76 Motivational Usain Bolt Quotes to Inspire You To Success

Usain Bolt born August 21, 1986 in Jamaica has been an iconic figure in three Olympic Games, securing his legacy by winning consecutive 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay titles.

His achievements, including setting multiple world records and achieving a ‘triple triple’ of gold medals, have made him a candidate for the greatest athlete ever.

Bolt, who has also been famous for his charisma and humor has been a vital superstar for the Olympics.

Usain Bolt

After retiring in 2018, he explored football and business, maintaining his popularity and high profile with an impeccable personal and athletic record.

Below are some of the motivational and inspirational quotes by Usain Bolt.

Motivational & Inspirational Usain Bolt Quotes

1. “Repeating is harder than anything else.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

2. “For me, I’m focused on what I want to do. I know what I need to do to be a champion, so I’m working on it.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


3. “I try to lead by example.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

4. “Don’t think about the start of the race, think about the ending.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

5. “You have good days and bad days.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

6. “I don’t think limits.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

7. “There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

8. “I stopped worrying about the start. The end is what’s important.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

9. “Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

10. “I want to thank GOD for everything he as done for me cause without him none of this wouldn’t be possible.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


11. “A lot of legends, a lot of people, have come before me. But this is my time.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

12. “Sleep is extremely important to me – I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

13. “Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you’re going to perform, you’ve already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

Best Usain Bolt Quotes

14. “Yeah, I am lazy. There’s no doubt about that.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

15. “I think sometimes, when you’re on top and all you do is win, win, win, win, win, you get lazy and lose focus. When you lose it opens your eyes and you get serious. There is always a time when it is good to lose, at the right time for you.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

16. “But if I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn’t really bother me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

17. “I work hard, and I do good, and I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m not going to let you restrict me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

18. “I’ve worked hard over the years, I’ve been injured and I’ve worked hard through it, and I’ve made it.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

19. “I know what I can do so it doesn’t bother me what other people think or their opinion on the situation.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

20. “When I’m at the gym, I think about chicks, going to the beach, and looking good. I do it for the girls.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

21. “It’s a great feat for me to have broken my world record.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


22. “I told you all I was going to be No. 1, and I did just that.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

23. “I like to have fun, just stay relaxed.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

24. “I was playing cricket first and my cricket coach was the one that introduced me to track and field.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

25. “I’d like to say to all my fans out there, thanks for the support. And to all my doubters, thank you very much because you guys have also pushed me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

26. “Every season, for me, it’s like starting from scratch again.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

27. “I know what to do and I go and execute.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

28. “I’ve got everything I wanted so I’m just happy.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

29. “As long as I’m in great shape, nobody beats me, for sure.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

30. “If you think about racing too much you may just lose it a little bit.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

Top Usain Bolt Quotes

31. “Women always find you out when you lie. Always. No matter what, they always find out. They’re like detectives.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

32. “A few people have said I should let you win.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

33. “I remember once, actually the first race I ran, I fell.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

34. “I don’t put myself under pressure.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

35. “When I was young, I didn’t really think about anything other than sports.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


36. “If I get to be a legend, I’ve achieved my goal.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

37. “I think my acceleration is very good. That’s the key for me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

38. “Once a year I will clean my room, just because I feel I should.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

39. “All I have to do is to work on transition and technique.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

40. “If you’re the Olympic champion then they have to wait four more years to get you again.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

41. “Messi or Cristiano – Speed? Cristiano. Shot? Cristiano. Dribbling? Messi. Intelligence? Messi. Talent? Messi. Winner is Messi!” ~ (Usain Bolt).

42. “Racing comes easily to me, especially the 100 metres. That is why, no matter how fast I run the 100 metres, the 200 will always mean more to me, because of the effort I’ve put in.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

43. “I’ve learned over the years that if you start thinking about the race, it stresses you out a little bit. I just try to relax and think about video games, what I’m gonna do after the race, what I’m gonna do just to chill. Stuff like that to relax a little before the race.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

44. “Sometimes you lose sight of what’s going on around you.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

45. “I can still improve a lot, but there is definitely a limit to what the human body can do.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

46. “It’s always a wake-up call to get beaten.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

47. “My coach told me if I broke the national record for the 200, I could run a 100.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

48. “There are things that bother me. I try not to let them, but they do.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

49. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’re doing, no matter how focused you are, no matter how ready you think you are, you’re not gonna catch me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

50. “I don’t like losing anyways.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

Famous Usain Bolt Quotes

51. “In Jamaica, you learn as a child how to roll a joint. Everyone here has tried it. I did too.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

52. “When people see your personality come out, they feel so good, like they actually know who you are.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

53. “My brother is really, really slow.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

54. “It was not perfect but I’m very happy. It could have been better, but I’m now looking forward to my second race of the season.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

55. “You have to set yourself goals so you can push yourself harder. Desire is the key to success.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


56. “Track and field was very big when I was growing up.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

57. “When I played football, I liked being a goalkeeper or a midfielder. I was probably better at cricket. I would be a very good cricketer if I was a professional now. I think I would probably have been the best, in fact.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

58. “People always say I’m a legend, but I’m not. Not until I’ve defended my Olympic titles. That’s when I’ve decided I’ll be a legend.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

59. “Manners is the key thing. Say, for instance, when you’re growing up, you’re walking down the street, you’ve got to tell everybody good morning. Everybody. You can’t pass one person.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

60. “You do not want to get married at 22! Especially if you’re famous, because girls are going to be throwing themselves at you.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

61. “I don’t know the history of my sport. I’m not like those people who know everything.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

62. “Cristiano is better than Messi, without a doubt. He’s more of an all-round player.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

Short Usain Bolt Quotes

63. “I am now a legend. I am also the greatest athlete to live.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

64. “But anybody who steps into the lane beside you is the biggest competition because they made it to the finals.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

65. “I don’t even like to go out onto the streets sometimes because I can’t get anything done. People want pictures and autographs all the time.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

66. “There are so many Jamaican people here in London, it’s going to be like being at home for me.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

67. “I can’t really live outside Jamaica. I can be away, but only for a while.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

68. “I never single out any one competitor. I treat all my rivals equally.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

69. “Where I’m from, there is no violence, pretty much.” ~ (Usain Bolt).


70. “I have dedicated my life to the 200m, I really love the 200m a lot.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

71. “If Queen Elizabeth knighthooded me and I would get the title Sir Usain Bolt. That sounds very nice.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

Inspiring Usain Bolt Quotes

72. “I wouldn’t say I’m a phenomenon, just a great athlete.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

73. “The important thing was that I got the win. It’s good for confidence and the season.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

74. “I really want to try soccer after I retire because I’ve watched football over the years and I think I could be a good contender.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

75. “My relationship with everyone in Jamaica is good.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

76. “I would rather be lying in a bed than changing one.” ~ (Usain Bolt).

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