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Mobius Capital Partners LLP was founded by Mark Mobius, an American-born German emerging markets fund manager.

Best Mark Mobius Quotes

As value investors, it’s almost a given that we’ll have lots of cash, even though we don’t plan it that way. ~ Mark Mobius.

You have to look at the future, not just at today. ~ Mark Mobius.

I’m very happy when markets go down. ~ Mark Mobius.


Take the long view, don’t expect short term returns. ~ Mark Mobius.

You get corrections in every market. ~ Mark Mobius.

We always have focused on concentration, we want to have concentrated portfolios of the very best ideas. ~ Mark Mobius.

Although investors have been concerned with China’s slowing growth rate, China remains one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. ~ Mark Mobius.

The only way to consistently stay ahead of the game is to adopt a long-term view and, if appropriate, with a strong contrarian spin. ~ Mark Mobius.

The best time to invest is when there’s great uncertainty. ~ Mark Mobius.

All markets are fundamentally cyclical. ~ Mark Mobius.

Emerging markets possess a greater upside in the long term because of their strong economic growth. ~ Mark Mobius.

Top Mark Mobius Quotes

If you ever want to eat a tuna sandwich again, don’t go to a tuna factory. I visited one where they had two lines: one was the human food line and one was the cat food line – and they didn’t look any different. ~ Mark Mobius.

The best time to invest is when you have money. ~ Mark Mobius.

Market timing, on a consistent basis, successfully, is impossible. ~ Mark Mobius.

Without risk, I believe it is difficult for your portfolio to aim to achieve superior investment returns. But that risk taking is not the same as playing roulette or skydiving. ~ Mark Mobius.


What goes up comes down, and what goes down comes back up. ~ Mark Mobius.

You’re sometimes got to take some pain in the short term in order to outperform in the future. ~ Mark Mobius.

Volatility can be a good thing for investors; be prepared to benefit from it. ~ Mark Mobius.

Too many people look at the short term and, when they give you money, want you to be fully invested at once. ~ Mark Mobius.

If you search worldwide, you will find more bargains and better bargains than by studying only one nation. ~ Mark Mobius.

Popular Mark Mobius Quotes

The safe time to invest is when there is blood in the streets. ~ Mark Mobius.

We look for the next big crash in emerging markets because in value investing, money is made after the crash, not before, so we don’t mind seeing crises or downturns. ~ Mark Mobius.

The secret to global investing is gaining an insight into the hopes and desires of the people who live and work in the countries you invest in. ~ Mark Mobius.

It is not always possible to predict whether a company is going to be successful or unsuccessful, so it is necessary to diversify. ~ Mark Mobius.

What goes down usually goes back up, if you’re willing to be patient and don’t hit the panic button. ~ Mark Mobius.

Shareholder activism is not a privilege – it is a right and a responsibility. When we invest in a company, we own part of that company and we are partly responsible for how that company progresses. If we believe there is something going wrong with the company, then we, as shareholders, must become active and vocal. ~ Mark Mobius.

Even the most experienced investor cannot guarantee future investment results. ~ Mark Mobius.

When you consider the sheer magnitude of investable equities to choose from in the world’s emerging markets, you realize that finding one that looks attractive enough to warrant investing your faith and assets in is as formidable a task as finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, researching investment opportunities is a lot more interesting than digging for needles in haystacks. ~ Mark Mobius.

Famous Mark Mobius Quotes

Always have an exit strategy. ~ Mark Mobius.

Taking risks is the best way investors can make profits. ~ Mark Mobius.

The people behind the company are just as important as the numbers. ~ Mark Mobius.

If things turn sour for a company and it begins to lose money, the loss may be an opportunity for you to get in, but you must investigate very, very carefully. ~ Mark Mobius.

Sometimes, when there’s too much traffic clogging up the road, you need to take a different route. But following the same path as everyone else can stall your progress in reaching your investment goals too. ~ Mark Mobius.

The problem is that people don’t have a long time frame. ~ Mark Mobius.

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