The Boeing Company was founded in 1916 by William Edward Boeing, an American aviation pioneer.

William Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Vienna-born Marie M. Ortmann and Hohenlimburg-born Wilhelm Böing. He was also known as Bill Boeing.

In 1868, William Boeing emigrated to America and began working as a worker.

His father despised his decision to come to America, and he received no financial assistance. Later, on the Mesabi Range of Minnesota, north of Lake Superior, he amassed a fortune from North Woods timber lands and iron ore mineral rights.

When William was eight years old, his father died of influenza, and his mother remarried soon after.

The company founded by him, “The Boeing Company” is now one of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers and the world’s fifth-largest defence contractor in terms of sales. United Air Lines is the world’s third biggest airline by fleet size and route network.

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Best William Boeing Quotes

Let no new improvement in flying and flying equipment pass us by. ~ William Boeing.

Tomorrow’s airplanes today! ~ William Boeing.

Tomorrow’s airplanes today! ~ William Boeing.
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We have already proved that science and hard work can lick what appear to be insurmountable difficulties. ~ William Boeing.

People want to ride in airplanes more and more each day… ~ William Boeing.

I became interested in the construction as well as the flying of aircraft. ~ William Boeing.

Within the short space of 12 years, an infant company with a personnel of less than a dozen men, has grown to be the largest plant in America. ~ William Boeing.

Our country needs more airplanes. ~ William Boeing.

Our task is to keep everlastingly at research and experiment. ~ William Boeing.

We could build a better plane ourselves and build it faster. ~ William Boeing.

It now behooves us to devote our energies toward the development of machines which will be used in peacetimes. In this connection the first logical opening will be the development of a commercial flying boat. ~ Bill Boeing.

Boeing has always built tomorrow’s airplanes today! ~ William Boeing.

Our job is to keep everlastingly at research and experiment, to adapt our laboratories to production as soon as practicable, to let no new improvement in flying and flying equipment pass us by. ~ William Boeing.

Biography of William Boeing

William Boeing was born to Swiss immigrant parents on October 1, 1881. His father, Wilhelm Böing, had emigrated from Switzerland because of political difficulties.

As a young boy he enjoyed tinkering with things and became fascinated by airplanes. He began his career as an airplane builder in 1916 for the U.S. Navy, and later moved to Seattle.”

He started his first company that manufactured planes in 1916 which is the Boeing Company.

The first plane that he produced was called the “B & W”, or Boeing & Wilson Company Model 1 series C2 single engine seaplane. Before the year 1929 rolled around he made several different types of planes but never tried to develop one himself until 1929 when he created the B-1.

This became one of his most successful planes at the time because it never crashed, which was a common issue with other planes being manufactured at the time.

He earned so much money from this plane that he decided to hold an airplane show in Seattle, Washington where he hoped to sell more of his airplanes.

After air shows in Seattle in 1929, many people would fly into the Boeing airfield in Kent for refueling.

The town was established in 1940 by William Boeing to create a space for this purpose. On May 10, 1940 the city of Kent officially accepted his donation which consisted of an area of land with 120 inhabitants.

The name “Kent” was chosen in honor of the place where William Boeing grew up in Washington.

He then took this name and translated it into the Native American language that the people who originally lived in this area spoke because he wanted to give back to them since he took their lands when building his airplane company.

Frequently Asked Questions about William Boeing

What is William Boeing famous for?

William Edward Boeing an Industrialist was famous for founding “The Boeing Company” in 1916.

How much was William Boeing worth when he died?

He died in Seattle on September 28, 1956. His estate was valued at over $22 million at the time of his death, although Boeing did not hold a single share of Boeing stock.

How did Bill Boeing die?

Boeing died as a result of a heart attack while he was onboard on his yacht.

What are some facts about William Boeing?

-> In year 1916 – The Pacific Airplane Company, which would eventually become the Boeing Airplane Company a year later, was founded, and the company’s first two planes, both float biplanes, were produced.

-> The Boeing Air Transport service was formed in 1926 for mail and passenger transportation.

-> He was chairman of the United Aircraft and Transport Company (now known as “United”), which he helped create.

-> In 1934, he received the Daniel Guggenheim Award.

What was the sun sign of William Boeing?

It was Libra.

When William Boeing was born?

He was born in year 1881 and his birthdate was October 1, 1881.

At what age he died?

He died at the age of 74.

What is the name of his son?

His son name was William E. Boeing Jr.

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