61 Famous Howard Hughes Quotes on Business and Success

Howard Hughes was an American businessman, movie producer, aviator and philanthropist amassing a fortune of $1.5 billion.

Born into wealth in Texas Hughes’ early life was marked by family tragedy with both parents passing away by the time he was 18.

Inheriting the majority of his father’s estate Hughes went on to dominate various industries.

Howard Hughes Quotes

In Hollywood he produced over 25 films including “Scarface” and “The Outlaw.”

He made significant strides in aviation setting new speed records and even designing the world’s largest plane the Hughes H-4 Hercules.

However by the mid-1950s, Hughes began withdrawing from public life eventually becoming a recluse in Las Vegas.

His final years were marked by mental health struggles and a deteriorating physical condition.

Today Hughes is remembered both for his contributions to film and aviation as well as his eccentric behavior and reclusive lifestyle.

I have collected below some of the popular quotes by Howard Hughes.

Best Howard Hughes Quotes

It is only the future in which I am really vitally interested. ~ Howard Hughes.

It is only the future in which I am really vitally interested. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m the one who is flattered. I couldn’t believe it when Nazimova told me that one of the biggest stars in Hollywood wanted to spend the night with me. ~ Howard Hughes.

No! Never check an interesting fact! ~ Howard Hughes.

I never repeat myself. ~ Howard Hughes.

You’re turning out to be an expensive bauble. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m a Texas gentleman. A man of my word. ~ Howard Hughes.

Precious time is wasting. Let’s show these frogs what American ingenuity means. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m just a plain man. ~ Howard Hughes.

Inspiring Howard Hughes Quotes

I’m going to break every damn aviation record there is. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m about to storm the rarefied world of the Vanderbilts. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I’m a billionaire. ~ Howard Hughes.

There is nothing that interests me more than medical research and the quest for better living facilities, and better health and better medical standards, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. This, to me is where we should be concentrating our greatest efforts. In fact, possibly – I might say that I feel it could be more important than some of the space activity. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m ~ Howard Hughes.. You know, The Aviator! ~ Howard Hughes.

There is no airplane in the world that I know of that is as big dimensionally and what we truthfully call bigness. ~ Howard Hughes.

You could have been swept overboard. It took that swell to teach me how much I love you. Without you, I would die. I’ll never leave you. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m forced to lend you out to other studios, because I have nothing for you now. Any more movies I produce will call for a real actress. You can’t act and you can’t be directed, you’re nothing but a one-dimensional vamp. You can wear low–cut gowns, seduce men, smoke and drink – that’s it. ~ Howard Hughes.

Powerful Howard Hughes Quotes

I know the Biblical story, but what kind of costume epic are we talking here? Artsy-fartsy. Will it have sex and plenty of it? ~ Howard Hughes.

This is a business. The purpose of a business is to make money. If it happens to make art, too, that would be secondary and accidental. ~ Howard Hughes.

I want to be the best pilot in the world, the best movie producer in the world, the best golfer in the world and the world’s richest man. I would also like to be happily married. ~ Howard Hughes.

I can’t seem to get a decent manager. Every time I hire another manager, he’s worse than the one before. ~ Howard Hughes.

Once you consent to some concession, you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are. ~ Howard Hughes.

One day, I’m going to own my own god damn airline. ~ Howard Hughes.

For the first time in my life, I’m free. No one will ever again tell me what to do. ~ Howard Hughes.

I had one percent of the contracts, and now I’m getting ninety percent of the investigations. ~ Howard Hughes.

Inspirational Howard Hughes Quotes

Let’s fly around the world, boys! ~ Howard Hughes.

I’d like to meet a girl who has never even kissed a boy. That way, I can teach her to kiss like I like it. ~ Howard Hughes.

A lot of people, they’re looking for any crack in my armor. ~ Howard Hughes.

Never make a decision. Let someone else make it and then if it turns out to be the wrong one, you can disclaim it, and if it is the right one you can abide by it. ~ Howard Hughes.

For the first time in my life I felt like a man in my own right – not a boy living in my father’s shadow. ~ Howard Hughes.

We were working in a complete vacuum as to information based upon prior performance and prior design. ~ Howard Hughes.

Now will you give me the questions in advance that you want to ask me while I am here? ~ Howard Hughes.

Keep in mind, I’m a mere mortal – not some Greek God down from Olympus. ~ Howard Hughes.

If I have made a mistake in the design, then I’m the one who should pay for it. I certainly would not ask somebody else to fly a plane if I were afraid to do it myself. ~ Howard Hughes.

No more slutty Hollywood actresses for me. ~ Howard Hughes.

I don’t lend money. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m going to build an airline that makes American look like the third-rate outfit it is. ~ Howard Hughes.

The trouble with my life is that I do not think I am cut out to sit behind a desk. ~ Howard Hughes.

I can buy any man in the world. ~ Howard Hughes.

Top Howard Hughes Quotes

I am my own man now, and I’ll go where I please and do what I please. ~ Howard Hughes.

Play off everyone against each other so that you have more avenues of action open to you. ~ Howard Hughes.

God took away my parents, but I’ve saddled myself with another burden. ~ Howard Hughes.

I look ahead to the day when you will lean out of a New York skyscraper window and see a great ship perhaps not as large as the Queen Mary but larger than some of the ships flying the Atlantic today. ~ Howard Hughes.

You’re one hell of an emotionalist. ~ Howard Hughes.

There’s a limit to how far I’ll be pushed. ~ Howard Hughes.

Drop the Junior from my name. My old man’s dead. I’m the Senior now in the Hughes family. ~ Howard Hughes.

Every man has his price, or a guy like me couldn’t exist. ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m going to make the greatest aviation movie of all time, using my own money – and you’re going to help me finance it with profits from Toolco. ~ Howard Hughes.

You cannot cry about what is not and never will be. ~ Howard Hughes.

I put the blood of my life into this thing. I have my reputation rolled up in it, and I have stated that if it was a failure I probably will leave this country and never come back, and I mean it. ~ Howard Hughes.

Money is the easiest way to buy our way out of this. That is if Black Thursday left me with any cash at all. ~ Howard Hughes.

I don’t want to own seventy-five percent of Toolco. I want to own one-hundred percent so I’ll not have to report to anyone. I’m leaving for New York tomorrow, and I’m going to London and Paris. When I return, I want you to have bought out my grandparents and my uncle. ~ Howard Hughes.

Your film sounds exciting, and I can tell you one thing right now: I think I’m going to back it – maybe back the whole thing so that you won’t have to put up one red cent. ~ Howard Hughes.

About all else, I want to be the most famous man in the world. And I don’t care by what means I become famous, as long as fame comes. ~ Howard Hughes.

Surely your life can’t have covered all the plots you’ve got to film? ~ Howard Hughes.

I’m going to turn this gal into a sex symbol. ~ Howard Hughes.

I defy anyone today to design an airplane substantially more efficient than this one for its purpose. ~ Howard Hughes.

I want to be remembered for only one thing – my contribution to aviation. ~ Howard Hughes.

Don’t ever mention the name of Allene to me again! ~ Howard Hughes.

I have learned you cannot fulfil a great purpose like the building of Nevada and make ice-cream on the front porch every night too. ~ Howard Hughes.

I would expect you really to wrap that government up down there to a point where it would be – well – a captive entity in every way. ~ Howard Hughes.

We’ll see the coast of France before you do. The Irish coast is breathtaking in it’s beauty. Will contact you from Paris. ~ Howard Hughes.

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