53 David J. Schwartz Quotes To Make You Think Big

David Schwartz was a motivational author and coach from the United States.

He is best known for his 1959 bestselling book “The Magic of Thinking Big”.

I have collected a list of motivating quotes from David J. Schwartz for you.

Best David J. Schwartz Quotes

1. “Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fuel fear.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).


2. “Attitudes are more important than intelligence.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

3. “Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

4. “Give your ideas value by acting on them.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

5. “Concentrate on your assets. You’re better than you think you are.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

6. “The success combination in business is: Do what you do better and do more of what you do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

7. “The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

8. “The mind is what the mind is fed.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

9. “Believe it can be done. When you really believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

10. “Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family back-ground; they are measured by the size of their thinking.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

11. “Here is the first step toward success. It’s a basic step. It can’t be avoided. Step One: Believe in yourself, believe you can succeed.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).


12. “Believe, really believe, you can succeed, and you will.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

Popular David J. Schwartz Quotes

13. “Build castles, don’t dig graves.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

14. “Hope is a start. But hope needs action to win victories.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

15. “When you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

16. “How you think determines how you act. How you act in turn determines how others react to you.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

17. “Think doubt and fail. Think victory and succeed.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

18. “Get the action habit – you do not need to wait until conditions are perfect.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

19. “Remember, you see in any situation what you expect to see.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

20. “Belief releases creative powers.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

21. “Big thinkers are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the minds of others.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

22. “When you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why. But when you believe, really believe, something can be done, your mind goes to work for you and helps you find the ways to do it.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

23. “Goals are as essential to success as air is to life.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

Top David J. Schwartz Quotes

24. “Knowledge is power only when put to use – and then only when the use made of it is constructive.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

25. “Then it dawned on me that no one else was going to believe in me until I believed in myself.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

26. “Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind. Be receptive to new ideas. Be experimental. Try new approaches. Be progressive in everything you do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).


27. “Those who believe they can move mountains, do!” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

28. “There is a good side to every situation.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

29. “Think first class about everyone around you, and you’ll receive first-class results in return.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

30. “Belief triggers the power to do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

31. “The person determined to achieve maximum success learns the principle that progress is made one step at a time.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

Famous David J. Schwartz Quotes

32. “Believing there is a solution paves the way to a solution.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

33. “Hesitation only enlarges, magnifies the fear. Take action promptly. Be decisive.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

34. “The thought “It’s impossible” sets off a chain reaction of other thoughts to prove you’re right.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

35. “Just enough sense to stick with something-a chore, task, project, until its completed pays off much better than idle intelligence, even if idle intelligence be of genius caliber.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

36. “The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all problems before they arise, but to meet and work out difficulties when they do arise.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

37. “People do more for you when you make them feel important.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

38. “How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do. When you really believe you can do more, your mind thinks creatively and shows you the way.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).


39. “Believe triggers the power to do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

40. “Luck take a second look at what appears to be someone’s good luck. You’ll find not luck but preparation, planning, and success-producing thinking.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

41. “Get the big view of your job. Think, really think your present job is important. That next promotion depends mostly on how you think toward your present job.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

Short David J. Schwartz Quotes

42. “Think you are weak, think you lack what it takes, think you will lose, think you are second class – think this way and you are doomed to mediocrity.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

43. “Persons who reach the higher rungs in business management, selling, engineering, religious work, writing, acting, and in every other pursuit get there by following conscientiously and continuously a plan for self-development and growth.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

44. “Here is the basic rule for winning success. Let’s mark it in the mind and remember it. The rule is: Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be in, is the support of other people.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

45. “How much we can do, depends on how much we THINK we can do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

46. “Success shuns the man who lacks ideas.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

47. “Big people monopolize the listening. Small people monopolize the talking.”  ~ (David J. Schwartz).

48. “It’s better to wear out than rust out.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

49. “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

50. “Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

51. “Do this: Start marching toward your ultimate goal by making the next task you perform, regardless of how unimportant it may seem, a step in the right direction. Commit this question to memory and use it to evaluate everything you do: “Will this help take me where I want to go?” If the answer is no, back off; if yes, press ahead.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

52. “If employees are doing something wrong or are making a mistake, I am doubly careful not to hurt their feelings and make them feel small or embarrassed. I just use four simple steps: “First, I talk to them privately. “Second, I praise them for what they are doing well. “Third, I point out the one thing at the moment that they could do better and I help them find the way. “Fourth, I praise them again on their good points.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

53. “Here is a psychological principle that is worth reading over twenty-five times. Read it until it absolutely saturates you: To think confidently, act confidently.” ~ (David J. Schwartz).

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