55 Motivational Mel Robbins Quotes To Charge You Up

Mel Robbins is a well-known motivational speaker, life coach and author famous for her “5 Second Rule” to combat procrastination.

She’s written bestsellers like “The 5 Second Rule” and “The High 5 Habit” and has a background as a CNN commentator and legal analyst.

Robbins began her career as a lawyer but shifted to life coaching impacting many with her practical advice.

Mel Robbins Quotes

She’s spoken globally on many events and shared insights on various topics and hosts a popular podcast launched in 2022.

Her work includes coaching programs and books that tackle overcoming fears and personal development.

I have curated a list of the most famous quotes by Mel Robbins.

Best Mel Robbins Quotes

1. “If you only ever did the things you don’t want to do, you’d have everything you’ve ever wanted.” ~ (Mel Robbins).


2. “You were born not to be just fine.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

3. “You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

4. “You can’t control how you feel. But you can always choose how you act.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

5. “Your dreams are meant to pull you forward through your fears.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

6. “Stop second-guessing yourself. Stop doubting yourself.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

7. Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin!” ~ (Mel Robbins).

8. “Your problem isn’t ideas. Your problem is you don’t act on them. You kill them.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

9. The time is now. Stop hitting the snooze button on your life.” ~ (Mel Robbins).


10. “Your feelings don’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you DO.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

11. “Small things are not small at all. They are the most important things of all. And they add up.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

12. “The F-bomb. It’s everywhere. You hear it all the time. And I honestly don’t understand what the appeal is over the word.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

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Motivational Mel Robbins Quotes

13. “Procrastination is not a form of laziness at all. It’s a coping mechanism for stress.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

14. “Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, or no timeout. Stop waiting. It’s now or never. When you wait, you aren’t procrastinating. You are doing something more dangerous. You are deliberately convincing yourself “now is not the time.” You are actively working against your dreams.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

15. “What I discovered is powerful: pushing yourself to take simple actions creates a chain reaction in your confidence and your productivity.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

16. “We are all capable of greatness. I believe that. It is our feelings and fears that convince us now is not the right time and keep us from achieving greatness.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

17. “IN any area of your life that you want to change, adopt this rule. Just do the things that you don’t want to do.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

18. “Forget motivation; it’s a myth. I don’t know when we all bought into the idea that in order to change you must “feel” eager or “feel” motivated to act. It’s complete garbage. The moment it’s time to assert yourself, you will not feel motivated. In fact, you won’t feel like doing anything at all. If you want to improve your life, you’ll need to get off your rear end and kick your own butt. In my world, I call that the power of a push.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

19. “You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Life.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

20. “Pick a plan to follow, any plan will do – and then 5- 4- 3- 2- 1-GO. The only thing you will need to choose after that is choosing each and every day to DO IT.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

21. “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

22. “When it comes to change, goals, and dreams, you have to bet on yourself. That.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

23. “Change your decisions and you’ll change your life. And what will change your decisions more than anything? Courage.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

24. “Passion is not a thing, it’s a state of mind.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

Top Mel Robbins Quotes

25. “Will it be your Heart that wins, or your Fear?” ~ (Mel Robbins).

26. “You have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

27. “Every phase of your life and career will require a different you. Using the Rule, you’ll become the person you’re meant to become in this next phase of your life.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

28. “If you can’t get yourself out of bed, then you’ll never be able to pursue all of the other changes that you want to make in your life. And if you take that simple step of taking control of your mornings, you’ll catalyze a chain of events that leads to change everywhere.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

29. “You aren’t battling your ability to stick to a diet, execute a business plan, repair a broken marriage and rebuild your life, hit your goals, or win over a bad manager- you are battling your feelings about doing it. You are more than capable of doing the work to change anything for the better, despite how you feel. Feelings are merely suggestions, ones you can ignore. To change you must do the same, you must ignore how you feel, and just do it anyway.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

30. “If you don’t learn how to untangle your feelings from your actions, you’ll never unlock your true potential.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

31. “The problem was very clear. It was me. I was holding myself back, five seconds at a time.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

32. “That’s the problem with so many adults, we’re all focused on getting it perfect, instead of trying. Whatever happened to good enough?” ~ (Mel Robbins).


33. “You change your life one five-second decision at a time.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

34. “That’s what it takes to get what you want. Not big scary leaps once a year. It takes small, but irritating moves every single day.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

35. “Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for a just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than – you guessed it – five seconds.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

Famous Mel Robbins Quotes

36. “Resistance loves surfing the Web, vegging out in front of the TV, sticking to routine, not picking up the phone, hitting snooze, avoiding confrontation, making excuses, rumination, and isolation.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

37. “I may not be perfect, but I am worthy.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

38. “You do the same thing every time you whine about problems but do nothing to fix them.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

39. “It’s so sad because waiting for validation will be the death of your dreams.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

40. “We’re discovering that many of our feelings are just a kind of sophisticated shorthand for all sorts of complex calculations that are constantly occurring in the back of your brain.” ~ (Mel Robbins).


41. “Life is gritty and hard and then suddenly it is brilliant and amazing.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

42. “Forget motivation; it’s a myth. I don’t know when we all bought into the idea that in order to change you must “feel” eager or “feel” motivated to act. It’s complete garbage. The moment it’s time to assert yourself, you will not feel motivated. In fact, you won’t feel like doing anything at all.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

43. “Seth Godin once wrote “a different part of our brains is activated when we think about what’s possible rather than what’s required.” I believe the same is true when we think about being courageous, rather than focusing on the fears that stop us. It’s the difference between focusing on the solution rather than the problem, and that tiny switch is mentally liberating.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

44. “That’s an instinct reminding you of the goal. That’s your inner wisdom, and it’s important to pay attention to it, no matter how small or silly that instinct may seem.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

45. “I have a hard time finding the balance between not beating myself up when it doesn’t happen as fast as I’d like it to, and not wasting time while I wait for it to happen.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

Inspiring Mel Robbins Quotes

46. “I was the problem and in five seconds, I could push myself and become the solution.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

47. “If you have one of those impulses that are pulling you, if you don’t marry it with an action within 5 seconds, you pull the emergency break and kill the idea.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

48. “There’s one thing that is guaranteed to increase your feelings of control over your life: a bias toward action.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

49. “Facebook is nothing but heavily packaged “Kodak moments” that bear no relation to how people really live.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

50. “But when you’re stuck, the major task is deciding if you’re going to change at all. The challenge is finding the ability, in the face of an overwhelming amount of resistance, to create a small change in your life and build on it.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

51. “The 5 Second Rule The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

52. “You need to recognize that the risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dream.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

53. “If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

54. “If you want to make your dreams come true, get ready for the long game.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

55. “Fear-bola attacks the part of the brain responsible for rational thinking. It starts with a low-grade concern about the two health care workers diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas and slowly builds into fear of a widespread epidemic in the United States.” ~ (Mel Robbins).

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