Grammar allows you to write better, clear and succinct sentences.

Grammar is key for better writing.

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Top 10 Grammar Quotes

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Grammar has qualities, shapes and forms. ~ Frederick Lindemann.

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I write in the most distressingly slow way in terms of punctuation and grammar. ~ Maurice Saatchi.

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Quotation is a noun. Quote is a verb. ~ Eusebius Clay.

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Irregularity in grammar seems like the epitome of human eccentricity and quirkiness. ~ Steven Pinker.

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Grammar is the logic of speech, even as logic is the grammar of reason. ~ Richard Chenevix Trench.

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The past is always tense, the future perfect. ~ Zadie Smith.

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There’s no reason why you can’t deliver a grammar-school curriculum to an all-ability intake. ~ Toby Young.

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Grammar, which can govern even Kings. ~ Moliere.

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If Language is a Flower then without Grammar it will not smell. ~ Purushottam Muley.

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Grammar stops at love, and at art. ~ Terri Guillemets.

Famous Grammar Quotes

Grammar schools are public schools without the sodomy. ~ Tony Parsons.

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Forget grammar and think about potatoes. ~ Gertrude Stein.

I couldn’t possibly have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar! ~ Russell Brand.

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The best grammarian still can’t write a verse. ~ Dagobert D. Runes.

If rhetoric study was the military, grammar teachers would be the drill sergeants. ~ T.K. Naliaka.

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I respect a man who knows how to spell a word more than one way. ~ Mark Twain.

A philosopher once said, ‘Half of good philosophy is good grammar.’ ~ A. P. Martinich.

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Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar. ~ E. B. White.

Damn the subjunctive. It brings all our writers to shame. ~ Mark Twain.

Grammar is politics by other means. ~ Donna J. Haraway.

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I will not go down to posterity talking bad grammar. ~ Benjamin Disraeli.

Having sex with a dead grammar teacher is a violation of past tense usage. ~ Dana Gould.

Grammar is the analysis of language. ~ Edgar Allan Poe.

Best Grammar Quotes

When a thought takes one’s breath away, a grammar lesson seems an impertinence. ~ Thomas W. Higginson.

My grammar be’s ebonics, gin tonics, and chronic. ~ Nelly.

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Statistics is the grammar of science. ~ Karl Pearson.

Every English poet should master the rules of grammar before he attempts to bend or break them. ~ Robert Graves.

Grammar school never taught me anything about grammar. ~ Isaac Goldberg.

Bad grammar is the leading cause of slow, painful death in North America. ~ Dave Barry.

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I don’t want to talk grammar. I want to talk like a lady. ~ George Bernard Shaw.

Only in grammar can you be more than perfect. ~ William Safire.

The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar. ~ Michel de Montaigne.

Social criticism begins with grammar and the re-establishing of meanings. ~ Octavio Paz.

Why care for grammar as long as we are good? ~ Artemus Ward.

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Grammar, he saw, was agreement, community, consensus. ~ D. T. Max.

Grammar, which knows how to control even kings. ~ Moliere.

Popular Grammar Quotes

Anarchy is as detestable in grammar as it is in society. ~ Maurice Druon.

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That is the correct grammar, you know: her husband and me. ~ Gillian Flynn.

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When your last breath arrives, Grammar can do nothing. ~ Adi Shankara.

Grammar and logic free language from being at the mercy of the tone of voice. ~ Rosenstock Huessy.

A man’s grammar, like Caesar’s wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity. ~ Edgar Allan Poe.

It is well to remember that grammar is common speech formulated. ~ William Somerset Maugham.

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In grammar, as in war, there is strength in numbers. ~ Martin Worthington.

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~ Owens Lee Pomeroy.

Grammar is to a writer what anatomy is to a sculptor, or the scales to a musician. You may loathe it, it may bore you, but nothing will replace it, and once mastered it will support you like a rock. ~ B. J. Chute.

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Grammar is the grave of letters. ~ Elbert Hubbard.

Great Grammar Quotes

Grammar is a piano I play by ear. All I know about grammar is its power. ~ Joan Didion.

Descriptive grammar is an attempt to give an account of what the current system is for either a society or an individual, whatever you happen to be studying. ~ Noam Chomsky.

George Moore wrote brilliant English until he discovered grammar. ~ Oscar Wilde.

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Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don’t you find? ~ Lemony Snicket.

Correct spelling, indeed, is one of the arts that are far more esteemed by schoolma’am’s than by practical men, neck-deep in the heat and agony of the world. ~ H. L. Mencken.

Grammar is…the pole you grab to get your thoughts up on their feet and walking. ~ Stephen King.

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You can be a little ungrammatical if you come from the right part of the country. ~ Robert Frost.

I know grammar by ear only, not by note, not by the rules. ~ Mark Twain.

Do not be surprised when those who ignore the rules of grammar also ignore the law. After all, the law is just so much grammar. ~ Robert Brault.

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Logic chases truth up the tree of grammar. ~ Willard Van Orman Quine.

Grammar is not a set of arbitrary rules; it is a compact between people who wish to understand each other. ~ Robert Breault.

Powerful Grammar Quotes

Grammar to a writer is to a mountaineer a good pair of hiking boots or, more precisely, to a deep-sea diver an oxygen tank. ~ A.A. Patawaran.

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Moods are adjectives of the grammar of life. ~ Raheel Farooq.

Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control. ~ Jeffrey Gitomer.

Yes, freedom is good, but arguably, grammar is better. ~ Andy Zaltzman.

Logic is to grammar what the sense of words is to their sound. ~ Joseph Joubert.

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Grammar is like a strive for perfection. It’s useless really. ~ S. Khemka.

Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein.

So these were the 70 top quotes about Grammar.

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