two newborn babies at one time are about to happen. ~ Chris Illuminati.

I believe the only people who truly experience and test the application of equality are twins. ~ Janis Joplin.

Being a twin is like being born with a best friend. ~ Tricia Marrapodi.

When you have twin four-year-olds, you are able to dance like a fool, often. And I do. ~ Neil Patrick Harris.

Beautiful Twin Quotes

Twins – will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank account smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for. ~ Unknown.

If I ever had twins, I’d use one for parts. ~ Steven Wright

There’s two to wash, two to dry; There’s two who argue, two who cry; There’s two to kiss, two to hug; and best of all, there’s two to love! ~ Jerry Smith.


I may be a twin, but I am one of a kind. ~ Jerry Smith.

Look at identical twins. When you get closer, you start to see the small differences. It all depends on how much you magnify it. ~ Brian Swanson.

Being a mother of twins is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. ~ Linda Wooten.

We’re twins, and so we love each other more than other people. ~ Louisa May Alcott.

God creates twins when he makes a face He really likes. ~ Unknown.

Even identical twins have their own differences. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

Twins are a high-risk pregnancy, by definition. The quieter I am, the longer I can keep them growing. ~ Jane Pauley.


Identical twins are endemically alike in many ways. ~ Edward Norton.

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins. ~ Unknown.

Top Twin Quotes

Twins are so practical. It’s always nice to have a spare. ~ Billie Burke.

A good neighbor will babysit. A great neighbor will babysit twins. ~ Unknown.

When twins have to fight each other for it, they could, indeed, grow up to be ‘identical strangers. ~ Fred Rogers.

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. ~ Josh Billings.

There is a very specific, unique brand of rivalry that exists between twins. You’re always wondering who the Alpha twin is. ~ Alex Hirsch.

With twins, reading aloud to them was the only chance I could get to sit down. I read them picture books until they were reading on their own. ~ Beverly Cleary.

True twins share womb chemistry and endure many fateful slings and arrows together. The fabled connection between twins is true in my case. ~ Gregory Benford.

You know, identical twins are never really identical. There is always one that is prettier, and the other one does all the work. ~ Hedra Carlson.

A twin knows exactly when the other one is spitting up, but that’s all they know about anything. ~ Mary-Kate Olsen.

Twin Sister Quotes

My twin sister never forgets my birthday! ~ Unknown.

My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two souls which are so closely allied. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle.


A twin sister is a special type of angel on Earth who portrays your best qualities. ~ Unknown.

Being a twin, and being my sister’s twin, is such a defining part of my life that I wouldn’t know how to be who I am, including a writer, without that being somehow at the center. ~ Taiye Selasi.

They’re not just sisters and twins. They’re best friends, and they care genuinely about each other. ~ Chelsi Welch.

A twin sister is like a good bra: supportive, comfortable, there to lift you up, and always close to your heart. ~ Unknown.

Twin Brother Quotes

There’s no best buddy like you, my twin brother. ~ Unknown.


A noble pair of brothers, twins, in truth. ~ Horatius.

We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another. ~ William Shakespeare.

I don’t need superheroes as I have a twin brother. ~ Unknown.

Identical twins. I’m glad they’re identical ’cause you save money on photographs. That’s what I like. Yeah. Here’s my little boy. I got another one just like it. ~ Ray Romano.

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So these were the 80 quotes about Twins.

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About Twins

When most people think of twins, they often imagine two small children who look alike and are always together.

Twins can be that way, but they can also be very different people. Some twins are so close that they finish each other’s sentences and know what the other is thinking.

Other twins may barely speak to each other at all.

Twins are two people who share one set of DNA and were born from one egg fertilized by one sperm.

Identical twins happen when that fertilized egg splits in two after it has started to grow. This happens in about 1 out of every 250 pregnancies.

Fraternal twins happen when two eggs are released from the ovaries and are fertilized by two different sperm.

They are no more alike than regular siblings, but they share the same womb and are born at the same time.

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