12 Lana Vawser Quotes on God and Life

Lana Vawser is an Australian prophet and teacher who began her relationship with Christ in 1996 and has since grown in her prophetic gifting.

She is dedicated to encouraging individuals and the larger Christian community towards deeper intimacy with Jesus and learning to understand His voice.

Since 2014, she has regularly featured on platforms like ‘The Elijah List’ and ‘The Australian Prophetic Council’.

Lana Vawser Quotes

Vawser has written several books, including “Desperately Deep – Developing Deep Devotion and Dialogue with Jesus” and “The Prophetic Voice of God,” aimed at inspiring deep devotion and understanding of God’s voice.

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She completed her Bachelor of Ministry at Tabor College, Sydney and now resides in Sydney with her family.

Below you will find the best quotes by Lana Vawser.

Lana Vawser Quotes


The secret place is your birthing place! ~ Lana Vawser.


I want to walk in integrity, not just anointing. I want to walk in character, not just. ~ Lana Vawser.


God speaks differently to each of us, and each moment He speaks is an invitation into encounter. ~ Lana Vawser.


From the place of divine romance with Him, we live as overcomers, feasting daily upon His rhema and logos words to us. ~ Lana Vawser.

He is a God who is so longing for deeper relationship with me that He would work in me, calibrate my heart, teach me sensitivity, and journey with me to hear from Him. ~ Lana Vawser.

Best Lana Vawser Quotes

God’s words bring us to the place where our reality is the supernatural – it’s what Jesus says to us, about us, through us, and for us. Learning how to hear His voice and. ~ Lana Vawser.

Decide now to enter heaven one day from a life of fullness and walking in depth of revelation of his love, instead of crawling over the line beaten and bruised and discouraged. ~ Lana Vawser.

Seeking His heart and His voice invites us deeper into knowing Him; it reveals His nature, the language of the Spirit, and the way He speaks – His creativity (which I absolutely adore and we will discuss ~ Lana Vawser.

When He speaks, it activates my faith and my ability to dream. Every time He speaks, His whispers bring me to life, catapult me into greater freedom, and ignite in me the spark of Matthew 19:26: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (NIV). ~ Lana Vawser.

So I let go of the cappuccino and released the word to her. It was very simple – I asked her permission first if I could share something encouraging with her. She said yes. I opened my mouth and said, “God really loves you. He has heard your cries, and He hasn’t forgotten you, and He is going to heal and restore your family. ~ Lana Vawser.

Top Lana Vawser Quotes

Fear and anxiety will rob your joy, your peace, your intimacy with Jesus. That’s exactly what happened to me in this moment of crisis. But I had breakthrough, and I was repositioned and ready for more. My joy and excitement returned – I was actually walking in my breakthrough, hearing from Him more and more, and excited for what He was going to do! He wooed me back to that secret place to be with Him. ~ Lana Vawser.

I saw Jesus, my beautiful Jesus, and He was kneeling against what looked like a tree stump – battered, broken, bruised, beaten, bloody. I saw the enemy on one side accusing me, and on the other side I saw a man with a whip. The enemy would look at me and throw his accusation at me. Then Jesus, my beautiful Jesus, would receive a lashing of the whip across His back. He would cry out and then decree the truth about who I was. For every accusation of the enemy against me, Jesus took it upon Himself and decreed truth over me – the truth of who I was in Him. I watched as this went on, over and over and over again. His blood, His precious blood was being shed for me as He declared truth over me. ~ Lana Vawser.

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