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Del Boy is a fictional character from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Only Fools And Horses included Derek Edward “Del Boy” Trotter as a co-main character.

He was Rodney Trotter’s older half brother and the Trotter family’s patriarch.

Del Boy is widely considered to be one of the finest comic characters in British television history, as well as an iconic figure in British society.

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Funniest Del Boy Quotes

Oh, leave it out Rodney, you couldn’t flog a black cat to a witch! ~ Del Boy.

You know it makes sense. ~ Del Boy.

They’re yuppies. They don’t speak proper English like what we do. ~ Del Boy.

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This time next year we’ll be millionaires! ~ Del Boy.

Lovely jubbly! ~ Del Boy.

Not only have you managed to sink every battleship and aircraft carrier that you’ve ever sailed on, but now you’ve gone and knackered a gravy boat. ~ Del Boy.

Hilarious Del Boy Quotes

He was a brazen, at times obnoxious market trader from South London. Del had always wanted to be a billionaire and was even offered the opportunity by his prosperous buddy Jumbo Mills, whom Del had assisted when Jumbo immigrated, but he was too loyal to his brother Rodney, who had been denied an immigration card owing to a conviction.

He who dares wins. He who hesitates… doesn’t. ~ Del Boy.

Rodney, everything between you and I is split straight down the middle: 60-40. ~ Del Boy.

She used to say, ‘It’s better to know you’ve lost than not to know you’ve won.’ Dear old Mum, she used to say some bloody stupid things. ~ Del Boy.

Not only have you managed to sink every battleship and aircraft carrier that you’ve ever sailed on, but now you’ve gone and knackered a gravy boat. ~ Del Boy.

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He who dares wins. ~ Del Boy.

As Macbeth said to Hamlet in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘We’ve been done up like a couple of kippers.’ ~ Del Boy.

No chance of this happening with Rodney, is there? World War Three! This plonker can’t even get Channel Three! ~ Del Boy.

One of my most favouritist meals is Duck à l’Orange, but I don’t know how to say that in French. ~ Del Boy.

Top Del Boy Quotes

Del was a small con artist who sold false or stolen goods to locals and his friends. Del ultimately became a millionaire in 1996, but in classic plonker style, he lost it in 2001, and the Trotters were forced to return to their previous profession as market traders. David Jason, a well-known actor, played Del Boy.

I got a Persian rug with more food on it than a menu. ~ Del Boy.

Of course he couldn’t swim, he only had one bloody arm. He would have gone around in circles, wouldn’t he? ~ Del Boy.

I’m a black belt in origami. ~ Del Boy.

It’s the toughest chicken I’ve ever known. It’s asked me for a fight in the car park twice. ~ Del Boy.

There’s no point in running away. Running away only wears out your shoes. ~ Del Boy.

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You plonker, Rodney! ~ Del Boy.

Best Del Boy Quotes

You’ve always been the same, even at school. Nothing but books, learning, education. That’s why you’re no good at snooker. ~ Del Boy.

I used to be a midfield dynamo, played like Paul Gascoigne. Boycie used to play like Bamber Gascoigne. ~ Del Boy.

I see it as a combination of my business acumen and salesmanship, and your ability to drive a three-wheeled van. Badly. ~ Del Boy.

Asking a Trotter if he knows anything about chandeliers is like asking Mr Kipling if he knows anything about cakes. ~ Del Boy.

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If you had been in charge of The Last Supper it would have been a takeaway. ~ Del Boy.

You can’t trust the Old Bill, can ya? Look at that time they planted six gas cookers in my bedroom. ~ Del Boy.

French Del Boy Quotes

  • Bain-marie!
  • Chateauneuf du Pape!
  • Creme de la Menthe!
  • Au contraire!
  • Pot Pourri!
  • Bonnet de douche!

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Interesting Facts about Del Boy

  • Del Boy is the fictional protagonist of the iconic BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses, as well as one of the major characters of its predecessor, Rock & Chips.
  • Del Boy is well-known for his muddled French phrases, which are frequently taken out of context.
  • “He who dares, wins!” “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!” “Cushty!” “Lovely Jubbly!” “You know it makes sense!” are some of his most famous catchphrases.
  • Del Boy is a jovial and cheeky figure.
  • Del Boy has a habit of lying to ladies, customers, police officers, and even his family and physicians.
  • Despite being engaged several times, he never marries.