47 Enzo Ferrari Quotes on Cars, Racing and Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari, born in Italy in 1898, founded the iconic Ferrari brand and played a pivotal role in the automotive and racing world.

Initially a test driver and then a racer for Alfa Romeo, he established his own racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, in 1929 quickly gaining a reputation for excellence.


After ending his racing career, he focused on his family and business, leading Scuderia Ferrari to numerous victories.

Here is an amazing collection of quotes by Enzo Ferrari.

Best Enzo Ferrari Quotes


All we wanted to do was to build a conventional engine, only one that would be outstanding. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Equally valuable lessons are learned in defeat and victory. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

My cars must be beautiful. But more than that, they must not stop out on the circuit. For then people will say, ‘What a pity, it was so pretty.’ ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I want to build a car that’s faster than all of them, and then I want to die. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I underestimated the importance of the chassis. I have always given great importance to the engine and much less to the chassis, endeavoring to squeeze out as much power as possible in the conviction that it is engine power which is – not 50% but 80% responsible for success on the track. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I have always loved the sound of the engine… ~ Enzo Ferrari.

The dreams become bigger, much bigger, to build a car that doesn’t slow in the curves, that flies without leaving the ground. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I am a promoter of ideas. I have to sell ideas that will be realized by others. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Top Enzo Ferrari Quotes

The era of gentleman racing drivers is ended. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

The fact is I don’t drive just to get from A to B. I enjoy feeling the car’s reactions, becoming part of it. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

The client is not always right. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

A man has no need of entertainment. Entertainment only distracts from his duty. If a man has his duty, that is enough. ~ Enzo Ferrari.


Racing amuses me. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Bad luck does not exist. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

If you like this car, we’ll make it. If you don’t, we won’t. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I think of myself as constantly realizing a childhood dream. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Second is the first of the losers. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Popular Enzo Ferrari Quotes

Racing is a great mania to which one must sacrifice everything, without reticence, without hesitation. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I believe most things can be said in a few lines. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

You have to have courage to stand up to your critics. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I am not the designer. Other people do that. I am an agitator of men. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Most people think I’m hard, but that is because I don’t want people to know me. I consider myself weak and so I put on a kind of mask. I put it on to hide. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I go every morning to the cemetery to see my son who died 25 years ago. Knowing that a man is nothing dead. It is death which gives him personality. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I never tell a lie. Liars lead very complex lives and I am simply afraid of getting caught out. So people conclude that I am cunning. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Famous Enzo Ferrari Quotes

It is the little things that get me angry. The great traumas are easier: you can always work your way through to reason. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

What we do at Ferrari is elite work. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I don’t think there’s a car in the world that hasn’t yet been improved by competition, a car which hasn’t been influenced by others. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

No one remembers who took second place and that will never be me. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Everyone dreams of driving a Ferrari, it was my intent from the start. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Death will destroy my body, but my creatures will keep on living ever after, in the years to come. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

A driver today is an athlete out for hire, his mind is on profit. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

The racing cars are our most effective way of making the Ferrari way known, and selling what we produce. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Fear is the ultimate leverage of power. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

One should query oneself without defence and without limits. If I am unable to see the defects in the machines I create myself, how can I see properly into myself? ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Inspiring Enzo Ferrari Quotes

I am a man who has lived an adventure. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

The most important victory is the one which has to arrive. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I don’t sell cars; I sell engines. The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines in. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

What’s behind you doesn’t matter. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

One must keep working continuously; otherwise, one thinks of death. ~ Enzo Ferrari.


I build engines and attach wheels to them. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I have, in fact, no interest in life outside racing cars. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

There is no triumph or glory in the world that’s worth an inch of human skin. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

I have never gone on a real trip, never taken a holiday. The best holiday for me is spent in my workshops when nearly everybody else is on vacation. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

It’s true that I have never met any man whom I thought altogether resembled me – but only because my faults are so enormous. ~ Enzo Ferrari.

Short Biography of Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari, born in Modena, Italy in 1898, was a notable figure in automotive history, founding both the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and the Ferrari automobile marque.

Inspired by early racing events, he pursued a career in motor racing, eventually shifting focus from driving to management and team formation.

Ferrari’s teams achieved notable successes, including multiple Grand Prix victories.

The emblematic prancing horse symbol on his cars was adopted in honor of Italian fighter pilot Francesco Baracca.

Full Name Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari
Born 18 February 1898, Modena, Italy
Died 14 August 1988 (age 90 years), Modena, Italy
Occupations Racecar driver, Professional motor racing team Entrepreneur, Automotive industry executive and industrialist
Spouse Laura Dominica Garello Ferrari (m. 1923–1978)
Known for Founding Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari
Children Piero Ferrari, Alfredo Ferrari
Height 1.87 m
Parents Adalgisa Ferrari, Alfredo Ferrari
Partner Lina Lardi

Despite challenges, including a dispute with Alfa Romeo leading to the foundation of his own company, Ferrari S.p.A., in 1947, Enzo’s brand became synonymous with racing excellence.

The company faced financial difficulties, leading to a partnership with Fiat in 1969.

Ferrari was known for his demanding management style, often fostering intense competition among his drivers.

Despite controversies, including legal challenges and team disputes, Ferrari’s legacy in automotive racing and design remains unparalleled, with his company achieving continued success even after his death in 1988.

Quick Facts about Enzo Ferrari

  • Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy, on February 18, 1898.
  • He founded Scuderia Ferrari and the Ferrari automobile marque.
  • Known as “Il Commendatore” and “Il Drake.”
  • Ferrari had minimal formal education and aspired to be a racing driver from a young age.
  • He served in the Italian Army during World War I.
  • Ferrari’s first racing job was as a test-driver for CMN in Milan.
  • He debuted in racing at the 1919 Parma-Poggio di Berceto hillclimb.
  • Joined Alfa Romeo’s racing team in 1920 and won his first Grand Prix in 1923.
  • Founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, initially as Alfa Romeo’s racing team.
  • The prancing horse emblem, a tribute to fighter pilot Francesco Baracca, debuted on Ferrari’s racing cars.
  • Scuderia Ferrari achieved significant success, despite challenges from German teams in the 1930s.
  • Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1939 to start his own company, Auto-Avio Costruzioni.
  • During WWII, Ferrari’s factory was repurposed for war production, later moving to Maranello.
  • Ferrari S.p.A. was founded in 1947, marking the beginning of Ferrari cars.
  • The team made its Formula One debut in 1950 and has remained in the sport since.
  • Ferrari faced legal challenges following a tragic accident at the 1957 Mille Miglia.
  • Ferrari’s autocratic management style led to the “great walkout” in 1962, but the team recovered.
  • Ferrari sold a 50% stake in his company to Fiat in 1969 to secure its future.
  • Stepped down as the managing director of the road car division in 1971.
  • Enzo Ferrari was heavily involved in developing the Fiorano Circuit for car testing.
  • Controversial management included pitting drivers against each other to improve performance.
  • Ferrari’s death in 1988 at 90 was initially kept secret until after his burial.
  • The Ferrari F40, launched shortly before his death, symbolized his achievements.
  • Ferrari was recognized with several honors, including the Cavaliere del Lavoro.
  • His son Dino influenced Ferrari but died young from muscular dystrophy.
  • Enzo had a second son, Piero, with his mistress, recognized after Enzo’s wife’s death.
  • Ferrari rarely left Modena and Maranello and stopped attending foreign Grands Prix in the 1950s.
  • Enzo Ferrari never flew in an aeroplane or used a lift.
  • Ferrari’s management style and personality led to significant team changes and controversies.
  • Despite challenges, Ferrari’s company and racing team achieved lasting success and recognition.

Top Questions about Enzo Ferrari

Q: What was Enzo Ferrari’s net worth when he passed away?

A: At the time of his death in 1988, Enzo Ferrari’s net worth was estimated to be around $10 million.

Q: How many car models were produced by Ferrari under Enzo’s guidance?

A: Under Enzo Ferrari’s guidance, Ferrari produced numerous iconic car models including the 250 GTO, Testarossa, F40, and Enzo Ferrari.

Q: Did Enzo Ferrari have a career in professional racing?

A: Yes, Enzo Ferrari raced professionally early in his career but stopped after an accident in 1921, then focusing on developing race cars and the Scuderia Ferrari racing team.

Q: How many Formula 1 championships did Ferrari secure with Enzo at the helm?

A: Ferrari won 9 Formula 1 championships under Enzo Ferrari’s leadership, in the years 1952, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1964, 1975, 1977, and 1979.

Q: What is one of Enzo Ferrari’s most famous quotes?

A: One of Enzo Ferrari’s most famous quotes is, “I build engines and attach wheels to them,” highlighting his focus on high-performance vehicles.

Q: Who assumed control of Ferrari after Enzo’s death?

A: After Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, Fiat increased its stake in Ferrari to 90%, and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was appointed President in 1991.

Q: What made Enzo Ferrari famous?

A: Enzo Ferrari is renowned for founding the Ferrari car company in 1947 in Maranello, which led to Ferrari becoming the most successful Formula 1 team and a globally recognized car brand.

Q: Is the Ferrari brand named after Enzo Ferrari?

A: Yes, the Ferrari brand was named after its founder, Enzo Ferrari, who initially led the Scuderia Ferrari racing team for Alfa Romeo.

Q: Who owns the majority of Ferrari?

A: Ferrari is primarily owned by the public and Exor N.V. (owners of FCA), with Piero Ferrari, Enzo’s son, holding a significant share.

Q: Was Enzo Ferrari considered wealthy?

A: Although estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million at his death, Enzo Ferrari was not considered “rich” during his lifetime, as his business often operated at a loss to support his racing team.

Q: Does the Ferrari family still own Ferrari?

A: Ferrari is a publicly traded company with Exor NV and Piero Ferrari as major shareholders, maintaining the family’s involvement.

Q: Why did Enzo Ferrari retire from racing?

A: Enzo Ferrari retired from active racing to start Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, focusing on managing his team and later dedicating more time to his family after becoming a father in 1932.

Q: What personal vehicle did Enzo Ferrari prefer?

A: Enzo Ferrari appreciated practical vehicles for personal use, owning multiple Peugeots, a Fiat 128, and notably admiring the innovative design of the Mini.

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