42 Milton Hershey Quotes on Entrepreneurship and Success

Milton Hershey, born in 1857, was an innovative American chocolatier and philanthropist.

Initially mastering caramel production with fresh milk, he founded the Lancaster Caramel Company, which he later sold to focus on mass-producing milk chocolate, turning it from a luxury to an everyday item.

His Hershey bars, introduced in 1900, were a hit, leading to the creation of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey was also known for his philanthropy, founding a school for orphans.


Despite a modest upbringing and limited education, Hershey’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to success in the confectionery industry, eventually establishing one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers.

Best Milton Hershey Quotes

I’ll stake everything on chocolate. ~ Milton Hershey.

One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy. ~ Milton Hershey.

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising. ~ Milton Hershey.

Best Milton Hershey Quotes

Caramels are just a fad. The chocolate market will be a permanent one. ~ Milton Hershey.

Take a man of fair intelligence, give him a fair chance, and he will soon learn to do anything that any other intelligent man is doing. ~ Milton Hershey.

I was called a dreamer… ~ Milton Hershey.

I started with ambition and intention of making the best chocolate that money or skill could make, regardless of the cost of manufacture. ~ Milton Hershey.

You’re a fool, a diamond covered flop in a loud suit. ~ Milton Hershey.

Boys, don’t rock the boat, row it. ~ Milton Hershey.

Top Milton Hershey Quotes

My success is the result of not being satisfied with mediocrity, and in making the most of my opportunities. ~ Milton Hershey.

Business is a matter of human service. ~ Milton Hershey.

A man can learn from the other fellow, providing he keeps his mind and eyes open. ~ Milton Hershey.

If we had helped a hundred children it would have all been worthwhile. ~ Milton Hershey.

On one never being too old to do anything. An interest in something new triumphs over the calendar. ~ Milton Hershey.

Top Milton Hershey Quotes

Difficulties show men what they are. ~ Milton Hershey.

You can’t keep the corners brushed up if you don’t keep after them with a broom. ~ Milton Hershey.

If I can make money for my employer, why can’t I do just as well for myself? ~ Milton Hershey.

I retired from business and started out to see the world, but idleness didn’t sit well with me, so I got into the harness again. ~ Milton Hershey.

Popular Milton Hershey Quotes

I’m not going into the chocolate business to add to my wealth. ~ Milton S. Hershey.

Men and women in the country are taken for what they are worth, and less for what they seem to be. ~ Milton Hershey.

It takes more than brick and mortar to build a town. ~ Milton S. Hershey.

Young man: Be honest; train yourself for useful work; love God. ~ Milton Hershey.

It isn’t what you leave your children but how you leave them. ~ Milton Hershey.

I believed that, if I put a chocolate on the market that was better than anyone else was making, or was likely to make, and keep it absolutely uniform in quality, the time would come when the public would appreciate it and buy it. ~ Milton Hershey.

A drinking man is a poor investment. ~ Milton Hershey.

Famous Milton Hershey Quotes

I failed three times because I had not taken the time to get all the facts. After that I learned my lesson well. ~ Milton Hershey.

You can surmount failure. You can be battered down three times, as I was, and still come out on top. ~ Milton Hershey.

Some men are washed up when they are forty, while others just get started at that age. ~ Milton Hershey.

When I failed in New York City I was able to pay my creditors forty cents on the dollar. As soon as I got on my feet financially I returned to New York City and paid my creditors the remaining sixty percent of my indebtedness. I never did anything since that gave me as much satisfaction as when I paid back that money. ~ Milton Snavely Hershey.

The value of our good is not measured by what it does, but by the amount of good it does to the one concerned. ~ Milton Hershey.

Hershey means progress. ~ Milton Hershey.

I didn’t follow the policies of those already in the business. If I had, I would never have made a go of it. Instead, I started out with the determination to make a better nickel chocolate bar than any of my competitors made, and I did so. ~ Milton Hershey.

Inspiring Milton Hershey Quotes

Whatever money you boys earn during your lifetime, use it wisely. Spend it for the good of others, and you will be richly rewarded. ~ Milton Hershey.

The quality of an employee’s work is directly affected to a degree that can be measured exactly in percentages of efficiency by his mental and physical condition when working. ~ Milton Hershey.

I want you to visit East Aurora and look things over. You should be able to bring back some ideas that we could utilize to good advantage. ~ Milton Hershey.

When our employees learn that drinking means the loss of their jobs, it will give them something to think about. ~ Milton Snavely Hershey.

The town is growing and one man can’t supervise everything… you’ve got to work in harmony. ~ Milton Hershey.

If I can’t make a go of the chocolate business, I can always turn the factory into a large dairy barn. ~ Milton Hershey.

To have a quality product at a fair price. ~ Milton Hershey.

Some people think that I’ve had an easy time of it. They say that I have the Hershey luck, whatever that is, and as a result money flowed into my lap. But luck had nothing to do with my success. As I see it, my success is the result of not being satisfied with mediocrity, and in making the most of my opportunities. ~ Milton Hershey.

Short Biography of Milton Hershey

Milton Hershey, an American chocolatier, transformed the chocolate industry by mass-producing milk chocolate, which was once considered a luxury.

Starting with the successful Lancaster Caramel Company, he sold it to fund his chocolate ventures, leading to the iconic Hershey bars in 1900.

Full NameMilton Snavely Hershey
Other NameThe Chocolate King
Born13 September 1857, Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Died13 October 1945 (age 88 years), Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States
Place of BurialThe Hershey Memorial, Hershey Cemetery, Laudermilch Road, Hershey, Pennsylvania, U.S. Section Spec-Her, Lot 1.
Occupation(s)Confectioner, Businessman, Philanthropist
SpouseCatherine “Kitty” Elizabeth Sweeney (m. 1898–1915)
SiblingsSerina Hershey
ParentsHenry Hershey, Fanny Snavely Hershey
Known forThe Hershey Company-Founder, Hershey Bar, Hershey, Pennsylvania-founder/planner, Hershey Cemetery

His efforts resulted in the thriving company town of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Despite his humble beginnings and limited education, Hershey’s entrepreneurial journey included various ventures before focusing on chocolate.

He was also a notable philanthropist, founding a school for orphans and contributing significantly to the community through various foundations and the establishment of the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Quick Facts about Milton Hershey

  • Milton Hershey started his chocolate journey as a Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite, quitting school at 13.
  • His candy-making career began with a $150 loan from his aunt for a Philadelphia shop.
  • Hershey’s first successful venture was the Lancaster Caramel Company, founded in 1894.
  • In 1900, he sold his caramel company for what’s now $31 million, focusing on chocolate.
  • Inspired at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Hershey bought chocolate-making equipment.
  • Hershey traveled to Germany to master chocolate making, aiming to make it affordable.
  • He perfected the Hershey Process, a secret method for making milk chocolate.
  • A close call with history, Hershey narrowly missed the Titanic due to an emergency.
  • Hershey’s mantra: quality is the best advertising.
  • Hershey, PA, was built for employee well-being, complete with amenities and housing.
  • The Hershey Company is now the world’s largest chocolate factory.
  • Hersheypark is the most visited privately owned amusement park in North America.
  • A bronze statue of Milton Hershey stands at Hersheypark, true to his height.
  • Originally named Derry Church, Hershey, PA lacks incorporated status but thrives under Derry Township.
  • Hershey, PA is a hub with a company plant, attractions, and the Milton Hershey School for orphans.
  • Unable to have children, Hershey dedicated resources to the Hershey Industrial School, now serving both boys and girls.
  • The town of Hershey features diverse facilities, including a stadium, arena, and hotel.
  • The Hershey Museum and Hershey Hotel are key landmarks in Hershey, PA.
  • Hersheypark, alongside other Hershey attractions, adds to the town’s charm.
  • Hershey’s journey from a confectioner’s apprentice to a chocolate magnate shows his relentless drive and innovation.

Top Questions about Milton Hershey

Q: What is Milton Hershey best known for?

A: Milton Hershey is most renowned for inventing his unique milk chocolate formula and establishing the world’s largest chocolate manufacturing plant in 1905, pioneering mass production techniques in chocolate making.

Q: Who controlled Hershey’s company after Milton Hershey passed away?

A: After Milton Hershey’s death, control of the company was maintained by the Milton Hershey School Trust fund, to which he had transferred the majority of his assets in 1918, ensuring the company’s control remained with the trust.

Q: Can you share three interesting facts about Milton Hershey?

A: Three intriguing aspects of Milton Hershey’s life include his Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite background, his departure from school at age 13, and the initiation of his confectionery career with an apprenticeship at 15, leading to him opening his own candy shop in Philadelphia at 19 with a loan from his aunt.

Q: Why is Milton Hershey considered a hero?

A: Milton Hershey is admired for using his fortune from his successful company to benefit others, by creating a town for his workers, establishing a school for needy children, and founding a foundation focused on education, culture, and healthcare.

Q: What makes Hershey chocolate so popular?

A: Hershey’s chocolate is uniquely delicious due to the use of fresh farm milk in its production, making it one of the few milk chocolate brands globally to maintain this practice, contributing to its distinct taste.

Q: Who founded Hershey chocolate?

A: Milton Hershey, whose early passion for confection led to the founding of The Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894, released the first Hershey candy bar by 1900, growing into a renowned brand with an extensive product range.

Q: Did Milton Hershey have any children?

A: Milton and Catherine Hershey, unable to have children of their own, chose to use their wealth to establish a home and school for orphaned boys, reflecting their love for children and desire to make a positive impact.

Q: How successful is the Hershey Company today?

A: The Hershey Company is a global chocolate and candy product giant, boasting annual sales exceeding $7.9 billion, underscoring its significant success in the industry.

Q: What was the motivation behind creating Hershey chocolate?

A: Milton Hershey’s vision was to make milk chocolate, previously a luxury item, an affordable treat for everyone, leveraging mass production techniques to create a unique product with fresh milk.

Q: What was Milton Hershey’s net worth?

A: Milton Hershey’s net worth was approximately $60 million in Hershey Chocolate Company shares in 1918, a significant sum especially when compared to the $25 million value of Coca-Cola at the time.

Q: How did the Hershey Company start?

A: The Hershey Company was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after he sold his successful caramel business to venture into chocolate manufacturing.

Q: What was Milton Hershey’s first job?

A: Milton Hershey’s initial employment was as a printer’s apprentice for a Lancaster newspaper at age 14, a position he lost within a year. He then apprenticed with a local confectioner, setting the stage for his lifelong career in the confectionery industry.

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