33 Financial Education Quotes to Celebrate Financial Literacy

Financial Education could protect you from fraud and scams and you will be able to make good financial decisions.

You can get financial education through classes, books and websites.


Top 10 Financial Education Quotes


Financial education is more valuable than money. ~ Mac Duke, The Strategist.


We have to rethink how to teach financial education in the 21st century. ~ Elizabeth Warren.


Education is the foundation of success. Just as scholastic skills are vitally important, so are financial skills and communication skills. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


The financial education taught in schools is funded and taught by the big banks and corporations. It’s like having the cat train the mice. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


I very much support financial education in schools. ~ George Osborne.


More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went. ~ Roger Babson.


Financial planners are salespeople. They are NOT teachers. Get your education from someone NOT getting a commission. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. ~ Jonathan Swift.


Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth. ~ Alfred Marshall.

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Famous Financial Education Quotes

The strength of the scientific establishment in any country is related to its general level of education, not only in supplying large numbers of eager minds for further training, but also in ensuring a public opinion that holds science in esteem and approves financial support. ~ Arthur Lewis.


Financial education needs to become a part of our national curriculum and scoring systems so that it’s not just the rich kids that learn about money.. it’s all of us. ~ David Bach.

Smart financial planning – such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, and preparing for retirement – can help households enjoy better lives while weathering financial shocks. Financial education can play a key role in getting to these outcomes. ~ Ben Bernanke.


If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


Asking Wall Street to provide financial education is the same as asking a fox to raise your chickens. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.

We call you uneducated when you have 50-5000 friends on Facebook and you are still broke. ~ Mac Duke, The Strategist.

If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right! ~ William Shatner.


Until we have comprehensive financial education, we’ll never see the end of our booms and busts. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.

Wise Financial Education Quotes

Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement. ~ Ron Lewis.


Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble. ~ Warren Buffett.

Because financially capable consumers ultimately contribute to a stable economic and financial system as well as improve their own financial situations, it’s clear that the Federal Reserve has a significant stake in financial education. ~ Ben Bernanke.

In my opinion, the United States and many Western nations have a financial disaster coming, caused by our educational system’s failure to adequately provide a realistic financial education program for students. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.


If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. ~ Kim Kiyosaki.

I would also like to see children aged between 11 and 18 taught financial education in a structured way in schools. I would also say that that is not enough. You have also got to improve numeracy skills, mathematical skills in schools. ~ George Osborne.


Most small-business owners have no financial education when they started. They weren’t trained to be entrepreneurs. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.

Everyone has the ability to build a financial ark to survive and flourish in the future. But you must invest time in your financial education to build an ark with a solid foundation. ~ Robert Kiyosaki.

Best Financial Education Quotes

A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain. ~ Robert Frost.

Deprive yourself on nothing necessary for your comfort, but live in an honorable simplicity and frugality. ~ John McDonough.


The challenge is not to pick the best investment. The challenge is to pick the right investment. ~ Don Connelly.

High bankruptcy rates, increased credit card debt, and identity theft make it imperative that all of us take an active role in providing financial and economic education during all stages of one’s life. ~ Ruben Hinojosa.


I’m in the business of helping families understand money, 401(k)’s, Annuities, and Life Insurance. ~ Najah Roberts.

Financial Empowerment is the new feminism. Women can’t be fully empowered until they are financially empowered. ~ Keisha Blair.

So these were the 33 top quotes about Financial Education.

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