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Sara Henderson was an Australian pastoralist and author.


Sara Henderson Quotes


I have come to the conclusion that it is attitude that determines how you handle and survive life. ~ Sara Henderson.


Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself. ~ Sara Henderson.


Create a dream and give it everything you have, you could be surprised just how much you are capable of achieving. ~ Sara Henderson.

Problems are a major part of life. Don’t whine about why you always have problems…get on with the solving. Take it from someone who has been there–the solving gets easier as you go along. ~ Sara Henderson.

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Always live your life with one dream to fulfill. No matter how many of your dreams you have realized in the past, always have a dream to go. Because when you stop dreaming, life becomes a mundane existence. ~ Sara Henderson.

One thing I’ve learned from my short time trying to be a farmer is that our farmers have to be the bravest, most optimistic people in the world. To go back to the land year after year, after what nature throws at them and the world economy does to their income, takes a special kind of person. ~ Sara Henderson.

People say to us how brave we are, fighting the wilderness, braving the isolation of the Outback. But these are easy opponents, compared with drought. To watch your land shrivel and die, year in and year out, to see beautiful fields turn to dust bowls, to watch your animals starve and die. To suffer all this, only to be then washed away in a flood, your home and your family treasures lost and destroyed. And then to pick up the pieces and start again. The farmers of the South are brave! ~ Sara Henderson.

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