154 Mountain Quotes and Sayings To Inspire You This Year

Mountains are important landforms on Earth and can be found all over the world.

Mountains provide a home to a diverse range of flora and faunas.

Look no farther than the mountains for motivation to achieve your goals this year.


There is something about the high peaks, broad panoramas, and challenging terrain that inspires us to strive for higher heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or merely admire nature’s beauty, these mountain quotes and sayings will inspire and motivate you to face whatever obstacles come your way.

Top 10 Mountain Quotes


Mountains don’t kill people, they just sit there…. ~ Ed Viesturs.


I think, every time I’m on the mountain, I’m just so grateful to be there. ~ Chloe Kim.


I learn something every time I go into the mountains. ~ Michael Kennedy.


Mountains teach that not everything in this world can be rationally explained. ~ Aleksander Lwow.


You can’t conquer a mountain, though it may conquer you. ~ Jimmy Chin.


Mountains are the beginning and the end of all-natural scenery. ~ John Ruskin.


The man of humanity delights in mountains. ~ Confucius.


Go where you feel most alive. ~ Unknown.


Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory. ~ Ed Viesturs.


It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe. ~ Robert W. Service.

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Famous Mountain Quotes

We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us. ~ John Muir.


When life gives you mountains put on your boots and hike. ~ Unknown.


The mountains themselves call us into greater stories. ~ Donald Miller.

One day’s exposure to mountains is better than a cartload of books. ~ John Muir.

Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more. ~ Loris Malaguzzi.


Great things are done when men and mountains meet. ~ William Blake.

My altars are the mountains and the ocean. ~ Lord Byron.

Success comes to those who have an entire mountain of gold that they continually mine, not those who find one nugget and try to live on it for fifty years. ~ John C. Maxwell.


No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun. ~ Emily Kay McCallister.

There’s a world out there, and you’ve got to look at both sides of the mountain in your lifetime. ~ Bill Janklow.

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance. ~ Khalil Gibran.

So this was what a mountain was like, the same as a person: the more you know, the less you fear. ~ Wu Ming-Yi.


Bald as the bare mountain tops are bald, with a baldness full of grandeur. ~ Matthew Arnold.

Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you. You should develop yourself so much that you become bigger than the mountains you face. ~ Idowu Koyenikan.

Once Everest was determined to be the highest summit on earth, it was only a matter of time before people decided that Everest needed to be climbed. ~ Jon Krakauer.

Lovely Mountain Quotes

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome. ~ Wilma Rudolph.


Every great achievement is but a small peak in the mountain range of contributions. ~ Dale T. Mortensen.

He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it. ~ Edmund Hillary.


Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb. ~ Greg Child.

Inspiring Mountain Quotes

May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits. ~ Harley King.

Always be thankful for the little things… even the smallest mountains can hide the most breathtaking views! ~ Nyki Mack.

I like geography best because your mountains & rivers know the secret; Pay no attention to borders. ~ Brian Andreas.

It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wears you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe. ~ Muhammad Ali.


Going to the mountains is like going home. ~ John Muir.

What are men to rocks and mountains? ~ Jane Austen.

Mountains draw you to a deeper place in yourself. ~ Joan Bauer.

The cliche is that life is a mountain. You go up, reach the top and then go down. ~ Jeanne Moreau.

The way up to the top of the mountain is always longer than you think. Don’t fool yourself, the moment will arrive when what seemed so near is still very far. ~ Paulo Coelho.


Mountains should not be judged by altitude. ~ Louis L’Amour.

Beautiful Mountain Quotes

Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous. ~ Reinhold Messner.

Nothing lives long, Only the earth and mountains. ~ Dee Brown.

There’s no glory in climbing a mountain if all you want to do is to get to the top. It’s experiencing the climb itself ~ in all its moments of revelation, heartbreak, and fatigue ~ that has to be the goal. ~ Karyn Kusama.


In the mountains, there you feel free. ~ T. S. Eliot.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddam mountain. ~ Jack Kerouac.

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!. ~ John Muir.

When faced with a large project, remember you move a mountain one stone at a time. ~ Catherine Pulsifer.


Mountains define you. You cannot define them. ~ May Sarton.

Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. ~ Victoria Erikson.

Best Mountain Quotes

There are two kinds of climbers: those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest. ~ Alex Lowe.


You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you. ~ John Muir.

The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another. ~ Marianne Williamson.

Purposes, plans, and achievements of men may all disappear like a yon cloud upon the mountain’s summit; but, like the mountain itself, the things which are of God shall stand fast for ever and ever. ~ Charles Spurgeon.


Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence. ~ Hermann Buhl.

The mountain remains unmoved at seeming defeat by the mist. ~ Rabindranath Tagore.

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing. ~ Aldous Huxley.

Only mountains can feel the frozen warmth of the sun through snow’s gentle caress on their peaks. ~ Munia Khan.

Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains. ~ Jeffrey Rasley.

Breath-Taking Mountain Quotes

Who wouldn’t be a mountaineer! Up here all the world’s prizes seems nothing. ~ John Muir.


I don’t know why mountains lift the spirit so. They just do. ~ Alex Derr.

I slow down when hiking. The rhythm of nature is more leisurely. The sun comes up, it moves across the sky, and you begin to synchronize to that rhythm. ~ John Mackey.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. ~ Henry David Thoreau.

Life’s a bit like mountaineering – never look down. ~ Edmund Hillary.


When preparing to climb a mountain ~ pack a light heart. ~ Dan May.

You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory. Memory rebuilds the mountain, changes the weather, retells the jokes, remakes all the moves. ~ Lito Tejada-Flores.

Inspirational Mountain Quotes

Man can climb to the highest summits, but he cannot dwell there long. ~ George Bernard Shaw.

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. ~ Andy Rooney.


Freedom gives you the air of the high mountains. ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Great men are rarely isolated mountain peaks; they are the summits of ranges. ~ Thomas W. Higginson.

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than what we could learn from books. ~ John Lubbock.

On big routes in big mountains, speed equals safety. ~ Steve House.

You climb to reach the summit, but once there, discover that all roads lead down. ~ Stanislaw Lem.


If you think you’ve peaked, find a new mountain. ~ Unknown.

In the mountains, you are sometimes invited, sometimes tolerated, and sometimes told to go home. ~ Fred Beckey.

Without great mountains, we cannot reach great heights. ~ Richard Paul Evans.

Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains. ~ William Shakespeare.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir.


Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. ~ Barry Finlay.

Mountains are earth’s undecaying monuments. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Nature is my springboard. From her, I get my initial impetus. I have tried to relate the visible drama of mountains, trees, and bleached fields with the fantasy of wind blowing and changing colors and forms. ~ Milton Avery.

Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them. ~ Swami Vivekananda.

22 September 2022

The higher you climb on the mountain, the harder the wind blows. ~ Sam Cummings.

Mountains know secrets we need to learn. That might take time, it might be hard, but if you just hold on long enough, you will find the strength to rise up. ~ Tyler Knott.


Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery. ~ John Ruskin.

Into the mountains I go to lose my mind and find my soul. ~ John Muir.

The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir.

Do not view mountains from the scale of human thought. ~ Dogen.

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain, he is inspired by it. ~ William Arthur Ward.


You need mountains, long staircases don’t make good hikers. ~ Amit Kalantri.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. ~ Edmund Hillary.

Powerful Mountain Quotes

I love to sit on a mountain top and gaze. I don’t think of anything but the people I care about and the view. ~ Julian Lennon.

Let the mountains talk, let the river run. Once more, and forever. ~ David R. Brower.


Mountains terrify me – they just sit about; they are so proud. ~ Sylvia Plath.

Getting to the top of any given mountain was considered much less important than how one got there: prestige was earned by tackling the most unforgiving routes with minimal equipment, in the boldest style imaginable. ~ Jon Krakauer.

Coffee, Mountains, Adventure. ~ Unknown.

Without mountains, we might find ourselves relieved that we can avoid the pain of the ascent, but we will forever miss the thrill of the summit. And in such a terribly scandalous trade-off, it is the absence of pain that becomes the thief of life. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough.


Each fresh peak ascended teaches something. ~ Sir Martin Convay.

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. ~ Edmund Hillary.

You don’t climb mountains without a team, you don’t climb mountains without being fit, you don’t climb mountains without being prepared and you don’t climb mountains without balancing the risks and rewards. And you never climb a mountain on accident ~ it has to be intentional. ~ Mark Udall.

How wild it was to let it be. ~ Cheryl Strayed.


The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world. ~ Georges Simenon.

Hike more. Worry Less. ~ Unknown.

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…. get on your way! ~ Dr Seuss.

Positive Mountain Quotes

In the mountains there are only two grades: You can either do it, or you can’t. ~ Rusty Baille.

Some men see mountains as obstacles. Others as a canvas. ~ Richard Paul Evans.

Wherever we go in the mountains, we find more than we seek. ~ John Muir.


Mountains are where heaven meets earth. ~ Anita Diament.

The hardest mountain to climb is the one within. ~ J. Lynn.

Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us, God. ~ John Muir.

Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you. ~ David McCullough Jr.

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity. ~ John Muir.

Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life. ~ John Amatt.

Thought-Provoking Mountain Quotes

Nature is one of the most underutilized treasures in life. It has the power to unburden hearts and reconnect to that inner place of peace. ~ Janice Anderson.

Human life is far more important than getting to the top of a mountain. ~ Edmund Hillary.


The best view comes after the hardest climb. ~ Unknown.

Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains. ~ William Shakespeare.

The mountain decides whether you climb or not. The art of mountaineering is knowing when to go, when to stay, and when to retreat. ~ Ed Viesturs.

Accidents on big mountains happen when people’s ambitions cloud their good judgment. Good climbing is about climbing with heart and with instinct, not ambition and pride. ~ Bear Grylls.

I’ve realized that at the top of the mountain, there’s another mountain. ~ Andrew Garfield.

You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain. ~ Tom Hiddleston.

The pure, dry mountain air is the elixir of life. ~ Isabella Bird.

Highest of heights, I climb this mountain and feel one with the rock and grit and solitude echoing back at me. ~ Bradley Chicho.


In the mountains there are only two grades: you can either do it, or you can’t. ~ Rusty Baillie.

Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. ~ Victoria Erikson.

Insightful Mountain Quotes

The coniferous forests of the Yosemite Park, and of the Sierra in general, surpass all others of their kind in America, or indeed the world, not only in the size and beauty of the trees, but in the number of species assembled together, and the grandeur of the mountains they are growing on. ~ John Muir.

If we choose to walk into a forest where a tiger lives, we are taking a chance. If we swim in a river where crocodiles live, we are taking a chance. If we visit the desert or climb a mountain or enter a swamp where snakes have managed to survive, we are taking a chance. ~ Peter Benchley.

Mountains are like the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter who anyone is or what they do. ~ Jimmy Chin.

In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll.

I take all day to climb mountains and then spend about 10 minutes at the top admiring the view. ~ Sebastian Thrun.

Every man should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life. ~ Werner Herzog.

A trail through the mountains, if used, becomes a path in a short time, but, if unused, becomes blocked by grass in an equally short time. ~ Mencius.

The choices we make lead up to actual experiences. It is one thing to decide to climb a mountain. It is quite another to be on top of it. ~ Herbert A. Simon.


The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters. ~ Conrad Anker.

The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there. ~ Robert M. Pirsig.

Those who travel to mountain-tops are half in love with themselves and half in love with oblivion. ~ Robert Macfarlane.

Everybody wants to reach the peak, but there is no growth on the top of a mountain. It is in the valley that we slog through, the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak. ~ Andy Andrews.

Thoughtful Mountain Quotes


The mountains whisper for me to wander; my soul hikes to the call. ~ Angie Weiland-Crosby.

Life sucks a lot less when you add mountain air, a campfire and some peace and quiet. ~ Brooke Hampton.

Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top. Then you will see how low it was. ~ Dag Hammerskjold.

You won’t find reasonable men at the top of tall mountains. ~ Hunter S. Thompson.

Women need opportunity and encouragement. If a girl can climb mountains, she can do anything positive within her field of work. ~ Samina Baig.


Mountains draw you to a deeper place in yourself. ~ Joan Bauer.

The farthest mountain is the one you think you can never reach and it may even be just by the side of you! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan.

You can’t move mountains by whispering at them. ~ Pink.

So these were the 154 top quotes about Mountains.

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