9 Pauline Collins Quotes from the British Actress

Pauline Collins, born 3 September 1940, is a British actress best known for her role as Sarah Moffat in “Upstairs, Downstairs” and its spin-off.

She starred in the play and film “Shirley Valentine”, earning her several awards, including a BAFTA and a Tony Award.

Collins has had a diverse career, with roles in TV dramas like “Forever Green” and films such as “City of Joy”.

Born in Devon to Mary and William Collins, she pursued acting after working as a teacher.

Pauline Collins

She declined a regular role in “Doctor Who” in 1967. Pauline married actor John Alderton, with whom she had three children.

She also reunited with her daughter, Louise, whom she had given up for adoption. Her autobiography, “Letter To Louise”, recounts their reunion.

Collins was honored with an OBE in 2001 for her contributions to drama.

Here is an amazing collection of top quotes by Pauline Collins.

Pauline Collins Quotes and Sayings


I think you can lose yourself more easily in a film than in the theater. ~ Pauline Collins.


I think goodness is very powerful, but often evil is made more attractive in films. It’s a challenge to make goodness appealing. ~ Pauline Collins.


I have played a few lay saints in my time. ~ Pauline Collins.


We all think we’re liberated when we have more of everything, don’t we? That’s what the media tell us. ~ Pauline Collins.


I was brought up a Catholic, so I suppose I have to believe in the goodness of human beings. I think we’re not so bad after all. ~ Pauline Collins.

Best Pauline Collins Quotes

Certainly, I, as an audience, am stricken with terror if I see only two people onstage. And one person, I think, is even harder for people to take. ~ Pauline Collins.

Theater is an engagement between the actor and the audience. Film is a different sort of medium. It’s not immediate, but in some ways it’s more involving. ~ Pauline Collins.

When I started performing, I decided that if in five years I couldn’t earn as much money acting as I could as a teacher, it would be unrealistic for me to continue on the stage. ~ Pauline Collins.

We all press buttons in relationships, in our dealings with people, without thinking what it really means. We all knock along without questioning what kind of situation we’re in. We may often be in a very good one, but we don’t even appreciate the good situations. We’re lazy. Or we’re scared. Or we just don’t notice. ~ Pauline Collins.

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