Elvis Presley, commonly known as Elvis, was an American singer and actor who rose to fame in the 1960s.

He is known as the “King of Rock and Roll” and is considered one of the most important cultural symbols of the twentieth century.

I have collected a list of best quotes from ‘Elvis Presley’.

Best Elvis Presley Quotes

1. “Tomorrow will be too late, it’s now or never.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

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2. “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

3. “A little less conversation, a little more action please.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

4. “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

5. “Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them.” ~ Elvis Presley.

6. “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” ~ Elvis Presley.

7. “I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my life story.” ~ Elvis Presley.

8. “Man, I was tame compared to what they do now. Are you kidding? I didn’t do anything but just jiggle.” ~ Elvis Presley.

9. “I was an overnight sensation.” ~ Elvis Presley.

10. “People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

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11. “Before you abuse, criticize, and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

12. “Until we meet again, may God bless you as he has blessed me.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

Popular Elvis Presley Quotes

13. “Sad thing is, you can still love someone and be wrong for them.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

14. “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

15. “Music should be something that makes you gotta move, inside or outside.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

16. “You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel. But I got wise, you’re the devil in disguise.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

17. “We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

18. “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand, son. You never walked in that’s man shoes.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

19. “I learned very early in life that: ‘Without a song, the day would never end; without a friend, a man ain’t got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend-without a song.’ So I keep singing a song.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

20. “You’ve got to follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

Top Elvis Presley Quotes

21. “The road to love is full of danger signs.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

22. “A hard headed woman, a soft hearted man, been the cause of trouble ever since the world began.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

23. “I am not the King. Jesus Christ is the King. I’m just an entertainer.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

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24. “You only pass through this life once, you don’t come back for an encore.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

25. “The image is one thing and the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

26. “Whatever I will become will be what God has chosen for me.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

27. “Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfill. For my darling, I love you, and I always will.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

28. “Live each day, as if it were your last. It’s written in the stars, your destiny is cast.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

29. “My philosophy of life is simple: I need someone to love, something to wait and do something.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

30. “Everybody comes from the same source. If you hate another human being, you’re hating part of yourself.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

Famous Elvis Presley Quotes

31. “I’m lonely like Adam and you’re evil like Eve.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

32. “Talent is being able to sell what you’re feeling.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

33. “Sharing money is what gives it its value.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

34. “It’s not how much you have that makes people look up to you, it’s who you are.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

35. “I love only one girl, one in every town.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

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36. “If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

37. “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. Ain’t nowhere else in the world where you can go from driving a truck to Cadillac overnight.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

38. “I’m with a crowd but oh so alone.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

39. “When I first saw you with your smile so tender, my heart was captured, my soul surrendered.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

40. “I’m left, you’re right, and she’s gone. You’re right, and I’m left all alone.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

41. “Where could I go but to the Lord?” ~ (Elvis Presley).

Powerful Elvis Presley Quotes

42. “You can do anything, but lay off my blue suede shoes.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

43. “Rhythm is something you either have or don’t have, but when you have it, you have it all over.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

44. “Make me feel at home, if you really care, scratch my back and run your pretty fingers through my hair.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

45. “If you bring a friend into your love affair, that’s the end of your sweetheart, that’s the end of your friend, that’s when your heartache begins.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

46. “Fame and fortune, how empty they can be.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

47. “What’s the good of reaching 90, if you waste 89?” ~ (Elvis Presley).

48. “I feel so alone sometimes. The night is quiet for me. I’d love to be able to sleep. I’ll probably not rest. I have no need for all this. Help me, Lord.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

49. “I forgot to remember to forget.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

50. “Don’t tell me baby you gotta go, I got the hifi high and the lights down low.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

51. “Do something worth remembering.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

52. “Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

53. “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

54. “Never wait for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes?” ~ (Elvis Presley).

55. “To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave.” ~ (Elvis Presley).

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