30 Venus Quotes and Sayings to Inspire You

A lovely and graceful planet, Venus is the second planet from the sun.

It has been a source of creativity for generations, influencing many painters, authors, and poets.

Venus is a symbol of more than just beauty; it also represents love, femininity, and power.


Relationships, development, and achievement are only few of the many facets of life that have been analogized by great thinkers using Venus as a symbol.

In this article, we have curated some of the most motivational and uplifting Venus quotes and sayings for you.

Top 10 Venus Quotes


Venus favors the bold. ~ Ovid.


Earth might one day soon resemble the planet Venus. ~ Stephen Hawking.


Be bold: Venus herself aids the stout-hearted. ~ Tibullus.


Venus smiles not in a house of tears. ~ William Shakespeare.


Venus, a beautiful, good-natured lady, was the goddess of love. ~ Jonathan Swift.


Venus can see at night without eyes. ~ Christina Stead.


Venus herself, if she were bold, would not be Venus. ~ Apuleius.


I use innocence in my demeanor like a Venus flytrap. ~ Tori Amos.


The Venus transit is not a spectacle the way a total solar eclipse is a spectacle. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Venus is not so beautiful all naked, alive, and panting, as she is here in Virgil. ~ Michel de Montaigne.

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Best Venus Quotes

From Venus, the goddess of love, this word refers to the reality of desire. With the rise of Protestantism and science, the word disease was tacked on in a revealing combination of categorization and moralizing. The disease of love. ~ John Ralston Saul.

The organs of Venus are familiar to all, but oh, my brothers, the organ of Saturn is the bladder. ~ David Mitchell.


Twere sin to stain fair Venus’ courts with blood. ~ Robert Greene.

Venus, when her son was lost, Cried him up and down the coast, In hamlets, palaces, and parks, And told the truant by his marks,- Golden curls, and quiver, and bow. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Throughout the ages, stories with certain basic themes have recurred over and over, in widely disparate cultures; emerging like the goddess Venus from the sea of our unconscious. ~ Joan de Vinge.

The atmosphere of Venus consists of ammonia, sulfur, and nitric oxide. Man must have lived there once. ~ Andrei Brie.


Venus yields to caresses, not to compulsion. ~ Publilius Syrus.

All things of the sea belong to Venus; pearls and shells and alchemists’ gold and kelp and the riggish smell of neap tides, the inshore green, and purple further out and the joy of distances and the roar of falling masonry, all these are hers, but she doesn’t come out of the sea for all of us. ~ John Cheever.

As a young planet, Venus was losing hydrogen rapidly to space. The oceans boiled off, and after some period of time, perhaps 600 million years, there was no surface water. ~ David Greenspoon.


All the sea-gods are dead. You, Venus, come home To your salt maidenhead. ~ Allen Tate.

She is a mortal danger to all men. She is beautiful without knowing it, and possesses charms that she’s not even aware of. She is like a trap set by nature – a sweet perfumed rose in whose petals Cupid lurks in ambush! Anyone who has seen her smile has known perfection. She instills grace in every common thing and divinity in every careless gesture. Venus in her shell was never so lovely. ~ Cyrano de Bergerac.

Famous Venus Quotes

That’s Venus, September thought. She was the goddess of love. It’s nice that love comes on first thing in the evening, and goes out last in the morning. Love keeps the light on all night. ~ Catherynne M. Valente.

Fair Venus shines even in the eve of day, with sweetest beam propitious shines, and shakes a trembling flood of softened radiance from her dewy locks. ~ Anna Letitia Barbauld.


Wine it is the milk of Venus, And the poet’s horse accounted: Ply it and you all are mounted. ~ Ben Jonson.

There is good evidence that Venus once had liquid water and a much thinner atmosphere, similar to Earth billions of years ago. But today the surface of Venus is dry as a bone, hot enough to melt lead, there are clouds of sulfuric acid that reach a hundred miles high and the air is so thick it’s like being 900 meters deep in the ocean. ~ Bill Nye.


It’s no longer a warmth hidden in my veins: it’s Venus entire and whole fastening on her prey. ~ Jean Racine.

An occultation of Venus is not half so difficult as an eclipse of the sun, but because it comes seldom the world thinks it’s a grand thing. ~ Mark Twain.

Venus in Furs has caught his soul in the red snares of hair. He will paint her, and go mad. ~ Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.


We don’t know that Venus had oceans, but there’s every reason to believe it did. ~ David Greenspoon.

Venus, the white queen, the universal matrix, Down to the molecular hexagons and carbon-chains. ~ Kathleen Raine.

There are so many stars shining in the sky, so many beautiful things winking at you, but when Venus comes out, all the others are waned, they are pushed to the background. ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

Everything you wanted to know about Venus planet.

So these were the 30 quotes about Venus planet.

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