51 Thought-Provoking Jaden Smith Quotes & Sayings

Jaden Smith is an actor, rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States.

He is the son of Will Smith.

Here are some of the best quotes by Jaden Smith.

Thought-Provoking Jaden Smith Quotes & Sayings

1. “Instagram is not the answer.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

2. “If newborn babies could speak they would be the most intelligent beings on planet earth.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

3. “You can discover everything you need to know about everything by looking at your hands.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

4. “I’ll never read every single book or go to every single place. But I’ll die in the trying of it.” ~ (Jaden Smith).


5. “No one believed Galileo either.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

6. “Being born was the most influential thing that’s ever happened to me, for myself.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

7. “The Moment That Truth Is Organized It Becomes A Lie.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

8. “When Life Gives You Big Problems, Just Be Happy You Forgot All Your Little Problems.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

9. “The only way to change something is to shock it. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to shock them. If you want society to change, you have to shock them.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

10. “I feel like a serious revolution needs to take place in order for human beings to evolve in a way where we can truly exist as a society.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

Best Jaden Smith Quotes

11. “If a cupcake falls from a tree how far away will it be from down.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

12. “What is the definition of ‘light’?” ~ (Jaden Smith).

13. “Unawareness Is The Only Sin, And If You Were Aware You Would Know.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

14. “They Distract You With Us So You Don’t Pay Attention To The Missing Girls In Nigeria.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

15. “We Need To Stop Teaching The Youth About The Past And Encourage Them To Change The Future.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

16. “Trees are never sad look at them every once in a while they’re quite beautiful.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

17. “Since we’re family, we both have wins, and we don’t really go against each other, like, ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ ” ~ (Jaden Smith).

18. “People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

19. “People Think A RelationShip Makes You Whole, That It’s Two 50%’s Coming Together To Make 100% When It Should Be Two 100%’s Making 200%.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

20. “People Tell Me To Smile I Tell Them The Lack Of Emotion In My Face Doesn’t Mean I’m Unhappy.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

21. “All The Rules In This World Were Made By Someone No Smarter Than You. So Make Your Own.” ~ (Jaden Smith).


22. “I would love for there to be a female president.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

23. “We want to create a society that is working for us and with us – and we’re working for society, not against it.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

Top Jaden Smith Quotes

24. “Everything that I talk about in my music is pretty much just trying to evolve consciousness in the world and help everything become better and brighter.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

25. “I just want to teach people how to be comfortable. Stop being so scared.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

26. “And everything you say is something that you can’t reverse / Something that you can’t rehearse.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

27. “I have a goal to be just the craziest person of all time. And when I say craziest, I mean, like, I want to do like Olympic-level things. I want to be the most durable person on the planet,” ~ (Jaden Smith).

28. “I Hope It Doesn’t Take For Me To Die For You To See What I Do For You.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

29. “When The First Animal Went Extinct That Should’ve Been A Sign.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

30. “If everybody in the world dropped out of school who would have a much more intelligent society.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

31. “A question I would like to present to the world is: Where is the love? And what are we doing? Who’s making the decisions that are putting us in the predicaments that we are in, with all of these people losing their lives around the world in so many different ways?” ~ (Jaden Smith).

32. “Every 7 Years Your Body Is Completely Replaced With Entirely New Cells So Just Because You Look The Same Doesn’t Mean You Are.” ~ (Jaden Smith).


33. “How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

34. “I’m Glad That Our Distance Makes Us Witness Ourselves From A Different Entrance.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

Famous Jaden Smith Quotes

35. “Either I have only one pair of shoes or every pair you choose.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

36. “The more time you spend awake the more time you spend asleep.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

37. “Once You Go In You Always Come Out Alive.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

38. “Stop Gossiping Reflect Internally You Will Find Yourself A Neglected Part Of Yourself.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

39. “If a bookstore never runs out of a certain book, does that mean that nobody reads it, or everybody reads it.”  –Jaden Smith

40. “Whenever You Disagree With Somebody Just Remember The Dress And Accept That You Guys Are SEEING Two Different Things.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

41. “Right now, we do not act as a true society. We act as a world under terror, just scrambling to survive. ~ (Jaden Smith).


42. “I’m going to imprint myself on everything in this world.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

43. “I Will Always Give You The Truth I Will Never Lie To You In My music If You Can’t Handle My Feelings And Emotions Please Unfollow Me.”  ~ (Jaden Smith).

44. “Being aware in the moment of right now is just the most important thing. All of our issues come from us not being aware enough or not seeing through our problems to the depths of the issues.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

45. “Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

Short Jaden Smith Quotes

46. “The world is going to keep bashing me for whatever I do, and I’m going to keep not caring.”- Jaden Smith

47. “I want to be the most durable person on the planet.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

48. “When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull.”  ~ (Jaden Smith).

49. “When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple. It’s a tool for understanding mathematics and things with two separate realities. But for creativity: That comes from a place of oneness. That’s not a duality consciousness.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

50. “You can be a pharaoh. Like, a pharaoh means, that which you will become.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

51. “Be careful with how you make the world perceive you, because they’ll perceive you like that for the rest of your life.” ~ (Jaden Smith).

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