40 Best Thomas Boston Quotes from Scottish Presbyterian Church Leader

Thomas Boston was a Presbyterian church leader, theologian, and philosopher from Scotland.

Best Thomas Boston Quotes


A fatal recovery from a promising illness. ~ Thomas Boston.


Free grace will fix those, whom free will shook down into a gulph of misery. ~ Thomas Boston.


If a man be new-born, he will desire the sincere milk of the word. ~ Thomas Boston.


Go where thou wilt, thou canst not go out of thy Father’s ground. ~ Thomas Boston.


The law discovers the disease, and the gospel the physician. ~ Thomas Boston.


Faith is the soul going out of itself for all its wants. ~ Thomas Boston.


Many a lash in the dark doth con science give the wicked. ~ Thomas Boston.


Call it no more free-will, but slavish lust; free to evil, but free from good, till regenerating grace loosens the bands of wickedness. ~ Thomas Boston.


Call on Me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me. The whole life of a Christian is a praying, waiting life. ~ Thomas Boston.


Saving faith is the faith of God’s elect; the special gift of God to them, wrought in them by his Spirit. ~ Thomas Boston.


Good education is not regeneration. Education may chain up men’s lusts, but cannot change their hearts. ~ Thomas Boston.

Let the mantle of worldly enjoyments hang loose about you, that it may be easily dropped when death comes to carry you into another world. ~ Thomas Boston.

Whoever be the instruments of any good to us, of whatever sort, we must look above them, and eye the hand and counsel of God in it, which is the first spring, and be duly thankful to God for it. And whatever evil of crosses or afflictions befalls us, we must look above the instruments of it to God. ~ Thomas Boston.


No work nor deed of ours whatsoever, no not faith itself, can be the condition of the covenant of grace properly so called; but only Christ’s fulfilling all righteousness. ~ Thomas Boston.

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A man shall as soon force fruit out of a branch broken off from the tree and withered, as work righteousness without believing in, and uniting with Christ. These are two things by which those that hear the gospel are ruined. ~ Thomas Boston.

Sinners in their natural state lie dead, lifeless, and moveless; they can no more believe in Christ, nor repent, than a dead man can speak or walk: but, in virtue of the promise, the Spirit of life from Christ Jesus, at the time appointed, enters into the dead soul, and quickens it; so that it is no more morally dead, but alive, having new spiritual powers put into it, that were lost by Adam’s fall. ~ Thomas Boston.


God will hold sinners with one hand over the pit of hell, while He torments them with the other. ~ Thomas Boston.

As fish in the water love deep places and wells and are most frequently found there, so wicked men have a great love to carnal security and have no will to strive against the stream. Fish love deep places best where there is least noise. Oh, how careful are natural men to keep all quiet, that there may be nothing to disturb them in their rest in sin! They love to be secure which is their destruction. O my soul, beware of carnal security, of being secure, though plunged over head and ears in sin. ~ Thomas Boston.

God shall not pity them but laugh at their calamity. The righteous company in heaven shall rejoice in the execution of God’s judgment, and shall sing while the smoke riseth up for ever. ~ Thomas Boston.

It is our duty to look to God’s commands, and not to His decrees; to our own duty, and not to His purposes. The decrees of God are a vast ocean, into which many possibly have curiously pried to their own horror and despair; but few or none have ever pried into them to their own profit and satisfaction. ~ Thomas Boston.

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For as the sun darts its beams upon a dunghill, and yet is no way defiled by it; so God decrees the permission of sin… yet is not the author of sin. ~ Thomas Boston.

Again, the glory of one attribute is more seen in one work than in another: in some things there is more of His goodness, in other things more of His wisdom is seen, and in others more of His power. But in the work of redemption all His perfections and excellencies shine forth in their greatest glory. ~ Thomas Boston.

Has God decreed all things that come to pass? Then there is nothing that falls out by chance, nor are we to ascribe what we meet with either to good or ill luck and fortune. There are many events in the world which men look upon as mere accidents, yet all these come by the counsel and appointment of Heaven. ~ Thomas Boston.

A righteous man may make a righteous work, but no work of an unrighteous man can make him righteous. Now we become righteous only by faith, through the righteousness of Christ imputed to us. ~ Thomas Boston.


They that would keep themselves pure must have their bodies in subjection, and that may require, in some cases, a holy violence. ~ Thomas Boston.

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Many will be affected with some gross sins of theirs against the law, who never see the venom of their unbelief of the gospel. But this is the sin that draws deepest; and therefore that is the sin which the Spirit is in a special manner to convince of. ~ Thomas Boston.

As the corruption of our nature shews the absolute necessity of regeneration, so the absolute necessity of regeneration plainly proves the corruption of our nature; for why should a man need a second birth, if his nature were not quite marred in the first birth? ~ Thomas Boston.

The natural man cannot but resist the Lord’s offering to help him; yet that resistance is infallibly overcome in the elect, by converting grace. ~ Thomas Boston.


Affliction doth not rise out of the dust or come to men by chance; but it is the Lord that sends it, and we should own and reverence His hand in it. ~ Thomas Boston.

Consider the end of God’s decrees – and this is no other than His own glory. Every rational agent acts for an end; and God being the most perfect agent, and His glory the highest end, there can be no doubt but all His decrees are directed to that end. “For to Him are all things” (Rom. 11.36) ~ Thomas Boston.

None can comprehend eternity but the eternal God. Eternity is an ocean, whereof we shall never see the shore; it is a deep, where we can find no bottom; a labyrinth from whence we cannot extricate ourselves and where we shall never lose the door. ~ Thomas Boston.

It is great folly to cast your sins upon Satan who tempted you, or upon your neighbor who provoked you; but it is a far greater sin, nay horrid blasphemy, to cast it upon God Himself. A greater affront than this cannot be offered to the infinite holiness of God. ~ Thomas Boston.

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Men believe that fire will burn them; and therefore, they will not throw themselves into it. But the truth is, most men live as if they thought the gospel was a mere fable, and the wrath of God, revealed in his word against their unrighteousness and ungodliness, a mere scarecrow. If. ~ Thomas Boston.

The gospel casts out a rope to hale sinners to land; but the sinner has no hands to lay hold on it; his very faith must be wrought in him by the Spirit. ~ Thomas Boston.

Ye are God’s building – All hands of the glorious Trinity are at work in this building. The Father chose the objects of mercy, and gave them to the Son to be redeemed; the Son purchased redemption for them; and the Holy Ghost applies the purchased redemption unto them. ~ Thomas Boston.

God hath decreed the end, so He hath decreed the means that are proper for attaining that end; so that these two must not be separated. ~ Thomas Boston.

Believing, repenting, and the like, are the product of the new nature; and can never be produced by the old corrupt nature… as the child cannot be active in his own generation, so a man cannot be active in his own regeneration. The heart is shut against Christ: man cannot open it, only God can do it by his grace. ~ Thomas Boston.


For the turning away of the simple, shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. ~ Thomas Boston.

There is no true believing or trusting to the report of the gospel, but what is the effect of the working of a divine power on the soul for that end. ~ Thomas Boston.

Persuade yourselves, that the faith of the gospel is beyond the power of nature; that there is a necessity of a power from on high to bring you to believe. This will raze the old foundation, and cause you to look up for it. ~ Thomas Boston.

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