101 Best Paul Washer Quotes on Salvation and Prayer

Paul David Washer, born in 1961, is a prominent American Protestant Christian evangelist and Calvinist affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Washer’s journey to Christianity began during his studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

His faith led him to Peru, where he served as a missionary for a decade. In 1988, he established the HeartCry Missionary Society in Peru to aid indigenous missionaries in reaching their own cultures.


Although Washer is sometimes associated with the New Calvinism movement, he has expressed reservations about it.

In 2002, Washer delivered a ‘shocking youth message’ warning his Christian audience about the dangers of a faithless life.

This message, viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube, continues to resonate with many.

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Washer featured in the 2018 documentary, American Gospel: Christ Alone, discussing the differences between Christianity and other religions.

Despite health challenges in 2017, Washer remains dedicated to his spiritual mission.

I have compiled a best list of Paul Washer quotes for you.

Top 10 Paul Washer Quotes


1. “Salvation is a work of God to show His glory. That’s why He’s not going to let it fail.” ~ (Paul Washer).


2. “The evidence that a person has truly opened their life to Christ is continued fellowship with Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).


3. “The question is not, ‘Do you want to go to heaven?’ The question is, ‘Do you want God?'” ~ (Paul Washer).


4. “If you give them a God made in their own image, I guarantee they’ll accept Him. But He won’t be the God who saves.” ~ (Paul Washer).


5. “When someone comes along later and tries to preach the Gospel to them because they’re living in the world, they won’t listen.” ~ (Paul Washer).


6. “If Jesus is not enough to motivate you to godly living, you don’t know Jesus.” ~ (Paul Washer).


7. “If we humble ourselves before the Lord, He will lift us up… He will. That’s His promise.” ~ (Paul Washer).


8. “Instead of telling them God has a wonderful plan for their life – tell them who God is.” ~ (Paul Washer).


9. “Tell them that everything in their life is going to have to bend to His will. Repent and believe.” ~ (Paul Washer).


10. “The problem is not liberal politicians, its evangelical preachers.” ~ (Paul Washer).

Best Paul Washer Quotes & Sayings

11. “It was Christ on the tree who reached up and took the cup of the wrath of God out of the hand of God and drank it in the place of his people.” ~ (Paul Washer).

12. “What is Christianity all about? It is about an intimate relationship with God. And I HATE a christendom, a churchianity that God is not big enough and glorious enough so that we have to give them other things.” ~ (Paul Washer).

13. “If you need me to tell you that if you serve God, you’ll get a Mercedes, you’re lost.” ~ (Paul Washer).


14. “Salvation is by repentance and faith, and if you have truly believed unto salvation, you have been regenerated.” ~ (Paul Washer).

15. “That blessing of yours that you boast of, and rightly so… think of the cost every time it rolls off your lips.” ~ (Paul Washer).

16. “The pain of the cross is not what puny men did to the Christ; the pain of the cross is what God the Father did to His only begotten Son.” ~ (Paul Washer).

17. “I hope in Christ alone.” ~ (Paul Washer).

18. “There is no such thing as a continuously carnal Christian.” ~ (Paul Washer).


19. “Our greatest problem is that we lack conformity to the image of Jesus Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

20. “Our productivity in the kingdom of God is directly related to our character and our Christ-likeness.” ~ (Paul Washer).

Famous Paul Washer Quotes

21. “There is no such thing as a great man of God, only weak, pitiful, faithless men of a great and merciful God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

22. “People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan.” ~ (Paul Washer).

23. “Everywhere… everyone you meet… is a potential brother or sister in Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

24. “The Gospel does not call us to receive Christ as an addition to our life, but as our life.” ~ (Paul Washer).

25. “The terrible sticky thing about truth is if it exists, it’s coming for you.” ~ (Paul Washer).

26. “We rob men of a greater vision of God because we will not give them a lower vision of themselves.” ~ (Paul Washer).


27. “Why the rampant sinning even among God’s people? It is a lack of the knowledge of God!” ~ (Paul Washer).

28. “We don’t have a lot of churches in America; we have a lot of really nice brick buildings on finely manicured lawns!” ~ (Paul Washer).

29. “You cannot learn doctrine well until you follow the doctrine you learn!” ~ (Paul Washer).

30. “There is not a godly remnant in the true church; that true church is the godly remnant.” ~ (Paul Washer).

31. “The true convert does not receive the gospel as an addition to his previous life, but in exchange for it.” ~ (Paul Washer).

32. “The evidence of justification by faith is the ongoing work of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.” ~ (Paul Washer).

33. “How can you learn unconditional love if you’re married to a woman who meets all your conditions?” ~ (Paul Washer).


34. “Holiness is not merely a feeling.” ~ (Paul Washer).

35. “Persecution has never hurt the church… only prosperity.” ~ (Paul Washer).

36. “It’s absolutely absurd to say you are a disciple of Jesus Christ yet not bear the fruit of Jesus Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

37. “We are not to seek the approval of earth, but the honor of heaven.” – (Paul Washer)

38. “Does our Gospel presentation make men excited about what God can do for them on this earth, or about whom God is?” ~ (Paul Washer).

39. “We find or invent the cleverest means of attributing our sins to anything or anyone outside of ourselves.” ~ (Paul Washer).

40. “Christ is not knocking on the door of a sinner’s heart, but on the door of a wayward church.” ~ (Paul Washer).


41. “Jesus was a man of prayer.” ~ (Paul Washer).

42. “When people hear you pray, do they hear someone who knows God?” ~ (Paul Washer).

43. “You can’t fake prayer.” ~ (Paul Washer).

44. “When prayer becomes a labor, we’re not like the Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

45. “The only place you’ll ever rest is in Jesus Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

46. “My friend, when He [Jesus] got up off His knees, the battle was over.” ~ (Paul Washer).

47. “If you want to sum up everything He [Jesus] taught about prayer … ‘we ought to pray at all times!'” ~ (Paul Washer).

48. “There is no way you can practice the presence of God if you do not spend much time in secret prayer.” ~ (Paul Washer).


49. “It is our purpose, and our responsibility, to proclaim that Jesus Christ is God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

50. “It could be said that our only need is to be like Jesus.” ~ (Paul Washer).

51. “I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him.” ~ (Paul Washer).

52. “There is no such thing as a great man of God, only weak, pitiful, faithless men of a great and merciful God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

53. “Everybody wants to go to heaven. They just don’t want God to be there when they get there.” ~ (Paul Washer).

54. “The spirit of God will come down and raise the dead and He will get a people for Himself.” ~ (Paul Washer).

55. “Most of you live your life on flimsy little songs, not upon the word of God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

56. “God saved you for Himself; God saved you by Himself; God saved you from Himself.” ~ (Paul Washer).


57. “It’s not comparing yourself with others who call themselves Christians. Compare yourself to the Scripture.” ~ (Paul Washer).

58. “A Christian who does not pray is like prince in beggars clothes who stands but a few inches from His father’s throne and yet does not ask.” ~ (Paul Washer).

59. “Over the epitaph of this generation it will say ENTERTAINED TO DEATH.” ~ (Paul Washer).

60. “It involves practical separation from sin and real separation unto God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

Inspiring Paul Washer Quotes

61. “What this world needs today are preachers, who preach the Gospel over, and over, and over, and over again.” ~ (Paul Washer).

62. “The glory of God is tarnished and it is because the people of God no longer know how to discern the things of God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

63. “What’s the will of God for my life?” ~ (Paul Washer).

64. “I don’t know why you’re clapping; I’m talking about you.” ~ (Paul Washer).

65. “How is it that so many people today profess to have had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and yet, they are not permanently changed?” ~ (Paul Washer).

66. “And you say you’re bold, Christian, cause you wear a Christian T-shirt!” ~ (Paul Washer).


67. “Many of the things that you love to do, God hates. Did you know that?” ~ (Paul Washer).

68. “He can’t fill up your cup with himself, if your cup is already full of the world!” ~ (Paul Washer).

69. “One of the greatest distinguishing marks of a false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear.” ~ (Paul Washer).

70. “How could we have such a low view of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have to manipulate men psychologically to get them to come down and pray a prayer?” ~ (Paul Washer).

71. “A Christian is a person whose heart has been changed; they have new affections.” ~ (Paul Washer).

72. “The goal of the Christian life is the pursuit of an intimate knowledge of God that leads to a greater estimation of His worth.” ~ (Paul Washer).

73. “Pride can take so many forms; it can even assume the appearance of humility.” ~ (Paul Washer).

74. “The key is found in simply not thinking about ourselves at all, but setting our minds on Christ and the needs of others.” ~ (Paul Washer).


75. “The church must seek to be biblical rather than relevant.” ~ (Paul Washer).

76. “You don’t need to know the will of God in your life, you need to know the God of your life!” – (Paul Washer)

77. “God knows what each one of us must suffer in order to be conformed to the image of Christ.” – (Paul Washer)

78. “Repentance is simply giving up to stop fighting against God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

79. “We are not going to leave a mark upon our culture because we have studied its ways and adapted ourselves to it.” ~ (Paul Washer).

80. “If we mix with the very impurities we are supposed to expose, we are as useless as our culture already believes us to be.” ~ (Paul Washer).

81. “The problem is most of what they call the church is not the church, and the church is not quite as in trouble as everybody thinks.” ~ (Paul Washer).

82. “What’s called the church today is nothing more than a bunch of unconverted church people with unconverted pastors.” ~ (Paul Washer).

83. “The devil would gladly give a Bible to every man and promote obedience to its commands if in exchange, we would surrender to him the Gospel.” ~ (Paul Washer).


84. “The evidence of conversion is not a decision card filled out, it’s a life being lived out.” ~ (Paul Washer).

85. “I have never met an old saint who regretted having spent too much time in prayer, but I have met many who regretted having spent too little!” ~ (Paul Washer).

86. “Unless you cut yourself off from the arm of the flesh, you will never see God work.” ~ (Paul Washer).

87. “He can take down the iron curtain in a day, He can convert a nation in an hour. Call upon Him, believe Him.” ~ (Paul Washer).

88. “The majority of Americans believe that they’ve been ‘born again’ even though their thoughts, words, and deeds are a continual contradiction to the nature and will of God.” ~ (Paul Washer).


89. “The judgment of God against this nation will not be turned by a more conservative President, but by the repentance of its people.” ~ (Paul Washer).

90. “A Theologian has nothing on a man who has experienced God.” ~ (Paul Washer).

91. “I just praise God for who He is.” ~ (Paul Washer).

92. “I will always start everything I do with Him because it’s nonsensical to go anyplace else until you’ve dealt with Him.” ~ (Paul Washer).

93. “We will be talking about the thought of following Christ, but have you ever thought of the cost of not following Him?” ~ (Paul Washer).


94. “The more we know about Him, the more we will be pushed, moved, strengthened to follow Him.” ~ (Paul Washer).

95. “Jesus always was, and is, and will be the spotless lamb of God. But on that tree, the sins of His people were imputed to Him.” ~ (Paul Washer).

96. “God did not make people because of some need. He made people out of the overflow of His abundance, not His lack.” ~ (Paul Washer).

97. “The only way you could ever be blessed in anything is because He died cursed in everything.” ~ (Paul Washer).

98. “‘But I got saved that way!’ No, you got saved in spite of that way not because of that way.” ~ (Paul Washer).


99. “A man is saved only by faith… only by faith.” ~ (Paul Washer).

100. “There is a power of God for salvation. And it is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ (Paul Washer).

101. “Salvation is a supernatural work of God that will always produce fruit.” ~ (Paul Washer).

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