82 Truth Hurts Quotes and Sayings to Liberate You

The truth has great power.

The truth can set us free. Being truthful is important because it safeguards our personal and professional relationships.

The truth holds immense power and can liberate us, making it crucial in maintaining personal and professional relationships.

This collection of “truth hurts” quotes and sayings aims to inspire honesty and embracing the truth, regardless of the potential pain it may bring.


Hearing the real truth can cause sadness or unhappiness but it’s important to face it head-on.

Lies and betrayal damage relationships by eroding trust, while honesty may initially be uncomfortable but ultimately leads to a stronger foundation.

In essence, truth hurts but it will set you free.

Top 10 Truth Hurts Quotes


Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. ~ Bob Marley.


The truth doesn’t hurt unless it ought to. ~ B. C. Forbes.


Oh well, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? ~ Robin Roberts.


The truth hurts, but those lies heal. ~ Drake.


You can’t handle the truth. ~ Unknown.


The truth is what hurts. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


Beyond a doubt truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness. ~ Leonardo da Vinci.


Hurt me with the truth. But never comfort me with a lie. ~ Unknown.


People who hurt you over and over again do not deserve to be a part of your life. ~ Germany Kent.


You don’t know how to fight. You just leave it up to me. ~ Norah Olson.

Famous Truth Hurts Quotes

The truth is… you are hurting me. Not on purpose, I know that. But I love you and every second that you don ´t love me back…it hurts. ~ Veronica Roth.


My heart won’t admit what my mind already knows. ~ Unknown.

I believe that mothers should tell the truth, even – no, especially – when the truth is difficult. It’s always easier, and in the short term can even feel right, to pretend everything is okay, and to encourage your children to do the same. But concealment leads to shame, and of all hurts shame is the most painful. ~ Ayelet Waldman.

Rhiannon’s Law #14: There is a reason the truth hurts. When you cease to feel the sting, it means you’ve stopped caring. And damn, wouldn’t that be a total f*cking waste? ~ J.A. Saare.


The truth hurts but a lie will eventually as well. ~ Richard L Torres.

Embrace reality even if it burns you. ~ Unknown.

Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with the seat missing, but it hurts. ~ Leslie Nielsen.


The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever. ~ Unknown.

The truth hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself. ~ John Green.

People say the truth hurts. Hell no, it hurts even more if you do a whole bunch of foolishness to try and avoid it. ~ Tyler Perry.

Don’t forget there are two sides to performing. Finding the truth, but you also have to be transparent enough for the audience to see it. How many times have you seen a performance and thought: ‘Well, it seems to be meaning a great deal to you but it ain’t coming across to me?’ It is to be shared. ~ John Hurt.


Truth hurts – not the searching after; the running from. ~ John Eyberg.

The truth is… everything counts. Everything. Everything we do and everything we say. Everything helps or hurts; everything adds to or takes away from someone else. ~ Countee Cullen.

Most people do surprisingly poorly when dealing with a relative who is hurting, depressed, or anxious – we get defensive and try to solve the problem rather than finding the truth in what the person is saying. ~ David D. Burns.

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Best Truth Hurts Quotes

Obama has no solutions. Obama has failed the country and its great citizens, and they don’t like it when somebody such as myself speaks the truth about this – it hurts too much. ~ Donald Trump.


Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it. ~ Voltaire.

My dad don’t like lies. He says it hurts people in the long race. He prefers the truth. That hurts them instantly. ~ Christopher Titus.

There’s the truth that hurts us and the truth that hurts others. ~ Unknown.

Sometimes being honest with someone or hearing the truth hurts, but it is always better to be honest and accept what is. ~ Syesha Mercado.


What hurts could most likely be the truth. ~ Don Santo.

Truth indeed rather alleviates than hurts, and will always bear up against falsehood, as oil does above water. ~ Miguel de Cervantes.


If the truth shall kill them, let them die. ~ Ayn Rand.

Lies that do not hurt, which are different from lies that protect oneself or hurt another person. That is not my business. But the truth is mostly very boring, and you can help it along with lies. There is no harm in that. ~ Gunter Grass.

The truth hurts like a thorn at first; but in the end it blossoms like a rose…. ~ Samuel ibn Naghrillah.

Keep it real, even if they don’t want to hear the truth! ~ Stoney Rose.


Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good. ~ Henry Rollins.

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~ Ludwig Borne.

OK, so truth hurts – but what else does truth do? ~ Teena Marie.

Profound Truth Hurts Quotes


Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. ~ Unknown.

We keep secrets from people that we love because we’re afraid of our own truth. I think sometimes we’re afraid to hurt people, because you never know. I think we’re afraid of what is, and what can’t be. ~ Lauren London.


The truth often hurts. That is why so many ignore it. ~ Unknown.

The truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it. ~ Unknown.

The truth feels like it hurts, yet actually it builds. A lie feels like it builds, yet actually it hurts. ~ Moffat Machingura.

A remark generally hurts in proportion to its truth. ~ Will Rogers.

The truth hurts, but silence kills. ~ Mark Twain.


Falsehood is easy, truth so difficult. ~ George Elioth.

You’re not upset with me. You’re upset that I spoke the truth. ~ Unknown.

I’m neutral on lying, seeing as how there’s times when the truth just hurts people. ~ Orson Scott Card.


Truth hurts; Doubt ruins; Lie destroys. ~ Unknown.

If the truth hurts, you ain’t living right. ~ Stephen Holder.

Powerful Truth Hurts Quotes


Because the truth sometimes hurts, I said. Yeah,” he said. “So do lies, though. ~ Sarah Dessen.

The simple truth is that the implementation of Obamacare has hurt Americans and their health care more than it has helped. ~ Kevin McCarthy.

The only part of you that hurts when you’re given the truth is the part that lives on lies. ~ Stefan Molyneux.


The truth hurts, only when it can heal. ~ Rob Liano.

There are truths which can kill a nation. ~ Jean Giraudoux.

I’d rather be hurt by the truth than protected by a lie. ~ Unknown.

Truth Hurts. ~ Lizzo.


Friends are honest with each other. Even if the truth hurts. ~ Sarah Dessen.

A gaffe in Washington is someone telling the truth, and telling the truth has never hurt me. ~ Joe Biden.

Tom doesn’t have any principles, or if he does, he puts them aside whenever they’re inconvenient. The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Tom? ~ Charles Grodin.


Sometimes the truth hurts. It hurts because they have a weakness – and I exploit weakness. ~ Conor McGregor.

The truth is that we all have lives that are complicated. We all get hurt by people we love sometimes. It’s laughable to believe that anyone is immune. The important thing is how you behave. ~ Tamara Mellon.


My only wish is I die real cause that truth hurts and those lies kill. ~ Drake.

Before Watergate and Vietnam, the American public, as a whole, believed everything it was told, and since then it doesn’t believe anything, and both of those extremes hurt us because they prevent us from recognizing the truth. ~ Daniel Keys Moran.

Don’t deny what’s obvious to see. ~ Unknown.


The truth only hurts when you want to believe a lie. ~ Jennifer McVey.

As CNN saw our growth in African-American viewership, they affirmed a fundamental truth of news coverage – people will watch you if they see themselves in what you report. It doesn’t hurt if the people doing the reporting look like them, too. ~ Soledad O’Brien.


People always love and respect characters who speak the truth, even if the truth hurts. ~ David Duchovny.

Always communicate no matter how hard it is to tell someone something’s wrong. It’s worse not to talk about it. I learn this every few years. The truth hurts for 3 days. Lack of truth hurts your whole life. ~ James Marsters.

Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also. ~ Carl Jung.

Thought-Provoking Truth Hurts Quotes


Nothing hurts a new truth more than an old errors. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

No face which we can give to a matter will stead us so well at last as the truth. This alone wears well. ~ Henry David Thoreau.


Anything you can settle with money is cheap. ~ Erich Maria Remarque.

Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie. ~ Unknown.

The search for truth is more precious than its possession. ~ Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.


Truth never hurts the teller. ~ Robert Browning.

I think people who don’t work don’t really have interesting and meaningful lives. More than anything, it hurts them. When you’re born rich, people just associate you with what you’ve been given, but the truth is every individual feels better when you create something on your own. Everyone takes pride in the work they do. ~ Jamie Johnson.

Tell the truth no matter who it hurts. ~ Zarina Bibi.

So these were the 82 famous quotes about Truth Hurts.

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