The Cummins Engine Company was founded by Clessie Cummins.

He was a businessman who improved existing diesel engines, invented new diesel engine designs, received 33 US patents for his ideas, and established five world records for truck, bus, and racing car endurance and speed.

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Best Clessie Cummins Quotes

I am going after it and furthermore I am going to get it. ~ Clessie Cummins.

One of my big dreams is the substitution of the Diesel for the steam locomotive. ~ Clessie Cummins.

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People who have plenty of money and the desire for high speed… will go to any extreme to get it. ~ Clessie Cummins.

It is pretty hard to sell anyone except a good friend on the oil engine idea at this time. ~ Clessie Cummins.

Self-preservation is a strong instinct and hard to dismiss. ~ Clessie Cummins.

There is no doubt that the Diesel engine will be in general use in trucks and boats before so very long, it is coming on very fast. ~ Clessie Cummins.

I have worked hard, put in long hours and have enjoyed most of it. ~ Clessie Cummins.

Top Clessie Cummins Quotes

I don’t feel that I have a yellow streak or that I am a quitter… ~ Clessie Cummins.

It has always been our aim and desire to pick out the best talent and train it to the best of our ability… ~ Clessie Cummins.

We had convinced ourselves, that there was no possible chance to work out our salvation as long as we continued with the Hvid engine. ~ Clessie Cummins.

You can afford to wait, but I cannot pass up these opportunities to make a few much needed dollars. ~ Clessie Cummins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clessie Cummins

What was Clessie Cummins famous for?

He was famous for improving existing diesel engines and inventing new diesel engine designs. He was the founder of Cummins Engine Co.

What was the birthdate of Clessie Cummins?

His birthdate was December 27, 1888.

At what age he died?

He died at the age of 79 (August 17, 1968).

What was the award that he got?

He was inducted into the Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame.

Where is Clessie Cummins from?

He is from Henry County, Indiana, United States.

What was the nationality of Clessie Cummins?

His nationality was American.

Book Excerpts about Clessie Cummins

  • Like many who encountered the company’s namesake, W.M. Tippett, manager of the farm equipment division at Sears, was turned around by Clessie’s persuasiveness. As another Indianapolis businessman noted after meeting Clessie a few months later, “one couldn’t resist Mr. Cummins’ whole-hearted enthusiasm.” – From The Engine That Could, by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and David B. Sicilia.
  • A good argument can be made that this mechanic-inventor-showman is arguably the most influential figure in Bartholomew County history. – From “Directory Reveals Clessie Cummins’ Travels,” by Harry McCawley, former Associate Editor of The Republic Newspaper, July 10, 2012.
  • Cummins was brilliant. His products were terrific. Though his products never made it all the way to the family automobile, Clessie Lyle Cummins is undeniably the godfather of diesel power on the American highway. – Jim Donnelly, Nov 2009, Hemmings website.

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