50 George Clooney Quotes from the Charismatic Actor

George Clooney is a popular actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist from the United States.

Best George Clooney Quotes

1. “The only failure is not to try.” ~ (George Clooney).


2. “Life’s better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot.” ~ (George Clooney).

3. “I don’t believe in happy endings but I believe in happy journeys.” ~ (George Clooney).

4. “Whatever you do, don’t wake up at 65 years old and think about what you should have done with your life.” ~ (George Clooney).

5. “You have only a short period of time in your life to make your mark, and I’m there now.” ~ (George Clooney).

6. “I think people in Italy live their lives better than we do. It’s an older country, and they’ve learned to celebrate dinner and lunch, whereas we sort of eat as quickly as we can to get through it.” ~ (George Clooney).

7. “I’m really white trash.” ~ (George Clooney).

8. “I had to stop going to auditions thinking, ‘Oh, I hope they like me.’ I had to go in thinking I was the answer to their problem.” ~ (George Clooney).

9. “I’m not quite sure what the sanctity of marriage is.” ~ (George Clooney).


10. “You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.” ~ (George Clooney).

11. “I don’t believe in heaven and hell. I don’t know if I believe in God. All I know is that as an individual, I won’t allow this life – the only thing I know to exist – to be wasted.” ~ (George Clooney).

12. “I don’t know if winning at any cost is wrong or not. There are times I’ve thought that the end justified the means.” ~ (George Clooney).

13. “If you don’t drink coffee, I am suspicious of your character and will not invite you to my Italian lake home.” ~ (George Clooney).

Top George Clooney Quotes

14. “My life isn’t focused on results. My life is really focused on the process of doing all the things I’m doing, from work to relationships to friendships to charitable work.” ~ (George Clooney).

15. “The timing for directing is usually because it takes that long to develop a piece and then do pre-production and then post-production. It takes at least a couple of years. I prefer directing to doing other things. Directing and writing seem to be infinitely more creative.” ~ (George Clooney).

16. “I’m so lucky to have been raised the way I have, because my parents believed that everyone had the right to their own feelings, opinions, and existence; as long as they weren’t harming others, you had to defend those rights.” ~ (George Clooney).

17. “I think you should automatically donate your organs because that would turn the balance of organ donation in a huge way. I would donate whatever anybody would take, and I’d probably do the cremation bit.” ~ (George Clooney).

18. “Peace is a fulltime job. It’s protecting civilians, overseeing elections, and disarming ex-combatants. Peace, like war, must be waged.” ~ (George Clooney).

19. “My father taught me about having principles and how to treat people with respect. My aunt also taught me how to keep a perspective on everything that happens to you. So you learn to be humble and not take your success for granted.” ~ (George Clooney).

20. “Hosting is work. It means you don’t get to go up to your room and disappear and take a nap. Like everybody else does after lunch. I’m talking about hosting, not hosting a dinner party, but hosting people staying in your home.” ~ (George Clooney).

21. “I enjoy going on motorcycle trips and stopping in small towns and enjoying drinks with the locals.” ~ (George Clooney).

Famous George Clooney Quotes

22. “Bush, Sharon, Blair and Rice are names that history will damn.” ~ (George Clooney).

23. “My parents were disappointed I didn’t finish college, and they were really upset when I went to Hollywood to become an actor. I was a big disappointment to them.” ~ (George Clooney).

24. “America can’t beat anyone anymore.” ~ (George Clooney).

25. “For me, the definition of a patriot is someone who is willing to constantly question the government; that’s what separates us from other countries.” ~ (George Clooney).

26. “As time goes on and you become more comfortable in your career path, and things are starting to make sense, and it’s not just about work, you find that you’re able to focus on other things and other people.” ~ (George Clooney).


27. “The rehearsal process in general is about trusting one another.” ~ (George Clooney).

28. “At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won’t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.” ~ (George Clooney).

29. “On an awards-show day, I can play basketball, go in, take a shower and put on a tux – it takes me three minutes to put on a tux – and be out the door in 15 minutes.” ~ (George Clooney).

Popular George Clooney Quotes

30. “Anyone would be lying if they said they didn’t get lonely at times.” ~ (George Clooney).

31. “The best lesson my mom taught me was how to be scrappy.” ~ (George Clooney).

32. “I’m certainly the last person to give advice on, well, anything.” ~ (George Clooney).

33. “Let’s face it: Bush is just dim.” ~ (George Clooney).

34. “I’m interested in making films that ask questions and don’t particularly provide answers.” ~ (George Clooney).

35. “Most of the films I’ve done haven’t done particularly well. I’m surprised I’m continuing to work.” ~ (George Clooney).

36. “You learn from the mistakes you make and from the mistakes other people make. The truth is, you don’t learn from success; you learn from failure.” ~ (George Clooney).

37. “Is Art worth dying for? Well I don’t know a single inanimate object that’s worth dying for.” ~ (George Clooney).

38. “The simple truth is that everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to voice it, and they should if they want to.” ~ (George Clooney).

39. “What you learn after you are 40 is that it is just about plugging up holes in the boat. You just hope you have enough corks to plug enough of the holes.” ~ (George Clooney).

40. “I’ve met my bride-to-be in Italy and I will be married in Italy soon, in a couple of weeks. In Venice of all places! In closing, I guess what I would like to say is to my bride-to-be, Amal, that I love you very much and I can’t wait to be your husband.” ~ (George Clooney).

Inspiring George Clooney Quotes

41. “There are people who like to work in chaos, and some people work better under that, and create that sort of chaos, but that makes a set not necessarily very fun. I like to work on sets that don’t have that.” ~ (George Clooney).

42. “My grandparents back in Kentucky owned a tobacco farm. So, to make money in the summer, we could cut and chop and top and house and strip the tobacco.” ~ (George Clooney).

43. “If we turn our heads and look away and hope that it will all disappear then they will – all of them, an entire generation of people. And we will have only history left to judge us.” ~ (George Clooney).

44. “I’m like my mother, I stereotype. It’s faster.” ~ (George Clooney).

45. “When you go to Detroit you see a town that is resilient, that’s just fighting to win again, and there’s an energy to that. Just watching a city really fighting to get back on its feet and watching the inner strength of a city is tremendous.” ~ (George Clooney).

46. “As you get older and ease your way into being a character actor you have to be comfortable with where you are in life and career, and I’m very comfortable with what I’m doing – working on projects I’m proud of.” ~ (George Clooney).

47. “I’ve always been an optimist.” ~ (George Clooney).


48. “If you want to protect yourself as an actor, always work with good people.” ~ (George Clooney).

49. “If you’re famous, I don’t – for the life of me – I don’t understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter. Why on God’s green earth would you be on Twitter? Because first of all, the worst thing you can do is make yourself more available, right?” ~ (George Clooney).

50. “Fame can be very dangerous, because you can start to enjoy that part of it. And that’s not the good part of what I do for a living. The good part is the making of films. The unpleasant part is the fame part, if you’re not careful.” ~ (George Clooney).

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