13 Michael Xavier Quotes from Author of Heart Like a Hammer

Michael Xavier is an American underground author.

He is the author of Heart Like a Hammer.

I have outlined below some of the most famous quotes by Michael Xavier.

Michael Xavier

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Best Michael Xavier Quotes

If you think love will drive you mad… then try loneliness. – Michael Xavier

Wild things have restless wings that too often need to fly. ~ Michael Xavier.

The Perfect Weapon, It’s what men both long for and yet….secretly pray we never find. A woman with equal parts passion and reason. ~ Michael Xavier.

She loves me for the way I never leave her .. and I love her for the thousand secret ways she makes me stay ~ Michael Xavier.

We were not desperate for love, we were desperate for each other’s love. The first implies weakness – the second only heaven. ~ Michael Xavier.

Famous Michael Xavier Quotes

The human heart is the only thing in this world that weighs more when it’s broken. ~ Michael Xavier.

Love is born from a great, vulnerable, daring ‘yes’ after an unbearable silence. ~ Michael Xavier.

Sometimes the most courageous act a human can do is to let somebody love them. ~ Michael Xavier.

The reasons we don’t sleep at night are usually the same reasons we don’t truly live during the day. ~ Michael Xavier.

Top Michael Xavier Quotes

Most souls labor under a self imposed curse of desiring but never truly giving themselves over to love. ~ Michael Xavier.

The problem with memories is they get more valuable with time, and the places we keep them get weaker with age. ~ Michael Xavier.

It’s only when we’ve danced with the devil do we truly appreciate heaven. ~ Michael Xavier.

There is no dark side to love. Only a darker side to those we love. ~ Michael Xavier.

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